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Samsara [Part IV]

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Motherhood is everything and nothing like she imagined. Whatever feelings Shachi has for her husband utterly pale in comparison to the bewildering joy she experiences when her first child is placed in her arms.

Even Indra is unable to hide his amazement as he tentatively reaches out to place a hand on the infant’s downy hair. There is nothing of the godlike warrior about him when the infant is passed to him. Exhausted from a long labour, Shachi can only watch him with their daughter and marvel. It occurs to her that perhaps he’s never seen anything like this before.

For an intelligent man, he really did miss the basics, didn’t he?

Unlike Sakura’s usual commentary, there is a something bordering on amusement in her usual criticism as she watches the ancient demigod and his child. She has seen that soft expression before, after all, and quite recently. Sasuke may not have held their child yet, but the way he gazes at where it grows in her stomach is unquestionably reminiscent.

It’s a relief to know that Indra is capable of such emotion, however far down it’s buried.

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Sequel to this, because how could I hint at Akaashi suffering without delivering.

When Akaashi woke up this morning, this was not what he had in mind.

The only warning he has is the catastrophe itself, but since the catastrophe is Bokuto, he hears it coming a mile away. 

Bokuto’s voice, loud and delighted, streams from the gym, shouting, “Akaashi is obsessed with my biceps! Did you know!! Akaashi! Wow!”

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Woops, my hand slipped…

I shouldn’t be allowed to draw at 4am, i mean, i barelly made this sfw acceptable *snorts*

Well, here we have Roy and Ed having a heated moment after a stressing day or after a fight (whatever you guys think)

Enjoy xDD

Good god, this draw is so off in so many levels…whatever its 5am now

…have ta go *flees to bed before i get caught*

a lot more femslash aus
  • We are partners in a government agency and have to go undercover as a married couple to flash out a serial killer who targets queer couples in hate crimes and did you seriously just suggest that we actually sleep in this bed together AU
  • You are my neighbor in our dormitory and you saved me from a giant spider at 4am after you heard my muffled squeaking through the thin walls and then I invited you to takeout leftovers from yesterday and we talked the whole night AU
  • You are the geeky new girl at our school and I am in the cheerleading squad and I think you hated me until I saved you from some bullies one day and now you keep giving me movie recommendations and I’m trying to figure out how to invite you to watch one of those movies together AU
  • We met like five times in the same club and you were always one of those nice drunk girls who gives out compliments to every girl who comes in and the sixth time I finally managed to make you a compliment as well and you started crying bc you were so happy someone found your eyeliner impressive AU
  • I’ve been in the hospital for over two weeks now and you are the nicest nurse in this whole building and you’re the only reason I didn’t flee my bed yet and oh my god did you seriously bring me a whole pile of comic books I think I love you AU
  • I write fanfics, you draw fanarts and some time ago we started to make fanworks based on each other’s work and now we just keep spilling artworks for the other person and I am in denial bc you live on the other side of the world and I might have a huge crush on you AU
  • I’m you daughters new elementary school teacher and your kid is one of my favourites in my first class ever so I guess I just wanted to say good parenting job and would you by any chance go out with me or would that be too awkward AU
  • I ran away from a group of transphobic assholes and just jumped into your taxi and shouted „DRIVE!“ and you didn’t even ask questions you just drove and took me on a calming little cruise around the city where you showed me all your favourite spots to eat and hang out and then you brought me home so I would be safe and can I have your number pls AU

more femslash prompts here

“Hey, Blondie. You’re up early.”

The tall mage pulled his gaze from the sunlight just peeking over the mountains to look back at the approaching dwarf. Despite the frigid mountain air, Varric still had an impressive expanse of chest hair on display. Anders wondered how he could stand the cold.

“The same could be said of you,” he pointed out, smiling at his friend.

“Yeah, well,” Varric hedged, as always, brushing aside any talk of himself. He strode up and rested his arms on the stone railing beside the mage and looked out at rows of tents in the valley below.

Anders rested his hands on the chill stone and looked as well. For a few minutes, comfortable silence passed between them, a cold breeze ruffling their hair and the feathers on Anders’ coat. He really needed to get a new coat…

“You know, a lot of ‘em are here because of you.”

“What?” Anders glanced down and Varric gestured to people camping below.

“Down there. You know how many mages flock to join the Inquisition every day?”

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gwen’s last moments.

Midnight Grilled Cheese

At the request of the-savior-and-the-pirate who requested: Are you taking prompts? If so, what about Emma and Killian going back to the Charmings’ apartment after a date (rather drunk) and they think they’re being really sneaky, quiet, and logical about Killian being there on their way up to her room, but David’s awake in his bed and hears the whole thing? I think you’d be the perfect writer for it!

I really shouldn’t be taking prompts right now with the pile of stuff I had to do but this one seemed like fun! Hope you like it <3 


David is still up when the door creaks open around midnight. He expects to hear Emma’s soft steps on the stairs retreating to the loft above, still unwilling to sleep in her own house with its dark memories so fresh for all of them. She’s talked about selling it, but for now, she’s reclaimed her old bedroom.

He’s happy to have his daughter back and doesn’t mind one bit. It’s good to have her close again.

And at first, it’s nice to hear her laughter echo through the quiet apartment, but the bang of the door and the sounds of two sets of footsteps stumbling across the floor isn’t so nice. Not when the laughter abruptly cuts off and the sound of something else takes its place.

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trashlordmcbakerface asked olicitykisses:

ok but imagine Felicity in bed reading a book with Oliver on top of her and she has one hand with the book and one hand running and carting oliver’s hair. And oliver has his head right on the side of felicity’s neck and he kisses her neck and asSDASKHFED.

and then Nora asked me to write it, so here we are. warning: this has a lot of super weird innuendos….

The steady rhythm of her fingers running through his hair halted for a second when he pressed his lips to her collarbone.  His breath fanned out over her skin, stubble lightly scratching the softness. His index finger traced along the column of her throat and down her left shoulder. A flush started spreading across her chest and the book in her hands twitched as she flexed her fingers.  She lightly scratched the back of his head, indicating that she didn’t want him to stop, eliciting a low hum from his throat. She licked her lips as he moved his upward to where her throat and shoulder were joined.

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          Justine snapped awake with a gasp, the ghosts of men long dead
          still haunting her mind and making it difficult for her to connect with
          reality. She wasn’t in that dirty basement with a fat body on top of her,
          fucking her. She was in her bedroom, in the top-floor flat she and Lily
          shared. It was no longer even the eighteen hundreds. She was safe.

                     But that didn’t stop her from fleeing her bed,
                     running down the hall to Lily’s room.

          Lily, at this point, must have been used to her bedroom door flying
          open and Justine crawling into bed with her, clinging to her almost
          desperately for a long moment before she began kissing her.

                    It happened at least once a week after all.

Interlude: Westron Wynde, Part Two (TMNT 2k12, GAVG 'verse)

Summary: Donnie has always suffered from an overabundance of hope. 

Rating: Mature. 

Note: This takes place a few hours after the end of Walking Wounded, and begins the build-up to the climax of this fic series.

Title comes from this song.

Part One | Part Two

TMNT fic masterpost



The Boar remembers them, just as it remembers mist rising over a lake at dawn, as it remembers running, chill air in its nostrils, as it remembers the dew-stricken morning as it ran, and ran, the only sounds its hoofbeats and the baying of the hounds behind it. 

It remembers the spear in its flank.

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