Surreal Survival

this instinct
invokes the fear of death
a hardwired system
to flee
to survive
but you are not
running from a predator
you are at a red light
with a siren screaming
under your skin
a screeching ambulance 
ripping through veins
or maybe you dropped the blueberries
on the kitchen floor
and your whole body clenches
into a fist of primal terror
a cauldron of panic boils over
scorching your insides
you are hardwired
to escape
at all costs
but you are just at a red light
clutching the steering wheel
like a life raft
in a flash flood
drowning in your car

so you leave the blueberries
on the floor
bracing yourself on the
refrigerator door.

Phan Hogwarts AU - Halloween Special!

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest chapter of the Phan Hogwarts AU, which is the Halloween special. Lots of pranks, spooks, and fun ensue at Hogwarts with Dan and Phil! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life’s been crazy since school started.

The costumes in this chapter are based off of this drawing by emolise.

You can read Chapter One of the offical AU here.

I hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!

There was a pumpkin on his head.

“Um…Phil?” He asked, shooing Susan away from trying to climb up there as well. “Why…do I have a pumpkin on my head?”

“Guess what’s coming up soon, Dan!” Phil chirped, setting another large pumpkin down in front of him. “Halloween! And that means carving pumpkins!”

“Carving pumpkins?” Dan repeated, finally managing to get the smaller pumpkin off of himself. “Is this some sort of Muggle thing?”

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