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So I've been very lazy with my studying toward witch craft and therefore I'm going back to the beginning~ lol. Any advice for a little witch?

Some Advice for Getting Started:

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*Start with things that interest you!* 

I know i get terribly bored very quickly (gemini curse lmao) so i find that if i dive into stuff i’m interested in learning about, that it will tend to hold my attention longer and help me get back into the swing of things! So in my example one of my first things i researched when i was starting out was about Crystals and their properties/uses in magic! From there i was able to use that as a sort of base jumping off point for my magical practice! And if you find something you were learning about doesn’t seem like it fits you/your style/ your practice then drop it and move on to the next thing! 

*Ask Questions!*

No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions!!!! Questions mean you care enough to try and learn more about something! I’m pretty much always here and will try my best to answer as best as i am able And if I can’t i will do my best to help direct you to someone more knowledgeable!


This one is important because most of the time i feel like i see baby/beginner witches try really REALLY hard to “reach the same level” as other witches as quickly as possible when in reality that just hurts THEIR path in the long run. Your path is your own, take it at your own pace. Enjoy the little bumps along the way and find the “Roses of your Path” (the things that make you want to stop and appreciate them: the satisfaction of calling your first Storm, the chill of the night air when you set out your first Full Moon Water, the spark when you find that one crystal.) Enjoy it. Enjoy your path, Enjoy your Craft. 

*Use the Things you Already Own!*

Another thing i see beginners getting hung up on (myself included, i was/am extremely guilty of this lol) is wanting to go out and buy a ton of supplies. try looking around your house for things that can be re purposed. Old Spaghetti Sauce Jars can be cleaned and used as spell jars, deity altars/shrines, or ingredient storage! Take pictures from old magazines and make a collage Altar on paper! Use a composition notebook as your Book Of Shadows! Your old broken glasses case can be used as a case for your portable altar! Dig around and see if there are extra candles you haven’t used in a while! Wash out and save those eggshells from your cooking to use as spell ingredients! It takes some creative thinking but you can reclaim pretty much anything for your craft!

*Look for Bargains!*
For one thing prices can be outrageous for actual craft materials: like Crystals and Gems? Truly truly truly outrageous. So keep your eyes peeled for bargains and deals! Some of the best places to look for things on the cheap would be Dollar Stores, Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Garage/Estate Sales! Most of the time in those places you can try haggling to get things at a cheaper price (or get more for less.) It really just depends on the place but you can find the most interesting assortments of things! Keep your eyes peeled in your general day to day life as well see if there are sales at your local grocery store for seed packets, seasonal items/holiday items (look for the sales afterwords to really save haha) The internet is a great place to look, i know Ebay has sellers who sell raw crystals/ crystal chunks by the pound. There’s also places to buy spices in bulk too 

*Don’t Compare Your Path to Others!*
Your Path is Your Path, Their Path is Their Path.
Being online and part of the witchy community in tumblr means that there are a lot of ideas being shared from people’s paths and their views on how they think magic should be practiced. What works for them might not work for you and vice versa. Only YOU can decide what is best for you and your path. and on that note:

*Figure Out What YOU Want Out of Your Path!*
When you get some time, sit down and write out all the things you want to get from your path and think critically about how you want magic to work in your daily life. Do you want it to be Super Formal or more casual? perhaps a mix of the two?  Test the waters! Try things once and if you don’t like it then you know and can move on to the things that work better for your lifestyle/craft/path!
Some examples from my list that i can think of right now would be:
-Better knowledge of Crystals/ Crystal remedies and their healing properties
-Daily research -aka tumblr-
-Appreciating Nature more (Whenever i go on walks with my dog i try to pick up some litter if/when i see it)
-Daily Deity appreciation  -aka deity aesthetic reblogs to @theemeraldgod & Pintrest-

Helpful Links for Beginners:
Sww Master List of Tags- Here’s my main hub of things that i tag feel free to look and see if something interests you!
Altars/ Altar set up Advice- My long winded post about what to put on your Altar.
My Beginner Tag// My Beginner 101 Tag- There are two tags because they have similar information, the 101 tag is for more ‘Hey I just started today what do I need to know’

Anyways thanks for sending this in! I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while and this finally gave me the excuse ^^



Upcycling Jars, Bottles, and Other Glass Containers.

I cook ALOT. I’m quite proud of my little collection of herbs, spices, teas, legumes, and other dried edibles. Not so much for the actual contents, but for the fact that 90% of the glass containers were upcycled. I saved my kimchi jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam jars, booze jars - errrr, whatever I bum off the bartender, and etc. I especially love using the Canada Dry tonic water bottles for my spices; the wine corks I save fits the perfectly as a stopper! The rest of my containers are usually rescued from flea markets and thrift shops. 

I encourage everyone to find a place in their homes for glass packaging. Keep them out of the dumpster.

