flea and tick treatment

If anyone is able to help me and mooseings rescue this boy from the pound, and get him vet treatment, even if it’s only a small amount, we know that a little bit isn’t easy to spare (especially if you’re dead broke students like us). 

If you can’t, that’s totally fair enough, but could you please help signal boost, so we can get his story out there?

Or if anyone could donate things like sensitive/ oatmeal shampoo, flea or tick or worming treatments, anything that could help him heal (if you have some left over that you’re not using), that would be amazing. 

Also, if anyone has any knowledge or experiences about helping dogs who have had their teeth rot away, could you please contact me? 

reachyourlimit  asked:

I know you're mostly an exotics vet, but what do you think of people using alternative flea/tick/etc treatments on animals that have bad reactions to actual medication or dogs like collies who can't be given ivermectin? What would you suggest for people in that situation? (I'm not, my dog is on medication but I'm curious)

Let’s break this down into a couple chunks.

Actual reactions to flea and tick medication are very rare. Many owners assume a pet is having a reaction when in reality it may be temporary itching or simply the feeling of the medication spreading over their body. A true reaction has to be documented by a veterinarian. One of the reasons it is so important to get your meds from a vet is because IF your pet has a true reaction to a medication, the drug company that makes that product will usually pay for the needed medical treatment. This will only happen if there is veterinary documentation though.

Not all collies or other herding breeds have the gene mutation that makes them sensitive to certain drugs. Plus those with the mutation actually CAN take ivermectin at the doses needed for heartworm prevention. All commercially made heartworm and flea/tick medications are safe for all breeds, including those with the gene mutation. It is only when higher doses are used for things like demodex treatment that these dogs can show signs of toxicity.

Alternative treatments like essential oils, garlic, supplements, etc. do not work. There have been numerous studies and not a single one has found that they work. I promise if they did a drug company would already be marketing it. Actually a number of the oral meds like Spinosad are made from bacteria that live in the soil, you can’t get much more natural than that.

There are numerous choices out there ranging from topicals, injections, and oral medications. If your dog truly has a reaction to one there is going to be another one that is applied in a different way or made from a different drug that will be effective.