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Signs as RHCP songs
  • Aries:Can't Stop
  • Taurus:Subway to Venus
  • Gemini:Parallel Universe
  • Cancer:Otherside
  • Leo:Shallow Be Thy Game
  • Virgo:Under The Bridge
  • Libra:Tell Me Baby
  • Scorpio:Suck My Kiss
  • Sagittarius:Californication
  • Capricorn:Scar Tissue
  • Aquarius:Subterranean Homesick Blues
  • Pisces:Aeroplane

pet psa: if the flea meds you stick between your pets shoulder blades smells different than usual wash it off immediately.

my mom picked up a box yesterday thats a diff brand than usual bc the store didnt have the usual brand. my cat hopped on the couch later to sleep next to me and he smelled like finger nail polish remover and his hair was everywhere. this cat never sheds that much so i scrubbed him down and grabbed the other cat and he was super patchy! so i dug out the box and looked up reviews to see if this was just a bad batch and apparently this brand has been taking cats down left and right.

recap: if the flea meds smell like acetone scrub it off

and for the love of all the cute kittens in the world dont use Hartz Ultraguard Pro

Soo yesterday I hung out w my ex who I hadn’t seen in a while but it was like catching up w an old friend! 🙊 we went to the flea market and for a nature walk then he wanted to go to the mall too ~

Who is this girl? The story of the shocking Antonella Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi found love and not in a TopModel. He only wanted a girl in his neighborhood for life, daughter of the owner of a supermarket. The story.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?

Answer: Yes, I have a girlfriend.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?

Answer: Yes, she’s in Argentina. The truth is that I’m good and I’m calm.

The dialogue between journalists of the program Hat Trick Barça from the TV of Catalonia and Lionel Messi occurred the 26th of January of 2009, a day in which, without naming her, La Pulga (The Flea), 21 years old, confirmed his romance with Antonella Roccuzzo, then 20, the neighbor from Rosario whom he met thanks to Lucas Scaglia, a teammate from the inferiors of Newell’s and cousin of the actual wife and mother of the two sons of the best in the world. A Messi that doesn’t stop transforming into the center of attention every time that he appears in the public scene.

[video unattainable]

It was 1996 when Messi, Scaglia, and his cousin Antonella started to spend a lot of time playing at the shores of Paraná, in the native city of both. Lio, 9 years of age, felt quickly smitten by the daughter of José and Patricia, owners of the chain of supermarket Único (Unique) of the city of Rosario, but he didn’t dare declare himself. Those who have known him since young tell, that the little one who already dazzled in the inferiors of Newell’s wrote letters in which he assumed for a fact that one day she would be his bride.

The first supermarket of the parents of Antonella Roccuzzo, located in Boulevard Rondeau 4156, in Rosario, began as a pantry area, property of Antonella’s grandmother. With time it transformed into one of the main businesses in the area that today counts with with six other branches in the province.

Second of the three daughters of José Roccuzzo and Patricia Blanco - the first Paula, 20, lawyer; the last was Carla, 26, medic - Antonella coursed her studies in the prestigious Centro Educativo Latinoamericano (Latin American Educational Center) and always kept a close relationship with Lionel until in 2000 his father, Jorge Messi, made the decision that would change everything: fly to Spain to try out his luck in Barcelona. There, the lives of Lionel and Antonella took different paths: he started down the path that would lead him to be the best in the world and she tried to rebuild herself with a neighbor in Rosario with whom she maintained a stable relationship for nearly three years.

The willowy brunette also had her sporty side: for six years she dedicated five hours daily, three times per week, practicing gymnastics performing at Club Gimnasia y Esgrima (Club Gymnastics and Fencing). She trained hard to show off her already natural beauty. At 13 years old, maybe bored of the routine, she ended it.

Shortly before La Negra, as they knew her from young, received her degree with concentration in Humanities and Social Sciences, the reunion with Lionel was produced in mark of a tragic episode in her life: the death of her friend in an accident provoked by a drunken person driving. Messi found out and, as soon as he could, traveled to be by her side.

In that moment, they secured their relationship but chose to maintain it privately. Messi returned to Barcelona and Antonella tried to find her calling. At first instance, she studied dentistry in the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (National University of Rosario), but the enthusiasm did not last long, barely six months. So she tried her luck with Social Communications, where she attended a career year.

All was well between them, and they no longer wanted to hide. Antonella’s circle of friends tell the she recognized that she went out with Lionel one day, July 20th, 2007, when she [Antonella] reunited them in a big house that the Roccuzzo family have in Roldán, a city in the area south of Rosario.

Confirmation that the relationship was already established occurred before the World Cup of South Africa 2010. Roccuzzo traveled for the first time to Barcelona and installed herself in the the home of Lio, located in Castell De Fels. There her family and friends visited her, and she spent her time between the gym, English tutoring, and the company of the footballer.

On July 2nd, 2012, a celebration from Lionel Messi with the Argentinian jersey after a goal against Ecuador in the Monumental (Monumental) stadium confirmed the rumors that had already weight on the news: Antonella was pregnant with Thiago, the first child of both, born on November 2nd of the same year.

The Rosarian was already one of the most searched personalities by the media, but never once wanted to give an interview. She always maintained the lowest profile and her public appearances were only recorded in the galas of the Ballon d’Or in which Messi participated as main figure or in the anticipated vacations of both in which she often shows off her spectacular figure.

When the 2014-15 season of European football was about to finish with Barcelona the winners of the triplet Copa del Rey-Champions-Liga, Messi becoming the maximum goal scorer in the season with 43 goals, it was the striker himself who confirmed with a photo on Facebook that Antonella was awaiting the second child of the couple, Mateo, born on September 11, 2015.