Craving another trip to NYC. Walking around, sipping coffee in cafes, popping in and out of flea markets, shops, and bookstores always rejuvenates and fills me with inspiration…and I wouldn’t mind a good dose of just that right now | #latergram #millaytravels

Crystal Tips

Yeah so my most popular posts seem to be Tips. I guess I’ll just stick with them for awhile! Next Topic! CRYSTALS MY FAVORITE
🕯You don’t need to buy a whole bunch of the same crystal. I’ll explain why in a second
🔮Crystals can be charged with Intent, moonlight, sunlight, water, dirt, or meditation.
💎crystals can charge other objects! Hence why you don’t need a hoard of the same crystal. You can charge spells instead of using the crystal to be in the spell satchet or jar. It makes life easier and it’s cheaper.
🌙you don’t have to buy crystals online or at expensive shops. A flea market should have a few shops that sell crystals.
☀️If you do your own crystal hunting, carry a crystal identifying kit/book with you at home or on you to find out what kind it is. Don’t trust your intuition. We humans tend to be wrong a lot.
⭐️Some crystals don’t like Water or sunlight, be sure to keep that in mind before charging them.
🗡some crystals don’t have to be charged at all! But it is a good idea
🔔Cleansing your crystals is also a really good idea just because you don’t know what intent/energy is attached to the crystal
🕯in my personal belief you don’t need crystals for magic. You don’t need them for spells or anything. They are a useful tool.
🔮Crystals need care. Just like plants. You can’t just buy them and leave them. Dust them off every now and then and charge them and cleanse them. They will enjoy the attention,
💎Research your crystals. Don’t just buy them. Learn where they come from, how in gods names they were made and so forth. It’s nice to know their background.
🌙Crystals can be great offerings to deities and spirits.

Okay so I said I'd give you date ideas

Some are free, some are inexpensive or can be inexpensive using groupons.

- museum dates (check which days of the month are free days)
-zoo/ petting zoo
-dolphin / whale watching (check Groupon)
-horseback riding (check Groupon first)
-picnic (BRING WINE)
- sail boat tour (check Groupon)
-food festivals (taste of whatever city you’re in)
- beach dates
-helicopter tour (check Groupon)
-do something one of you have always wanted to do
-road trip
- cook together
- have a fondue night
- Apple picking
- wine tasting
- Thrift shop/Flea markets
-Kayaking (some cities have this for free on certain days)
- workout together
- game night/ sex game night
-Drive-in movie
-Movies in the park
- roller skating
- yoga class together
- carnivals
- Art fair
- comedy club
- jazz club

voltron witch au

i was inspired to share my personal headcanons for @catnippacketswitch au !! their headcanons may differ from mine, but this is simply my elaboration off of their idea!

lance: water/sea witch

  • so many sea trinkets
  • shells, rocks, sand, driftwood, salt water, beach glass etc.
  • a lot of them are scattered around his room; on windowsills, tucked next to picture frames, decorating his workspace.
  • others he likes to turn into jewelry
  • loves making + enchanting jewelry, is very generous and enjoys giving his creations to his friends
    • “sorry you had a bad day, i added a charm to this cone shell necklace i made for you for protection”
    • “sand dollar dust for good luck! go get ‘em, buddy!”
  • meditates a lot, always trying to remain Cool, Calm, and Collected™
  • is actually A Mess the majority of the time, emotions very similar to the ocean’s tides
    • has the most trouble keeping his sacral chakra balanced (emotions, sexuality, self expression)
  • strong connection with the moon, performs a lot of rituals to better connect w + understand her
  • (though he considers himself secular)
  • aromatherapy!
  • is a very sentimental person, and strong emotions buried deep inside of him can be drawn out by certain scents
  • he’s not afraid of his emotions, and therefore has shown great interest in aromatherapy
  • often asks keith to make incense for him using his essential oils
  • cause lance is bad at it and keith is a pro (but lance’ll never admit that)
  • his grimoire is an absolute Mess
  • just a shitty torn up blue composition book covered in stickers and sigils and messages from his friends
  • he just shoves shit in it there’s no organization whatsoever
    • “lance i just wanted to compare correspondences my lap is literally covered in sand right now”
  • bath magic !!!! super into glamour and bath magic
  • has tried to make his own beauty products but found that pass-times such as baking aren’t high-up on his list of talents
  • sometimes him and hunk will make products for lance together, but most of the time lance will just buy some trustworthy and organic products from his favorite metaphysical shop or flea markets
  • lifetime supply of rosewater
  • poplar wand - feeling - (water) emotions, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, empathy, dance, instincts.
  • grip made of fabric from an old, beaten up Childhood Baby Blanket
  • is almost always humming and will 100% get a new song stuck in your head everyday
    • sings during rituals
    • sounds like an irl siren
    • beware

