the flea-market squeaky blastoise @staff didn’t want you to see

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No, you can't haggle for the price of that 4K TV. I don't care if you think it's too expensive, this is Walmart, not a flea market. Corporate decides about the prices. Yes, it's non-negotiable even if that model was on sale two weeks ago. You should have come 2 weeks ago to buy it at that price, then. We had plenty of them in stock. At $1,622 a pop, that's not a model we sell every day. Heck, we didn't even sell a single one during that sale. Fuck off.

i want all of my followers to know i truly maintained my brand yesterday. there was a stack of n2n playbills for 5 bucks each and then one for 25 that was marked as alice and brian’s last show. i was like ??? “does it say that in the playbill?” and they were like “i don’t think it usually does but you can look” so i did and i was like “….excuse me but this doesn’t actually have alice ripley. this is another marin mazzie playbill.” and they looked at me kinda skeptically and one was like “we’ll check, thanks” and as i was looking at other things from the same table i watched them slowly take off that post-it and put it in the five dollar pile. like. u really think u can fool Me, tumblr user jenniferdamiano. u ain’t slick.

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I just wanted to thank everyone here for running this blog because it is extremely helpful! I've recently self diagnosed and this blog has been tremendously helpful on my journey. I also love cats which makes your blog that much better. ❤️

You’re super welcome! We’re getting so many sweetheart anons lately and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy like it’s all worth it ♥ (Also Sister Cat’s a bit ill lately so I bet these lovely asks are making her feel a lot better!)

Have this picture of my soft son Edgar

[image description: a black and white shorthair cat with a green flea collar sitting and looking straight at the viewer]

-Brother Cat


We are currently down to our last bag of food and

finished off our last training roll (red barn food roll) this morning.

Always always need more chews (hooves, ears, bully sticks).

And anything you want to send for the new babs would be appreciated! We are currently not taking in any adults until Emma gets her treatment (scheduled for October).

Currently the Patreon money is going towards heartguard, comfortis (only thing working for fleas over here), and chews.

So this b

So let’s just call her my friend.
My “friend” asked me to watch her cat because she was inbetween living situations and at the time we were cool so I was like no prob I’ll watch your cat, it will just be a couple months no biggie.
Since then I don’t really talk to the friend just cause she’s kinda negative and just drama, but this all is besides the point of the cat.
I’ve had the cat for 6 months now and she gave both my dog and cat worms which my “friend” lied about his getting rid of, cost me a vet visit, had to buy her flea medication, and still buy all the cat food.
Now 6 months later she’s asking for her cat back and I feel some way about it cause she hasn’t visited the cat, nor paid for anything so why do you care now? This lil cat LOVES my pets and they are a lil family and it would just suck to tear them apart. I just feel bad for the lil kitty cause I really just want her to be happy and I don’t think bouncing from home to home will help.

Star Trek got it right

I recently got my first Ask *happy squeal* from @nightmarestudio606, who wanted to know the plausibility of injection guns (similar to Star Trek’s hypospray). I knew essentially nothing about it so I did a little research and this is what I found:

There are a wide variety of Needle Free Injection Technologies, or NFITs, (not quite as catchy as “hypospray,” I think) that are already being made/used.

(For those of you who are interested in the actual details of the systems, I suggest this article, published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation. It has a lot of good, and technical, information.)

Now, a few caveats:

NFITs can only deliver intradermal (into the skin), subcutaneous (under the skin), and intramuscular (into a muscle) drugs. Current examples of these types of medicines are most vaccines (like those against viruses carried by foreign mud fleas), insulin, and certain blood-thinners. NFITs cannot deliver intravenous (into a vein, and therefore directly into the blood-stream) drugs.

In the same vein (see what I did there?), NFITs cannot be used to collect blood samples. Sorry, John, some needle sticks will be unavoidable. 

Another thing to consider is that even without a needle something outside the body is going into the body. This provides the opportunity for other organisms (i.e. bacteria) to cross the skin as well, potentially leading to infection. Today we use a disinfectant (like alcohol or chlorhexidine) before injecting. You never see Dr. McCoy with an alcohol swab but I choose to believe that the hypospray has its own automatic disinfectant cycle before it actually administers the medication.

Personally, I think making NFITs commonplace would be amazing. Needles and syringes are a huge component of medical waste, so eliminating them would make medical treatment so much more sustainable. It would also cut the cost of medical treatment, potentially making it more affordable and therefore accessible. (I’m speaking specifically of vaccinations, especially in developing countries.) And there’s also the danger of needles to healthcare workers. Accidental needle-sticks are scary and manufacturers are doing all sorts of things to make needles safer but the safest option would just be not having the needle at all. 


This is a callout post for the TSA agent who was incredibly thoughtful and concerned about me flying across the country all alone without an adult and wanted to make sure I knew how to go through security and felt safe and comfortable and explained that, as per the signs, children under 12 can keep their shoes on, and directed me specifically to another agent to help me so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed or afraid.

You were super sweet and kind, and the look on your face when I handed you my driver’s license and you realized I was 25 was priceless.


“it’s $20 for a photo right?”
“i only have $19 is that ok–”
“oh, stop! keep the money, sweetheart!!! we were all college students once, give her your phone.”

“hey, nice case” (i have a hamilton case im crying)
“i saw you when you were in In The Heights!!”
“oh my god what were you??? like 5???”