fleece earwarmers


Here’s me wearing one of these cute fleece headbands my older sister makes. She has a lot of cute fleece headbands and scarfs she makes on her etsy. However recently she decided she wants to start making some more nerdy type of fleece headbands.

Here is the first of her creations of those, Zelda ones!

Any Zelda lover I recommend checking out her shop, cozymelon, and buying some of these!

Gray Zelda Wrap

Black Zelda Wrap

I don’t see a link for the white one yet but if you prefer that one then just send her a message or email her headbandsbymorgan@outlook.com, or if you would like to custom order it in another color!  Or maybe check out some of her other cute fleece headbands, earwarmers and scarfs!

My sister could really use the money, so please check or shop out, or at the very least signal boost this post! Any help would be appreciated!