keith: fire/desert witch

  • lots of rituals
  • rituals involve lots of dancing (which he’s actually very good at)
  • uses his athame in every and any way possible - often incorporates it in his dancing
  • technically considers himself wiccan, but dislikes labels
  • worships the major planetary bodies in our solar system, though mainly focuses on the sun and moon
  • is a peaceful witch until provoked, then will show no remorse when he curses/hexes ur ass sorry honey
    • shiro always tries to convince him not to, but he isn’t normally very successful
    • lance and pidge are both total enablers for cursing lmao get him
    • everyone is so surprised when hunk; sweet, kind, caring hunk, encourages keith’s habit
  • (but lance could never actually curse someone, he just lives for drama)
  • (pidge could)
  • (pidge will)
  • writes everything in charcoal
  • constantly covered in charcoal
    • lance: uhh dude you got a little *points to the smear of charcoal on keith’s cheek*
    • keith: oh thanks *wipes cheek with charcoal covered hand* did i get it?
    • lance: yep yes yeah you got it buddy
  • burns written spells/sigils to activate them
  • just burns everything tbh
    • “split ends? no no, i lit my hair on fire”
  • no feeling in fingertips lol
  • makes incense for lance despite the massive headaches he gets from the strong scents
  • dabbles in blood magic
  • candles + wax everywhere
  • enjoys making different salts
  • endless supply of fire-salt
  • owns one (1) cactus
  • enjoys different textures and fabrics, therefore owns a bunch of tapestries and altar cloths
  • has world’s shittiest handwriting, but has a really cool (fake) leather-bound grimoire that he found on a road trip in the mid west
  • doesn’t remember the shop name
  • doesn’t remember the shop

pidge: green + tech witch

  • herbalism!
  • loves making jars + bottles using their own herbs
    • sometimes uses some of hunks crystals
    • or any other objects of importance, depending on the spell
  • seriously though their room is a mess it’s fllled with plants on shelves and hanging and on the floor
  • jars and bottles everywhere
  • random pieces of tech all over the place
  • do they have an actual floor? who knows
  • corners of their room are covered in mold and moss and there’s dirt all over the place
  • dirt under fingernails 24/7
  • relies heavily on their pendulum when making literally any decision ever, ranging from:
    • “should i eat this sandwich labeled ‘hunk’?”
    • to
    • “should i pack up my shit and leave to find my family (whom i cherish and love more than anything in this plane of existence), completely disregarding the safety of the entire universe and the fact that i will backhandedly and indirecting be the one responsible for the rise of the galra empire?”
  • recently got into making elixirs/potions (from hunk)
  • makes special gem elixirs to water their plants with
  • makes different ones depending on the type of plant and or what problem it’s having
  • sigils on everything
  • writes in anything they can - dirt, spit, tears, blood
  • pretty low-key tech witch, just really likes tech + adds simple magicks into their work
    • writes chants + spells in HTML
    • desktop background sigils
    • emoji spells
    • etc
  • e-grimoire that’s surprisingly pretty organized
  • only because its digital tbh they can’t keep papers and folders organized for shit
  • see: their room

hunk: kitchen/cottage + green witch

  • loves all types of cooking, but baking particularly!  
  • loves gardening
  • very generous!!!! loves giving!!!!!!!
  • bonds with pidge over plants :’)
  • has a shared greenhouse with them
    • they each have one half of the greenhouse, but they help each other out with their plants when needed
  • loves comparing grimoires with his friends
  • his grimoire is a big file-folder looking journal
  • it’s pretty tidy and he puts a lot of effort into it, but he’s not super artistically inclined when it comes to paper and pencil so it’s rather plain
  • though he is very crafty in other ways!!
  • super into knot work
  • picked up/dabbles in a little jewelry making thanks to lance
    • though he uses his crystals as jewelry pieces, not sea trinkets
  • crystal healer!
  • is! such! a! good! healer!
  • basically always has a stable root chakra
  • steady as a rock (or so he lets on)
  • always grounding himself
  • sometimes he’ll have to take off his shoes to better ground himself, but he’s become so good with his chakras that he normally doesn’t need to
    • actually experiences his emotions like a Normal Teenager should, but has taken on the self-appointed role of being his friends anchor
  • really enjoys tea and makes blends for himself and his friends
    • pidge is absolutely hooked on hunk’s tea for getting rid of cramps…God Bless………………..
    • tries not to rely on superstition, but indulges in the occasional tea leaf reading
  • his room has lots of shelves/cabinets because he likes having as much walking space as possible
  • has his mattress on the floor tucked in the corner
  • spreads out his workspaces in the center of his room on a small blanket when he needs it
  • lots of dried herbs
  • enjoys browns and oranges

