((……….341 followers? Alright guys we need to talk.

*sits at everyone down at a magically large table*

Let us have a look at the topics we have here, whichever ones apply to you:

How did you find me?

Why did you come?

Why are you still here?

Are you even still alive?

With these in mind, lets look at some facts about the one you follow:


an idiot

fascinated by dead things, humans in particular {foriegnsic anthroplogy anyone!?}

has no life

pretends to have a life, but does not in fact have none what-so-ever

Can’t roleplay

Can’t art

Can’t be friendly

Can’t be social

Just Can’t anything



And enjoys morbid humour

Now that we have a few facts.  Lets have a look at those topics and watch these numbers drop for safety reasons.

Also, as I have mentioned many times previously…

This blog will eat you, run, run away.))