The Best Non-Broadway Theater Companies & Theaters In NYC

My highlights from Gothamist’s highlights:

WOOSTER GROUP: This 40-year-old theater company helped foster the creative endeavors of artists like Spalding Gray, Willem Dafoe, and Elizabeth LeCompte (who currently directs the group), putting on experimental productions that have racked up Obie and Bessie awards over the years. The group also won the National Endowment for the Arts Ongoing Ensembles Grant in 1985. Shows are produced at their small, no-frills Performing Garage in SoHo and at other venues around the city when they require more lavish digs. Be sure to catch their take on Harold Pinter’s The Room this October and November.

ELEVATOR REPAIR SERVICE: ERS has been a formidable theatrical presence since 1991, when director John Collins culled a group of actors dedicated to performing unique works drawn from found and other literary texts. ERS performs at theaters all over the city, including at The Public Theater, The Flea, and St. Mark’s Church, and a number of their productions tour nationwide. Their enthralling eight hour adaptation of The Great Gatsby is now legendary, and in May, the company’s revival of The Sound and the Fury earned critical acclaim. Up next, the company will perform Fondly, Collette Richland, an original co-production with New York Theatre Workshop written by fascinating playwright Sibyl Kempson.

NATURE THEATER OF OKLAHOMA: Masters of coaxing humor and eloquence from everyday idiosyncrasies, the trailblazing Nature Theater of Oklahoma is led by the husband-and-wife team Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper. Their strange, engrossing plays often draw their dialogue from pre-recorded conversations, shedding wholly unexpected light on experiences and anecdotes that might otherwise be shrugged off as banal. Their company stormed into the center of the NYC alt theater scene in 2007 with their spellbinding production No Dice, followed up with a hilarious one-man stage adaptation of Rambo: First Blood, and is now in the midst of developing what will be an epic 10-part, 24-hour show called Life & Times, which was partially staged at the Public Theater over the course of eight wonderfully weird hours in 2013. The New Yorker accurately dubbed it as a “masterpiece.”

ARS NOVA : Ars Nova’s been on the city’s theater scene since it was founded by Jenny and Jon Steingart in 2002, and bigwigs like Lin-Manuel Miranda, New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether, Jesse Eisenberg, Reggie Watts, and Amy Herzog got their start here, which is a testament to the company’s prowess. Company members are usually young and emerging artists, and can take part in play-reading programs, musical workshops, and variety shows to help hone their craft—they’ve also got the annual festival ANT Fest each summer to showcase young work. For audience members, are affordable (usually around $15-a-pop) and located either at Ars Nova’s Hell’s Kitchen loft space or theater, depending on what space is required.

THE DEBATE SOCIETY: Two of The Debate Society’s founding members were college sweethearts, which might be nauseating if things hadn’t ended so badly. Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen broke up during their senior year at Vassar; luckily, in theater there are no bad experiences, only raw emotion, and the two have gone on to produce visceral, intellectually challenging work fueled by the remembrance of feels past. Together with co-founder and valued third wheel Oliver Butler, Bos and Thureen practice devised theater, a collaborative process in which artists improvise their way to a finished piece. Their most recent NYC production, Jacuzzi, was terrific, and a new show, The Light Years, just completed a run at Vassar’s Powerhouse Theater; what’s next remains to be seen.

THE BRICK THEATER: The Brick’s been on the scene since 2002, when founders Michael Gardner and Robert Honeywell moved into an old auto-body shop in Williamsburg and transformed it into a 70-seat theater. Now, the space is home to some of the city’s funkier performances, with recent shows including BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS (“A caffeinated ride through sex, death, deer and Zionism”) and Mammoth: A De-Extinction Love Story—the Brick is also home to the annual New York Clown Theatre Festival.