shiro: space witch

  • Casual Astronomer™
  • eats lunch at midnight lol
  • hates coffee but needs caffeine to keep himself awake
  • hunk makes him good Wake Up teas
  • pidge has a special potion they’ve created that’s basically like death coffee
  • he only drinks it when he’s really desperate
  • he cares a lot about his health, so he tries to makes sure that he gets enough sleep
  • he’s still always tired no matter what though, the poor guy
  • has the stereotypical witch wardrobe
    • lots of black flowy clothes/dresses
    • sharp winged eyeliner
    • layered witchy necklaces
    • tons of rings
    • big floppy black hat
    • black nail polish
  • has basically all known constellations memorized and can point them out at any given time during the night
  • has a bunch of astronomy-related tattoos
  • does his own tattoos/stick n pokes
  • enchants and makes his own ink
  • has given everyone in the coven a little stick-and-poke on their wrist of their elemental symbol
  • picked up photography in his teens and has managed to get some really amazing shots of the night sky
  • plain black grimoire
  • really enjoys the dark, therefore does everything in it
  • spells, rituals, etc
  • glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and walls of his room

allura: hedge witch

  • utterly fascinated with the Other World
  • most connected with her third eye and crown chakra
  • is always up at ungodly hours because she knows certain spirits are up at those times
  • her workspace is basically just a place where she can contact spirits and deities
    • centerpiece is an offering tray
    • grey chalice
    • her basic setup has melted white candles, though she’ll change the colors depending on who she’s planning on contacting
  • astral projects nearly everyday, mostly during the evening/early AM
  • she tends to spend around 1-3 hours in the other realm, but could honestly spend days if she could
  • she texts shiro whenever she plans on beginning, and texts him afterwards
  • that way if she does get lost or distracted and takes too long to return, shiro can come and help her out if needed
  • though there’s never really been a situation where he was needed in that way
  • allura knows what she’s doing, friends
  • probably owns a mug that reads “i’d rather be astral projecting”
  • most experienced in the coven
  • comes from a  family of witches, learned from her father
  • has the prettiest most organized, coherent, and detailed grimoire
  • seriously her handwriting is amazing
  • super good at calligraphy
  • loves:
    • palm readings
    • tarot
    • astrology
    • divination
    • aura readings
  • notices a person’s hands before anything else
  • makes her own tarot decks! they’re so pretty
  • has decks for all her friends
  • her and pidge sometimes use each other’s pendulums :’)
  • can tell a person’s sign simply by observing their mannerisms for a short period of time
    • someone: does literally anything
    • allura: ugh you’re such a [insert sign here]
Dating Archie Andrews Would Include...

Okay I LOVE RIVERDALE and I am high key in an Archie mood rn lmk what y'all think!! This is on mobile so f there’s any errors I’m sorry but I’ll try to correct them tm! Also friends this week is super busy with school stuff and family atuff so I’m slowly getting through the imagines in my inbox but I have like 19 to get through so I wanna make them good but I can only do so much on mobile so like if you want something request a Drabble or a list thingy like this idk lol it’s short and easy to do on mobile cuz I feel bad I’ve been so inactive but I’ll be back soon hopefully xoxo 

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

  •  being the first one to notice his glo up bc he’s helping build your front porch over the summer
  •  making sure to sunbathe outside in your skimpiest bikini while he’s there 
  •  him finally just asking you out 
  • PoWeR cOuPlE amiright 
  • wearing his football jersey to games 
  • being front row whenever he plays a show
  •  "baaaaabeeee Archie cutie sweetie honey pie write a song about me"
  •  spending more time with Vegas than with Archie 
  • HIS ABS 
  • “y/n I love you but you have an unhealthy attachment to Vegas and honestly im not really sure if you’re dating me for me or for my dog" 
  • "you know i love you but my moms allergic to Vegas and not to you so like Vegas is a rare commodity in my limited canine economy" 
  • "I love it when you talk nerdy to me" 
  • movie nights in his basement with old eighties films 
  • wearing his varsity lettermans jacket and stealing his oversized sweatshirt 
  • Archie not speaking to Jughead for a week because Archie tried to get you to sleep over ;) but Jughead refused to leave his air mattress because he knew what Arch planned 
  • going to flea markets and shopping for old vinyl records tg 
  • studying dates where Archie tries to distract you but you make sure he stays on task by rewarding him with milkshakes 
  • sharing a shake at Pops then Archie getting pissed when you ate the cherry until Pop came over with another one for him 
  • you sleepily curled up next to him while he absentmindedly strums and writes 
  • "arch I think I’m falling in love with you" 
  • "I already fell." 
  • Fred loving you like a daughter 
  • "Archie you actually have an eight pack and that’s just not fair because when I eat three burgers and a large fry I gain ten pounds and you just very simply stay chiseled and I don’t-" 
  • him coming over for thanksgiving dinner and playing touch football with your family 
  • he’d pick you up over his shoulder and you’d be giggling so hard 
  • then he’d laugh and you just would lose it cuz his laugh is beautiful 
  • you coming over to help Archie rake leaves and then just kind of jumping in the pile because you can’t help it 
  • snow angels and snow men and hot chocolate every snow day
  • Archie just looking at you and breaking into a smile because despite all the shitty things going on you’re the best thing that’s happened to him and he’s never been happier 
  • also can we imagine Archie in a SnapBack y'all r welcome

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I need help where can I get cheap skulls/crystals/plants/green witch supplies? I'm poor lol

Hi, I definitely know the struggle so I’ve compiled a list of everywhere that I’ve found cheap witch supplies.

