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What's your issue with actors of disabled characters not being disabled IRL? Aren't you just glad they are including disabled characters in the first place? They play characters, it's literally their job.

No, I’m not “glad they include us” in the first place. Because when we are included, we’re the pity, the inspiration, the bitter asshole, magically cured, or killed off, but never a full fledged character.

I’m sick and tired of able bodied actors getting praised for portraying our reality. And for portraying it wrong!  Nothing about us without us- and almost all of the movies and TV shows about disabled don’t even bother consulting disabled people before they go spewing false shit. It’d be less of an issue if it happened once in awhile, but this shit is the norm.

Plus, how many disabled actors can you name? 2? 3? 5 maybe? Able bodied actors are getting jobs portraying us, while we aren’t being hired because we’re “burdens” or “untalented.”

I don’t agree with this myself, but I heard people in the community refer to the phenomenon as “cripple black-face,” and frankly, there are some striking similarities. 

White people should not play PoC characters, cis people should not play trans characters, and able bodied actors should not play disabled characters. Period. Full stop. End of story.

Accurate representation matters!

The Nest

Last week I was out in the yard and I found a nest… Looks like a small songbird nest.  It’s past nesting season, so this nest being on the ground is fine – the babies have all long fledged.  The reason I’m sharing the nest with you is if you look carefully, you can see little white pieces of fuzz woven in.  That’s teddy bear fuzz from one of the fabrics I frequently use for transplants!  It’s the little bits that come off as the fur is cut. :-)

Dialovers Kitten GIF Scenarios   ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Here’s the collection of the kitten gif scenarios I’ve done for the Diaboys and their lover (= you)! Some scenarios are only between the boys, lover excluded. The list will be updated each time I post new ones ^^


Reversed heart attack {includes Shin-puppy}


Temporary replacement

My victory


Caught you!


Failed Shuuma


Tough life

This again…?


Aggressive turned cute


Exchange of love


Purring in heaven

Frisky kitties

Public punishment


Failed Shuuma


Undercover sadist

Full-fledged do-M {includes Carla-dog}


My victory

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So I'm a Dom but people say I can't be a full fledged Dom because I'm shy, thoughts

Hmmm, I don’t think you have to be 100% out there in order to be a dom. You can be a little shy at times. Just make sure that whoever you are with, understands and is okay with what you do and how you do it. But if you feel less dom like, perhaps you’re a switch? Maybe try being a sub sometime. You might find you like It!

~ lacey

I’m putting the Prince!VIXX and High School!BTS imagines on hold indefinitely for now.

I just don’t have much time to write because of school. And when I do have time, I want to focus on full fledged scenarios/drabbles. I’m sorry if I didn’t get to make an imagine for your bias. Maybe in the future, I’ll continue them, but for now, I want to focus on writing scenarios/drabbles. Hope y’all understand. Thanks!!!