Chinese Fleeceflower Root Taking Human Form

[1st picture] Stunned farmer Zheng Dexun dug up a crop of fleeceflower, or Chinese knotweed, and found one shaped like a person, in Langzhong, China. The eerie-looking plant, measuring 62 centimetres tall, has clearly defined arms, legs, and head. Zheng said: “I don’t know whether it is good or bad to dig out a Chinese knotweed that looks like a human. I’d better put it back in the earth!”

Telegraph Source

[2nd picture] Fleeceflower root found by a man named Fan in a vegetable stall in a town in China’s eastern Shandong Province few years ago. The root attached to a Chinese Fleeceflower plant depicted a naked man and woman in all their natural glory with even the most intimate details in the exact places.

Whether you’re looking for Chinese fleeceflower roots for medicinal purposes or simply for your own knowledge, your first assumption may be that these products have been human-altered. In fact, Chinese fleeceflower roots have closely resembled human beings for thousands of years. Thanks to the doctrine of signatures and the rhizome’s tendency to form male, rather than female, figures, its humanoid shape actually gave the plant its reputation as an aphrodisiac and treatment for old-man-itis.

The Chinese Fleeceflower is beneficial in treating blood deficiencies, chronic malaria, split-personality symptoms, hyperlipidemia, neurasthenia, premature white hair, nerve injuries and constipation.

It’s also useful in relieving heat toxicity, treatment of sores, carbuncles, eczema, gaiter, scrofula and inflammation of lymph nodes.

Other health benefits include fighting aging, improving the immune system, assisting bowel movements, controlling serum cholesterol level, reversing hardening of arteries and regulating blood sugar.

Further, it also helps in stimulating adrenal cortex, regulating epinephrine and norepinephrine, improving the growth of red blood cells, protecting the liver function, inhibiting TB, diarrhea and influenza.

The above extensive health benefits of the Chinese Fleeceflower are well known in Asia where it is a favorite dietary supplement. The boiled extract of Fleeceflower tuber is believed to reduce cholesterol and fight heart disease.