Of course you don’t need any supplies to be a witch, but that doesn’t mean we won’t want them and you shouldn’t have to empty the bank to have nice thing. Some of these things are definitely harder to find then others though.


Bones are probably going to be the hardest thing to find on this list. In my opinion a lot or resellers have them listed for way to much.

The quality of the bones also are going to impact the price. Perfect bones are far more expensive. Most of my bones have defects (and I think that makes them even better).

The other thing that’s going to make finding cheap bones hard is whether or not you want cruelty free bones.

I’ve struggled with finding cheap cruelty free bones and the only places I’ve really found them is at a bone shop (can’t remember the name) at the KC RenFest, and bones that I’ve found on my own.

Collecting bones from outside (roadkill, natural death) isn’t for the faint of heart and can take a lot of prep time (this is how I got my rabbit bones and seahorse). It can also be problematic if you don’t own the land you find things on or if there are legal restriction on collecting.

Bones that come from sport are a lot easier to find (though quality may not be the best). You can find these at thrift shop, flea markets, or garage sales (especially if you live in a rural area). I got my buck skull from a flea market that also had a lot of really cheap furs. IMO it’s a little less cruel to get from flea markets because you are not directly supporting the hunter (most likely) but I understand why people would be against it either way.

In general if you want bones the best bet is just to save or spend a lot of time digging around.


If you want cheap crystals do not go to a metaphysical shop and do not go in without researching what you want before hand.

Meta shops always over price and if you don’t know the real price it’s easy to overspend.

You can also go to sights like eBay or amazon or craiglists but that always comes with a risk (quality, size, safety).

If you live in a decent sized metro area there will probably be gem shows where you can find decent prices.

Also check flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. I recently found a beautiful 5 in marble sphere for $7.

Also check stores like tjmax, marshals, home goods, and Ross. They will occasionally have some cool things pop up. My huge agate bookend was $19 and the other day I found a large 8 in+ obelisk of some stone (maybe marble) for $12. They also frequently have salt lamps for cheap as well.

🌿Plants and Herbs🌿

Walmart and dollar general will have plenty of cheap starters or seeds. Seed are a little hard to start though.

If you want dried herbs with great quality go to tjmaxx or marshalls. That have great selection with beautiful packaging. Great for an urban green witch who can’t grow their own.

You can also grow plants from scraps. There’s tons of advice on the internet on how to start plants from your food.

And you can also use food scraps to make plant food and rich soil. Use everything!

🔮General Witchy Things🔮

In general I love Tjmaxx and Marshals for random items. I got a marble mortar set there for $6. They have tons of glass decor and planters that are cheap. You can also find witchy clothes as well.

Always check thrift shops and garage sales (you’re surrounded by more witches selling stuff then you’d expect).

Craft your own stuff. Craft stores often have great coupons and sales. I recently got plenty of jars for over 50% off and I’ve stained and crafted most of my wood altar items.

You can also check to see who’s selling what on tumblr as well you’ll find good stuff!

I hope this helps and let me know if I missed anything.

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Can you please explain to me why the tyrells and martells hate each other? Thanks! BTW do you think either Book!Dany or Show!Dany are bisexual? (the Yara/Dany chemestry was sooo much better than Jon/Dany)

The Tyrell-Martell feud is a rather old one. During the Dornish Conquest led by Daeron the Dickhead, Lyonel Tyrell was installed in Dorne to beat down and prevent rebellions from the Dornish. Lyonel was also dickhead, and the Dornish fought him at every turn. When Lyonel would defeat them and take their castles, he would force the lord of the castle out of his bedroom so that Lyonel could sleep in it instead. Lyonel continued this dickish practice at Sandstone, the seat of House Qorgyle, and the Qorgyles sent their regards and by giving him a bed of scorpions to sleep in, thus killing him. This established a general dislike of the Dornish among the Tyrells and the Reach as a whole (as evidenced by Arys Oakheart’s casual racism).

