flea market paris

Manhattan loft of David Seidner

A 40s French dining table with cement base and wood-grained fiberglass top, Red 40s chairs from a Paris flea market. Ceramics by Fantoni, Clement Massier and Arne Bang.

Beauxbatons University of Magic, chapter 1.1

Chapter 1. Harry Goes to School… Again

“What did they do this time?” Hermione asked with a tint of amusement as soon as Harry stormed into her parlour.

Ron already there, they were both playing chess – or trying to; Crookshanks mewed and rubbed his head on Hermione’s knee, constantly distracting the girl. For Harry, that would be just the moment to slyly cheat, but Ron didn’t. No need to. The redhead would win either way. Didn’t stop Hermione from trying.

Harry speared the human couple with a glower. Glared at the cat, too, for a good measure, which Crookshanks ignored with all his feline disdain.

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