fleece artist

Shield of Jacob of Luxemburg as knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, c. 1481, now at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.
The Shield was painted by Pierre Coustain. Pierre Coustain was a painter and sculptor at the Court of Philip the Good. His name occurs in the records of the brotherhood of St. Luke at Bruges in the year 1450 as Painter Royal.

Commission I got from official MLP comic artist Tony Fleecs this weekend at BABScon! He did an amazing job, I’m probably going to find a way to frame it and hang it on my wall. Tony is my favorite of the MLP comic artists, I’ve wanted to commission him for a while now.

On a somewhat related note, updates should resume this week. I have a few things to take care of like unpacking and taxes and stuff, but the plan this week (After getting inspired by all the awesome artists at the con) is to resume updates, hopefully on a regular schedule. I was hoping to start working on it today, but I got a bad case of Con Crud and I slept like a rock and I’ve been coughing all day.

So anyway, I have some more info and stuff coming soon, plus updates. Look forward to more from me this week!

(Also, passed 11,000 followers wooooo! Still haven’t done anything for 10,000 yet)


The first Mushroomicorn!

This little fungi is a sulfur tuft mushroomicorn with a bit of a history. What’s up with their scarred eye? What the heck is hurting a mushroom? Especially this kind. Don’t come after them unless you want some serious consequences! That blue mouth is flashing off some hidden toxins, so I would stay far far away.

The rather grotesque look of them comes from medieval depictions of unicorns. I’ve always loved the cloven feet and skinny tails, and nothing delights me more than unicorns that stray as far as possible from the generic horses you see today. The “horn” is inspired by the clustered growth of sulfur tufts, which is why there is more than one. They also house a sturdy doubled up pipe cleaner, so they’re posable!

This fella is happy to sit or stand, and is made of safety eyes, non pill fleece, and fabric spraypaint.


Ah yes! The lovely and tame domesticated White Butterball-

… I mean, White Button Mushroomicorn!

Domesticated mushroomicorns are often kept as pets. Mild and affectionate, domesticated Mushroomicorns are slower moving, larger and… rounder than their wild counterparts.

This fella is happy to laze around with you, and is made of safety eyes, non pill fleece, and fabric spraypaint.