However much they may have already disliked the Dornish, the Tyrells’ dislike of specifically House Martell became blown up to epic proportions during Willas Tyrell’s, heir to Highgarden, first tourney. Him and Oberyn jousted, Oberyn knocked him off his horse, but unfortunately Willas’s leg got caught in the stirrup, which severely injured his leg and rendered it unusable for the rest of his life (and branded him a “cripple”, because being even a monoplegic earns you that ableist term). Obviously it was not Oberyn’s fault that Willas got caught in his stirrup, but the Tyrells disliked the Dornish already and this gave them a reason to just straight up hate them. Meanwhile, Willas (the only sensible Tyrell) bore no hard feelings toward Oberyn, and the two became friends and regularly kept a correspondence between them. Naturally this didn’t deter the Tyrells from being horrible and bitter, but alas, that is the great irony of the situation.

The enmity still runs deep. When Oberyn and the Dornish host was in King’s Landing, many fights broke out between the Dornish and the Tyrells:

“Any displeasure I’m feeling has naught to do with pease. I have Joffrey and my sister to displease me, and my lord father, and three hundred bloody Dornishmen.” He had settled Prince Oberyn and his lords in a cornerfort facing the city, as far from the Tyrells as he could put them without evicting them from the Red Keep entirely. It was not nearly far enough. Already there had been a brawl in a Flea Bottom pot-shop that left one Tyrell man-at-arms dead and two of Lord Gargalen’s scalded, and an ugly confrontation in the yard when Mace Tyrell’s wizened little mother called Ellaria Sand “the serpent’s whore.” Every time he chanced to see Oberyn Martell the prince asked when the justice would be served. Overcooked pease were the least of Tyrion’s troubles, but he saw no point in burdening his young wife with any of that. Sansa had enough griefs of her own.

So that’s the gist of it all. Let’s just blame it all on Daeron the Dickhead and move on.

thank you guys so much for the love and support on my last set of george/neville hcs!!!! gotta have it in italics because i’m so, so pleased that i could share this ship with you, and because i accidentally dragged everyone into this, i have written more, focused around music - and i know that their song is a slightly overused one, but i love the song, and i think it’s emotional and exactly the kind of song to fall in love to - tagging @zaxkmerrick, who asked to be tagged, please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the future!