CHERRY LANE THEATRE: This sweet little Greenwich Village space is the city’s oldest continuously running off-Broadway theater, having debuted in the neighborhood in 1924. It seats about 179 at its main stage (there’s a more intimate 60-person studio), and has been home to performances of works by everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Edward Albee to Sam Shepard over the years. Sadly, financiail issues kept the theater from producing shows from 2010 to 2012, but they’ve been back at it since.

ST ANN’S WAREHOUSE: In its 35-plus year existence, St. Ann’s Warehouse has become an institution in the avant-garde American performance scene, functioning both as a music venue and experimental theater space in all of its roving homes. Starting this season, St. Ann’s will settle into its permanent location at the old Tobacco Warehouse in DUMBO, where they’ll showcase a Phyllida Lloyd-directed all-female production of Henry IV in November. 


Hey Tumblr/League Community!

I’m opening Emergency Commissions to help my best friend kaiyos​ whos cat Maxx is currently hospitalized at the Vets due to a UTI and they found out while he was there that he’s Anemic due to fleas (which Kaiyo has tried to remove CONSTANTLY but the little shits keep on trucking)

We need at least $75-$85 to help my best friend, so here we are!!

I will need references for characters if you could.


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+multiple Characters - $2 (per character) [max of 5]
+NSFW - $2
+Backgrounds: Color/Gradient - $2 | Full background - $5
              Examples Above.

I will only take maybe 2-3 fullbody commissions, as they take soooooo long for me.



#‎Undiacomohoy‬ ‪#‎Nirvana‬ gana por el Mejor Vídeo Alternativo con In Bloom el 2 de septiembre de 1993 durante los MTV VMA celebrado en Los Angeles, pocas personas se dieron cuenta pero en la ceremonia también se encontraba Pat Smear sentado junto a Courtney Love, pero no subió junto a la banda ya que aún no era presentado formalmente como 2do guitarrista de Nirvana (pero tranquil@s ya llegaremos a esa parte) por otro lado también asistieron la niñera Jackie Farry, Shelli Hyrkas, Sinead O'Connor, RuPaul, Flea, Joe Perry, Cindy Crawford entre otros
En breve mas NIRVANAenvivo escrito por Edu Araujo.


Tiberius “Tibby” Peterson, a grumpy old man grey tabby with a white flea collar, has gone missing in the Burnaby mountain area in the townhouse complexes around Ashley Grove Court. He’s been gone nearly twenty-four hours now, since September 2nd, and his family is anxious to get him back home. If you happen to live in the area or have any friends who live around here, please let them know.

Guys, I’ve had this guy in my life since I was five years old and my sister and I really need him back. Please signal boost this if you don’t live in the area, and send some happy thoughts our way. I love this cat to death and really want him home. 

You can reach me at shegoestothemovies@gmail.com or direct message me. 

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Could you please tell me everything about Agarwaenor Lavellan?

Ohhh so you wish to know EVERYTHING about my angry flea? (also sorry for late reply curious anon! U.U)

Ok, let’s get started.
His name, Agarwaenor comes from word ‘agarwaen’ which means Bloodstained. (yay for names generators) Now, why would anyone give such a name to a child you ask? Maybe because Agar was born the night when the moon was red as blood. And it was the same night shems attacked clan Lavellan and killed his father who died a hero, protecting his kin.  Also his mother is hilarious.

Agarwaenor is really short-tempered which is funny since his mother is the most patient person in all Thedas. His mother tried really hard to find Agar some place in the clan but he always was somewhat of the outcast. Or more like, he tends to offend everyone and everything. It’s hard to put up with him. But he tries to be nicer he really does but somehow it all goes to hell.
Like that one time Agar tried to become a herbalist but he messed up big time and suddenly all the elders of clan Lavellan were high after drinking tea made of his herbs.
Because of his temper everyone was scared to actually give him a sword. So he took care of animals and for a while everything was fine. Up to the point when that one halla took a shit on his feet.
Eventually he found solace in hunting. Much to everyone surprise (and his mother relief) he got pretty good with bow and arrows. He quickly became one of best hunters and providers in the clan. No shem has ever cought him stealing spices as well.

