How to troll Educational decree number 31

Educational decree number 31: Boys and girls are not permitted to be within 8 inches of each other.

The Weasley twins initially looked up at the sign with an air of malice but then simultaneously an idea sparked in both of their heads and they turned to look at each other with matching grins of glee.

“You thinking what I’m thinking Georgie”

“I believe I am dear brother of mine”

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Everyone says fight or flight.  They forget to mention that there is always a third option, Freeze.  If you went through something and instead of fighting or fleeing, you froze, that is a valid human instinctive response and if something happened it was not your fault.  Some people fight, some people flight, and some people freeze.  Some people always do the same, and some people do different depending on the situation.  It is all valid.

Frisk makes a good choice for once? I don’t think throwing a stick at these dogs would do any good…. after all, they already have one big giant stick each! Sticks with metal slicy things :P

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