  • the minute percy leaves hogwarts is the same minute that fred and george come in carting a giant record player and with two armfuls of records
  • neville’s never really paid much attention to fred and george beyond their pranks - he tries to ignore them, really, and keep out of their way, lest he become a new test subject
  • but he’s certainly interested in the record player - he knows his parents loved music, but he’s never been allowed to listen to their records, and he frantically writes to his uncle algie to try and convince him to send the records over
  • but it doesn’t work: his gran is formidable and doesn’t think he should be listening to them, thinks they’re a load of old rubbish
  • he doesn’t even know what the records are, and sits sometimes leafing through the ones in the common room, wondering if these were what his parents listened to, once upon a time
  • george sits down next to him one day, looking worn out 
  • “whatcha looking for?” he asks, leaning over
  • “it’s nothing,” neville says, shaking his head
  • george, whether it’s because he knows not to pry or just isn’t interested, nods his head and doesn’t say anything further on that, but he leans across neville
  • “what were you thinking of listening to?”
  • “oh, i don’t know, i don’t really listen…”
  • “you don’t listen!” george chokes. “listen, mate, i know it’s muggle music, but it’s still great - here, why don’t we start off with some dexys midnight runners…” 
  • neville really does enjoy the album, and he’s still humming some of the tunes as he goes to bed, thinking that george is a lot nicer than he ever really gets credit for
  • and he doesn’t expect it to happen again, but a few nights later, when george is finally free from his three-day-long detention courtesy of one severus snape, he plonks down on the sofa next to neville and asks “what next?”
  • “you know the music,” neville points out
  • “i’m interested to see what you would pick,” george says with a big and mischievous grin and, wondering what on earth is going on in his head, neville sifts through the collection and picks a nice colourful record with what looks like a sun on it
  • “ooh, i love this one,” says george; he says it’s called screamadelica
  • and neville loves it - it’s cheerful and dance-y, and the whole common room seems to love it too, having just endured a whole night of joy division
  • he doesn’t expect george to continue, but night after night, when they can, they make their way through the collection of records, and neville finds his favourites
  • for the rest of the year, they do this; george watches neville fall in love with music, and neville falls head over heels for the act of setting the needle on the record and watching it spin out tune after tune
  • it’s horrible when he goes back home for the summer, and back into the silence: his gran still won’t let him listen to his parents’ records, and she’s too good of a witch for him to be able to break the wards keeping him from the music
  • in a final act of desperation on a thursday night in the middle of the summer, he sends an owl off to the burrow telling george he needs help with something, and could he please come as soon as he’s able, thank you very much, regards
  • george is there so early the next morning that he wakes neville up by throwing stones at his window like they’re in a trashy romance novel
  • neville groggily pulls open the window and peers outside, and it’s fucking george, all red hair and cheeky grin and multicoloured shirt, waving and yelling “hiya!” 
  • this is ridiculous, thinks neville, but he’s smiling anyway as he hurries downstairs, pajama-clad, and lets george in
  • he explains his story and the problem and george even insists on being shown the door; it doesn’t budge at all, but he says he’ll have a think and maybe send an owl to bill in egypt if he can’t sort it out and would neville in the meantime like to come over to the burrow and enjoy listening to the sound of not-silence again
  • “what if your parents listened to pop crap?” george teases. “we’ll crack open that door and it’ll be abba, or the bee gees, or showaddywaddy”
  • “i’m sure they had better taste than that,” neville says, blushing
  • “just teasing,” george laughs, elbowing neville
  • fred and george have an infinitely better record collection in their own house, apparently a mix of charity shop and flea market finds and saving-up-their-money-from-wheezes buys, and though there’s a lot neville could listen to, he decides to listen to david bowie
  • “i’m totally gonna judge you based on which album you pick, keep that in mind,” george says warningly
  • neville’s hands hovers, and trembles a little
  • “i was just joking, nev!” george says, reaching out to steady his hand. “i love all bowie equally, and i don’t care what you listen to, so long as it isn’t boring. don’t worry, okay?”
  • “okay,” neville says, still a little uncertain, and he traps his hand around heroes
  • “ooh,” says george, “a classic - and the title track is so good!” 
  • “it is, isn’t it?” neville smiles; he’s only heard it twice or so in the common room, but he can never seem to forget the tune, even though he forgets seemingly every other tune ever. “i like it a lot”
  • “yeah,” george says, reaching over and taking neville’s hand; it’s nice, warm but not sweaty, gentle, “my favourite bowie album, maybe”
  • leaving is terrible, but gran imposed a curfew, and he doesn’t want to anger her, and george knows all too well how intimidating a woman augusta longbottom is, so he doesn’t try and make neville stay, just hugs him before he leaves
  • “come back if you can,” is his only request, “and i’ll get on that door, right? i will crack that
  • and he does: he’s figured it out by the next week, and he’s innocuous as possible to neville’s gran, but cackles like a witch in a muggle book when he opens the door, pushing it open with his shoulder
  • it’s an old storage room, an attic, covered in dust and full of boxes with old pictures and records and alice and frank’s belongings; neville ignores things like their clothes for now, but grabs all the photo albums and records and george helps him carry down their record player and brings it back to life
  • “she’ll be so mad if we play it,” neville says when george is about to play one of their records, one by the commodores, “george, you shouldn’t-”
  • “nev, you are allowed to play music and do what you want,” george says indignantly, and he puts his hand over neville’s, guiding it over to the record player, “and you are most definitely entitled to listen to your parents’ records”
  • they get chased out by neville’s gran, of course, because she sure isn’t taking shit from a weasley, but she lets neville go over to the burrow whenever he wants to, because she’s glad to see that he has friends… so long as they’re not causing trouble in her house
  • and george is perfectly content to sit up in his room with neville just listening to his parents’ records and discuss them - fuck, he’s spent however many years out playing quidditch, he deserves a break 
  • “your parents had good taste,” he says, lying at the foot of his bed while neville lies at the head. “have you ever thought about taking the record player to them and playing them their old records?”
  • “no,” neville says shyly, “gran, she…”
  • “let’s do it now,” george says, “come on!”
  • neville’s nervous about it, but the staff seem fine with it and maybe it’s just his gran rubbing off on him, and george hefts his record player into the ward, setting it down and bidding hello to mr and mrs longbottom 
  • “thank you for your son’s immaculate taste,” he says, and though they seem the same as ever, neville swears they seem happier, even if it’s just for the music being there and not from their memories of it
  • he tries to hide it, but he’s a little tearful when he leaves, and george grins at him and holds his hand
  • “they’d be proud of you, you know”
  • neville has never been in love, has never expected to be in love, has long since decided he’s destined for a life alone because he’s such a loser-
  • but god, he loves george
  • george, who has so much time for him
  • george, who’ll listen to anything for him, who brings him records and makes sure he can listen to music, who lies flat out on his bed and just beams
  • and george, who holds his hand and smiles at him
  • neville’s never had someone look at him like he was worth so much before, who valued his opinion, who cared about him so much
  • george isn’t around at the end of the summer, but he sends letters anyway, always frequent, and neville can’t believe his eyes when a copy of david bowie’s heroes plops in through his window 
  • sorry i’m not here, but i thought you might like this” it says, and neville does like this; he fucking loves it, and he’s so happy he thinks he could just die right then and there
  • but he doesn’t, and he’s glad he doesn’t, because when he gets to hogwarts in september, george is waiting for him; once they’ve unpacked, everyone else packs off to bed soon after dinner from the exhaustion of the journey, but george and neville stay up, and they put heroes on the record player together
  • “best record ever,” says george
  • “i love it,” says neville
  • and as the first few chords of “heroes” play, he leans forward and lets his hands wind around george, and george can’t stop smiling, and he’s just so beautiful, and neville loves him when he’s boisterous and being troublesome and loves him when he’s quiet and gentle like this and neville will love him any way
  • he’s beat to the punch, because george isn’t patient and george kisses him first
  • “one of these days, we should find a new album to listen to,” george suggests
  • “i don’t know,” says neville, “i like this one; it makes me think of you”
  • george laughs
  • and he kisses neville again
  • and neville is in love
Post Apocalyptic Handicraft Tutorial #1: the Frame

A while ago, I’ve promised a tutorial on how to make some post apocalyptic chatelaines. And that tutorial will be coming up soon (goddamnit, I promise, I’m just disorganized as heck lately).