The life of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo seemed to be destined to coincide, whether by fate or by themselves: history finds them always together, or at least very close. He always knew that he loved her and she had enough patience to wait for the moment of the definitive reunion.

The couple have lived in Barcelona for years, but whenever they can they travel to Argentina to reunite with family and friends, circles that both of them appreciate. When they are in Rosario, Antonella spends a lot of time at the Funes Hills Mirasoles complex, the gated community where her parents live.

They also enjoy, of course, the time that they spend in family; time that includes, apart from Lionel’s games, the usual lives of mortals, like the schooling of the children, for example, and rest on vacations where you’ll usually find them in eccentric sites, in general paradisaical beaches where Antonella Roccuzzo takes on the role of main protagonist in this story of love that the media desperately try to reflect with their portraits.

Original Article; Translated by me

I like swore off going to Taiwan ever again with my family at least because family arguments always happen, because we’re in 台中 so nothing happens, because the mosquitoes love biting me like there’s no tomorrow, because it’s fucking hot, and because I am so Obviously American so everybody judges me for not being able to speak Mandarin at the least…

And then I found out that 台中 has a rollercoaster that I really want to ride…

And then I found out that 4CC tickets are FREE because NOBODY IN TAIWAN CARES ABOUT FIGURE SKATING…

And now 台北 is going to be Blessed with Constance Wu’s presence without me. 

How rude.

After searching for months for the perfect cabinet for my collection of skulls, bones, nests, bugs, fossils, etc. (a cabinet of curiosities if you will), I finally found one at a flea market over the weekend.  It is perfectly small, with glass on three sides, glass shelves, and wired for electricity.  I know for sure that I want to pick up an Edison bulb to light the interior, but I’m stuck on which color to paint the cabinet itself.  It’s currently horrendous: painted sparkly gold with black splatter paint, dirty brass hinges, and atrocious knobs.  I’m heading out to the hardware store this morning to look for spray paint inspiration.  I’m thinking…white?

Emergency adopts because my puppers got fleas and treatment was not cheap |D (also entomologii is my new username elsewhere lol)

$25 each! Customs are $30 on this base :D

(numbers from left to right, top to bottom)

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open

  • Name - Aria’ana SAVO Desdimona Sai Kesslivang
  • Height - 4′11″
  • Species - Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon
  • Gender - Female
  • Nationality -  Gridanian ex-pat
  • Birthday - uncertain
  • Patron - uncertain
  • Residence - Ul’dahni Sewer System
  • Marital Status - Single
  • Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
  • Drink - Red Wine halfway to vinegar
  • Food - Fish heads
  • Day or Night - NIGHT!
  • Snacks - Field Mice
  • Song - Vote with Bullets, by Armond and the Machinists
  • Pet - A herd of sycophantic sewer rats, & a head of fleas
  • Color - 20 different shades of black 
  • Flower - Orchids
  • Sexuality - Curious, Anxious
  • Romantic Orientation -  voyeristic.  hopeful
  • Body Type - dangerously skinny, frail
  • Eye Color - piss yellow
  • Hair Color - white

BONELUST Q&A: “Where do you get your human teeth?” “How can they be legal for you to have?” “Are they black market sourced?” “Aren’t they unsanitary?” “Can I buy them from you?” “Will you buy my teeth?” I get a ton of questions about my human teeth so I’m just going to try to answer them all at once. First off, just consider me the tooth fairy. I’m always looking for human teeth. Flea markets, antique shops, etc. It is a hard & pricy supply to locate. So no, I will not be telling anyone exactly where I get them. Just because I won’t doesn’t make it sketchy. If I told everyone where I find my hard to get supplies there wouldn’t be any left for me, haha

Yes, you can now get instant collections of 3 at Bonelust.Etsy.Com or have me make you a custom order collection in a jar!

The human teeth I get are mostly pulled molars and family heirlooms from right here in the US. No chance of them being acquired through sketchy black market organ harvesting sources. Or prisons. I hear all kinds of ridiculous theories. But the truth is, they were all legally pulled from a live person by a dental professional. Or naturally fell out in the case of baby teeth.

I sanitize them just like all of the animal bone/teeth used in my pieces. So they are totally safe to handle/wear. I sometimes will give shop credit for customer supplied teeth. But I do not buy them.

I do offer custom jewelry pieces using your supplied teeth. Listings are already in my shop. My many real human teeth art & jewelry pieces can already be found for sale at Bonelust.Etsy.Com ♥😁♥ #bonelustqanda - YOU CAN PURCHASE THE PICTURED TEETH NECKLACE IN MY SHOP AS A CUSTOM ORDER!

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Update on the kitten we fished out from under a trash compactor last night. She was in better shape this morning. Clean from her baths and more calm. She’s still very scared of us. She shivers when we get near her nonstop. She hides when possible. She will hiss when cornered but that is it. She purrs when pet (while shaking) and is picked up and held very easily. Heading to the humane society in a few hours to have her checked for diseased and to be treated for possible leftover fleas, worms, and/or earmites. We’ll see… If she has a clean bill of health (lack of funds to care extensively) and is decent enough with the cats and rabbit (not to toot my own horn by I’ve bonded impossible cats, main concern is my rabbit’s safety) she will be staying with us forever. But that is a hefty if. Wish us and ‘Isabelle’ luck!! (Regardless of pure or mixed Siamese she will be getting spayed when able).


Zimbabwean Style Blogger @diaryofsmurfdinkie wearing Tanya Nefertari downtown Harare

Photocred : @zashcraft

Bomber jacket : @tanyanefertari

Jeans : Mbare Flea Market

Shoes & Top : Copacabana Flea Market

Location : Cameron Street Harare Zimbabwe


I GOT DUCKLINGS!!!ヾ(@°Д °@)ノ

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