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Chriseva Fic. Coda to E08

Good Girls Don’t Cry (3.2K)
Series of events leading up to and taking place during Eva’s birthday party in episode eight. Basically, Eva and Chris make out a lot, and you know…talk about feelings and shit.

Eva didn’t really expect him to show up.

The invite was more out of courtesy than anything else, because they were…what, hooking up? Seeing each other? Actually dating? That last part was borderline laughable because this was Chris Eva was talking about. The Chris. Penetrator Chris. Fuckboy Chris. Been with pretty much all the girls in school Chris.

But he was also the Chris who didn’t make fun of her when she mistook him for the wrong Chris. The one who greeted her nicely in the courtyard of the school that morning. The Chris who played into her flirting and told her that she was smart and that she was interesting. The Chris who comforted her during the party when she was feeling so down and so worthless and so pathetic. The Chris who was so gentle with her and kind and she took advantage of that kindness and kissed him almost out of spite because of Jonas. He leaned into the kiss but it didn’t make it any less fair to him and to Iben and one of the things Eva was truly thankful for was being able to make amends about that momentary lapse in judgement with Iben, because she was the real victim in all this.

You’d think that she’d actually learn her lesson after that, but Chris remained Chris and Eva remained Eva and somehow they found a bond, a camaraderie of sorts in their messed up history together and somehow that evolved into the dysfunctional relationship they sort of landed face first into. One based on purely sexual attraction to each other. They didn’t have anything to hide or a dark history the other didn’t know about. They didn’t have to pretend that they were innocent in any way because they’d seen each other at their absolute worst. But through that, somehow they created a bond that wasn’t just a fling or a fleeting hook up in broom closet or a crowded stairwell.

And then it happened.

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