But for now, let’s have something a bit different:

… you know that feeling; you enter a house or an apartment (preferably yours [unless you’re a bandit]) and, boy, that moment when you see them: them frames, frames, frames. Made out of plastic, sometimes metal, wooden on rare occasions. And, often time, quite boring. You know what? Let’s grab the cheapest one we can get and splice it up a little Wasteland-style!

Step 1: the Frame

Well, I’ve started working before I’ve started thinking that I may as well make a tutorial, so excuse me skipping this step a little :v The thing is- whatever type of frame you can grab hold of is going to be fine. The plain, wide ones would be best. The frame I was working on is made out of Polcore which, as I’ve learned, is made out of polystyrene (hardened Styrofoam, basically) , and the material felt great to work with (but still, doesn’t Polcore sound a bit like some hardcore type of Polish music?:v) Tip: take a look around flea markets, garage sales etc. to get the best and cheapest frame base.

Step 2: the Stuff

Okay, if you, like me, are a terrible hoarder and believe there should be a birth sign called Looter located within Stalker constellation then congratulations, my friends, you can skip this step since the Stuff will be lying around in your room, cluttering all possible spaces *pushes the Stuff away from keyboard in order to type* (seriously, the mess in my room at present…) The Stuff usually consists out of various little things you often find around flea markets, DIY shops, shops with craft supplies, things you find in your garden, woods behind your house, you name it. The more Stuff, the merrier. The Stuff may be: neat glass beads, some nuts, pieces of wood, crystals, little bones, pop tabs, pieces of a broken earring, old watch parts, buttons, feathers, literally anything that picks your interest. Just look around, anything can become part of your handicraft!

Step 3: the Sketch

Place the things you think would fit your vision and place them on your frame. Tinker around, move the elements as long as necessary in order to release that crafty spirit all of us posses!


… well, if you want to hammer some nails into your frame, that is xd I took some pretty short nails but ones with wide heads so that they block the loose nuts. They make that neat clanging noise since I left some space between the heads of the nails and the nuts; this loose space will come in handy soon! Tip: use pliers. Often. When there’s both the need and no need to use them. I even utilise their help while sewing. Pliers are your brothers-in-arms when it comes to handicraft; without them, damage done to my hands would be even greater.  Take the nail, hold it with pliers, give the nail 4/5 hits, remove the pliers and hit the nail as long as needed in order for the right length to be reached and that’s that.

Nails attached to the frame? Sweet, let’s move on:

Step 6: Attaching the Stuff

You can attach almost anything anywhere. Also, I just love when things are easily modifiable; when you can attach or detach all the elements without a lot of a hassle. Tip: Take a piece of wire, tie it around the element you want to attach somewhere and, BOOM, magic done. By doing so, you can make keyrings, chatelaines, earrings, pendants, whatever you only want! Easy, efficient, glue-free; win-win situation, basically…

…unhinge the wire a little and make it hook-shaped and then…

… attach! Houston, docking complete; poehali!

Step 7: Gaze at What You Have Done

This is one of numerous possibilities; the elements are easily attachable and detachable. If you want any of them firmly in place, use the pliers to squeeze the wires around the nails. You can help yourselves with some epoxy glue as well (I’ve never trusted glue guns for some weird reason, but they should do fine, I think, if you have one lying around)

All neat and industrial— but wait, how about something more natural?

That’s what I’m talking about! You may add some gifts of Mother Nature to your post apocalyptic design-She’s a tough customer, after all!

… see?  Nature goes perfectly well with the industrial :D

Alternatively- you can use your frame as sort of wind chimes base if you want to hang it somewhere anyways (or allow your fellow rangers, wanderers, stalkers or squad mates to add some little things as well), like so:

Trust your guts, something nice will come out of all of this hammering and whatnot!

Step 8: Painting & Final Touches

I decided to paint the frame a little, sand it and cover in some varnish. Basically, this sort of style I-don’t-know-how to-call gives you infinite possibilities and a lot of space for experiments- industrial & nature, steampunk & vintage, modern & nature etc.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope this may be of some help in developing your inner handicrafter or serve simply as some fun activity; let me know if any of you guys ever try out some post apocalyptic aesthetics in your crafts.

Best wishes! (and watch your fingers) :D