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do you have any early scenes from radio silence/heartstopper/solitaire that never made it into the book??? those are always so cute PLEASE publish

I’ve got loads! Might as well give you one. It’s 1am. Why not.

Here’s a chapter that was very painful to cut out of RADIO SILENCE. It’s called ‘The Most Beautiful Shade of Blue’. I can’t remember exactly where it’s set, but it’s around Christmas, when Aled has left. In this version of RS, Aled briefly returns during the Christmas holidays, and in this scene, he finally talks to Frances and Daniel.


Needless to say, this does contain major spoilers for Radio Silence, so only read on if you’ve read Radio Silence.

Also, this is unedited, so it’s not up to my published standard of writing.

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I would love to hear your headcanons for Percy and Audrey!!

this is for the @hprarepairnet trope challenge! this is for the “caught in the rain” trope from this list.

  • percy had never been friends with muggle before.
  • his father loved them, and well, percy was far from prejudiced.
  • meeting audrey at a muggle book shop was the best thing that had happened to him in years.
  • and it was really the only thing that was helping him get over his guilt and the loss of his brother.
  • he would meet audrey every day after she got off her shift.
  • she would always be wearing a fleece sweater and dark wash jeans, and today, her sweater of choice was light pink.
  • he thought it looked great against her skin and dark hair. the thought made his cheeks flush.
  • she smiled as she approached him and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
  • he caught sight of her favorite silver hoop earrings.
  • “i didn’t know if you would show up,” she confessed.
  • “why wouldn’t i?” he asked perplexed, “i come every day.”
  • they started to walk side by side, and percy had to dodge a young child who was racing by on a bike.
  • “there’s supposed to a huge storm,” she explained, “i figured you wouldn’t want to get wet.”
  • “i wouldn’t stand you up like that. and besides, if it starts raining, we can go and do something else.”
  • he glanced down at her and noticed she had a shy smile on her face, but he did not comment on it or ask why. 
  • the thing he loved most about audrey was that they could walk in silence with no expectations. it was a great way for him to relax and clear his mind. 
  • after a few minutes of walking in silence, it started to pour down rain.
  • they were soaked instantly.
  • percy attempted to wipe off his glasses on his sleeve, but it smeared the water more. 
  • audrey just laughed and lifted her hands in the air.
  • she started to twirl, and he watched as her hair started to stick to her face.
  • “we should probably find shelter,” he suggested, “we don’t want to get sick.”
  • this made her roll her eyes.
  • “isn’t this fun, though?” she asked him genuinely, “i find it refreshing.”
  • and before he knew it, she was running.
  • he started to run, too.
  • and for the first time in a long time, percy laughed.
  • he felt joyful; he felt free.
  • they stopped running once they reached a bridge, and they went underneath it for shelter.
  • percy was still laughing, but audrey was out of breath.
  • “this is the first time i have truly heard you laugh,” she told him, “it might be my new favorite sound.”
  • percy smiled and leaned up against the wall, “is that so?”
  • she tucked hair behind both her ears and took a step closer to him.
  • she was so close that he could feel her hot breath against his wet skin.
  • his breath caught in his throat.
  • “will you kiss me?” she asked him.
  • he took a deep breath and cupped her cheek with his left hand.
  • “yeah,” he said, “i think i will.”
  • and as soon as their lips met, the rain ceased. 

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Hello. I was wondering if you knew of any good books about the myth of mermaids?

Hmm, let’s see. You can find the mermaid motif in these books and poems:

The Little Mermaid, Hans Anderson
Moby Dick, Herman Melville
The Drowned Man, Alexander Pushkin
The Water Nymph, Alexander Pushkin
The Mermaid, Alfred Lord Tennyson
Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie
Die Lorelei, Heinrich Heine

Furthermore, the figure of the “mermaid” is only one of the variants on the same kind of figure in folklore, so I would suggest that you also take a look at Sirens (but also undines and naiads)…:

The Odyssey, Homer
Siren’s song, Margaret Atwood
The Quest of the Golden Fleece, Edith Hamilton
Ondine, Jean Giraudoux
Undine, Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqué

… and at Rusalkas, water-nymphs belonging to Northern mythology :

Russian Fairy Tales, Alexander Afanasyev  
The Rusalka Trilogy, C. J. Cherryh
Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente

Their similarities and differences are very meaningful and fascinating. I hope this helps!

My favorite moment in the Pokemon video games

Do you know who this man is?

This is no ash ketchup. This is the astound Pokemon Trainer Red. This guy has the Highest Level Pokemon of any NPC in any of the Pokemon games that you can find outside of a normal battle facility. All of his Pokemon in the game will exceed level 80 showing to even being a problem to some max level Pokemon. But before I get ahead of myself, whats so special about this guy?

You play as him in Pokemon Red and Blue, you raise his team, or at least probably something similar to it. This guy got all 3 starters from generation 1 on his team: a charizard, blastoise, and a venasaur. He also has a snorlax, lapras, and a pikachu.

You played his story, you were him, he was a part of you. But in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heartgold/Soulsilver that all changes. At the very end of the after-story in those games you are given the option to go to a place called Mt.Silver. A mountain range located between Johto and Kanto. This guy will be waiting for you, at the top, he waits in the bitter cold, with a button up short sleeve fleece and jeans, for a trainer worthy of a challenge. You stand before him with all your Pokemon, trembling in you feet from the cold and the fear from the master standing before you. 

And let me tell you one more thing.

You have never been in a Pokemon battle till the day you face Red.

The battle between the champion from Kanto and the Champion from Johto.

Title: Tom Cat

Protagonists: Leo, N

Warnings: Rated M, Smut, BDSM Themes, Neo, Dom!Catboy!Leo, sub!N, Biting, Scratching, Teasing, Dirty Talk

Word Count: 4608

Summary: It was arguable that Leo was actually the owner in the relationship, even if the tags on his collar and all the legal documentation said otherwise.

Author’s Note: Yes, those tags are right. Yes, I went there. An anon requests Dom!Leo with sub!N. I think they might have been hoping for something more hardcore D/s than this ended up being, and originally that’s what I was thinking I’d write too. However, I got the idea of writing Dom!Catboy and just couldn’t pass that up. As a result, the D/s turned out to be pretty mild compared to other fics I’ve written, but it’s there. I wanted to flesh out the characters in this, so there’s a lot more than just sex. With this piece, I wanted to mildly parody the Catboy genre and Pet Play, but I don’t know if it comes across. Neo’s legal relationship is that of Owner and Pet, but sentimentally, they view each other as life partners and equals (in the BDSM sense).  Anyway, I guess I should shut up! Enjoy!

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