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ik ur a game grumps blog but thank u for talking about politics because you organize it in an easily accessible way and i wouldnt have any idea whats going on without you

no problem! real talk though, the reason why it’s so hard to keep up with US politics right now is because trump’s campaign benefit from/use russia’s contemporary propaganda model, which aims to confuse and overwhelm its audience. some distinctive features:

  1. high-volume and multichannel 
  2. rapid, continuous, and repetitive
  3. lacks commitment to objective reality 
  4. lacks commitment to consistency

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Ok since I like(love) fluf how about this(going after SO is pregnant with their child/children) UT, UF, US, and SF bros hold their child/children after they are born SO is alive and everything is fine. And also(if you have the time) child/children say their first word and it's at them at them they say "PAPA!"

Alright, I’ve done holding their firstborn, so I think I’m gonna go with first time being called “papa”

UT!Sans: At first he thinks they’re trying to say Papyrus, but then he realizes his brother is nowhere in the room and the kid is looking right at him. And he just…he just picks the kid up and can’t put them down.

UT!Papyrus: He just runs into the living room where you and Sans are, holding the kid aloft. “SANS! Y/N! I’M A FATHER!”

UF!Sans: He freezes, eyes darting around the room to see if anyone else is in the room who the kid could be referring to. The kid repeats it. “You…you talking to me, squirt?” “PAPA” “Oh my gods….” He might start crying. Not hard. But like a tear or two.

UF!Papyrus: He’s never going to forget that day. He doesn’t need to write it down, nor does he, but he remembers the date every year. In the meantime though he’s gonna kiss the shit out of his kid. He’s gotta get that affection out now so he can maintain his stiff upper…lip? in public

US!Sans: He just snuggles his kid. He’s so proud of them! Everytime the kid repeats it he just beams with pride.

US!Papyrus: He sends you a bunch of videos of the kid. “Alright, honey, do the thing” *baby gibberish* “Come on, say Papa” *gibberish* “Come on, you were doing it before!” *gargles* “Son of a bitch, you’re stubborn…..shit I probably shouldn’t be swearing since you’ve started talking…..damn it I just did it again. WAIT SHIT.” 

SF!Sans: “Well done, my child, but in the future, let’s try for ‘father most fearsome’?” “PAPA!” “…..well done…..” It literally turns him to putty in the kids hands.

SF!Papyrus: He stands like somebody just hit him with a sledgehammer. Oh my gods oh my gods oh my gooooooooods……He’s gonna kiss that kid and then you so hard and walks around whistling for the next week. Like he’s starting to annoy Sans with how uncharacteristically upbeat he’s being. Life literally could not be better right now.

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...how many coffees to see an illustration of what would happen if the mods meet Chara? Or Chara getting access to your unprotected vitals?

Funny enough I actually sketched this as a joke weeks ago. 

We were never planning on posting it, but since we got ton of requests for Chara to murder us, maybe we’ll have to actually finish and post it one of these days.

(Comic pages and coffee art come first though. Thanks for your patience!)

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What if Papyrus woke up to find Sans had fallen asleep, standing at the stove, while trying to cook something... It was apparent that Sans had been able to get a bowl out before he fell asleep. Can I get all of the Papyrus' reactions to this?

UT!Papyrus: He may roll his eyes at his brother’s laziness, but he’ll carry him up and put him to bed. It’s nice to see his brother finally asleep in an appropriate location. He puts the bowl away too. Really, his brother should know better, when the Great Papyrus is the only cook they need! 

UF!Papyrus: I mean, in all likelihood he’ll just drop the bowl on the ground to wake him up, but if he’s in a better mood, or if he really has just been working Sans that hard….he’ll just lug him over to the couch and cover him with a blanket. “You idiot, don’t you have more sense than to fall asleep on your feet in the open?” he says, but he leaves Sans alone until he wakes up.

US!Papyrus: It gets a quiet laugh out of him. Normally it’s him that’s collapsed asleep against something, but Sans had been pushing himself on training lately. He puts his brother to bed, but not before taking a picture. Partly cause it’s a little cute, and partly to upload it to social media.

SF!Papyrus: He mutters under his breath as he hauls his brother upstairs. “Did it again, ya little dork. Pushed too hard. Now look at ya.” He tosses his brother into bed (gently) and tosses a blanket onto him. He can’t resist a small smile. His bro hadn’t needed to be carried to bed since he was a toddler. “G’night, Chief.”

When someone says that Zelda doesn’t care about Link and only uses him...

I’m sorry, what?!?! I mean, it’s not like she’s holding a freaking demon with her bare hands, while  she possessing a bloody phantom armor to aid Link in a battle.. 

She IS stopping the bad guy. She clearly is in grave danger and, what’s her main concern? LINK’S. SAFETY. It’s not her own. She’s not thinking about herself. She fought so hard to recover her body and even thou she is that close, what worries her more is that Link is not harm.

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(I don't remember if I already sent this ask in, sorry if I did /~\) How would the US/UF/SF bros react to an SO that just casually massages their hand (or other body parts, depends on how they're sitting)? Like, not even on purpose (sometimes) they just casually do it without noticing. Thanks ^^

US!Sans: His handbones are kind of sensitive, so he doesn’t like that as much, but he doesn’t mind anywhere else when you’re cuddling.

US!Papyrus: He likes it. He doesn’t do it much to you outside of a massage context, but he’ll lean whatever bone you’re rubbing into your hand.

UF!Sans: It kind of feels weird to him but he gets into it in private. Even in some public settings, it’s a little reassuring.

UF!Papyrus: Definitely not in public. He’ll swat your hand away. But in public…he kind of likes the feeling more than he’ll admit it.

SF!Sans: He is really fucking ticklish, and he is going to make your life miserable if you do this to him. It doesn’t help that his laugh is high-pitched and absolutely adorable.

SF!Papyrus: Chances are he’s doing this to you already, so he likes getting it back. Little touches like that are calming to him. 

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When are you guys going to stream again?

streams will happen on a whim whenever we feel like doing them. drawing comic pages takes priority over everything else, and we can’t stream those. you just have to be lucky enough to be around when we make the stream announcement! 

in the meantime, you can follow our picarto channels: