Metric joins Fleet 4HearMe

“Believe in the Power of songs” -Emily Haines, Metric.

This is such a lovely cause and I hope you all go check this out

The PENdant. Designed by Emily Haines & Fleet’s own Kate Power – This 4″ brass pen looks like a long Brass bullet, but when you open it, the sound is like pulling a sword from it’s sheath. Inside it is engraved with the Dreams So Real lyric, “believe in the power of songs”, reminding us all what we stand for, and who we stand with. The ink insert is a refillable black fisher space pen, reliable under any circumstance, making the body of this piece last a lifetime Swaying in on a brass snake chain at 28″. Handmade. USA, Wear this piece with pride, knowing you, believe in the power of songs.

Go check out the site HERE