Agarwaenor doesn’t like humans. True to his name, he can be violent and has a blood of few shems he killed without mercy on his hands. His attitude was a reason why the Keeper at first didn’t want to send him to the Conclave. Agar took this as a personal offence because HE IS THE BEST. He promised to behave and was free to go.

Also few more facts about him:

  • He’s 19 years old and totally a virgin.
  • He is the only child.
  • He’s longsighted. Doesn’t like reading because he can see a shit anyway.
  • Loves music.
  • Get flustraded very easily much to Inner Circle delight. 
  • Has weak head like woah don’t give that angsty boy any alcohol.
  • Looks like that:

More Agar can be found either here or here.

Stuffed Deer In A Natural History Museum by John Van Noate
Via Flickr:
Yes, thousands of other people have taken this same photograph. I doubt seriously if it has turned out quite this well on very many occasions. Here, the genius is in the framing—the photo is effectively divided in two, and each half tells a different story. I suggest that, in color, that story would not read anywhere near as dramatic. Another flea market find, 2/19/06.

A Gift in Undercity

The well dressed undead man walked around Undercity for hours, casually walking about and seeking someone. He searched carefully, gazing into every undead’s face until he found the right woman.  He tipped his hat at several, laughed at others, and then he found the woman he was looking for. 

“Excuse me, ma’am?” The man approached the woman and bowed. “I believe I have found who I was looking for.” He took a small, slender box from his suit pocket and said, “I don’t know what you did or who you are. I don’t know how you did it, but you got his attention.” He presented the woman the small box. “He doesn’t gift often, but here you are.”

The box contained a bone hair comb, intricately carved. The undead man smiled and said, “I am the Flea. I work for the Rat King. If I were you, I would say thank you. You can find him in Dalaran, although he occasionally shows up here. Maybe you’ll be lucky.” He smirked and bowed once more, adjusting his sleeves.


The Day Myoga Didn’t Wake Up

Myoga has been part of Sesshomaru’s life from day one. As a pup he would sometimes lay down with the old flea on his nose and listen to him tell stories until he got tired of being crosseyed and would toss his nose up and try to ‘eat’ the flea, who always managed to skitter away and scold him at the last possible second. 

Other times, Myoga would manage to nip a sensitive part and Sesshomaru would scratch him out like any regular flea before chasing him around the castle heedless of how undignified he was with his too-big paws, gangly legs and oft times heavy head. During his very early years, Sesshomaru was not fettered by propriety yet, and playing with Myoga was one of his favorite things to do.

Around the time he was roughly eight years old, Sesshomaru’s registration of propriety had truly begun to settle in, and the dawning of the stoic teenager with the mischief streak a mile wide was brewing alongside hints of the calm and difficult to rile adult he would one day become. However, despite having begun truly comporting himself as a noble, Sesshomaru was still but a child - and with Myoga, he was allowed to stay that way. When the two were alone, Sesshomaru dropped his masks and talked about his day animatedly - in many ways, the attentive flea was very much Sesshomaru’s best friend as a child.

However. Fleas are fleas and dogs are dogs. 

One day, Sesshomaru was doing his level best not to perish of boredom as he was undergoing a geography lesson when Myoga hopped up and began chattering in his ear, much to his relief for distraction. However, when Sesshomaru was confronted about appearing distracted, he became embarrassed and flicked Myoga away without a second thought. Later that day, as punishment for his rudeness, Myoga bit him - and as was habitual by this point, Sesshomaru snatched him up and popped him for it.

Unfortunately, due both to the day’s earlier rough treatment and having been a little intoxicated at the time due to a game with Totosai, Myoga did not immediately reinflate himself. In fact, the flea passed out, and enjoyed a wonderful nap as his little charge went…well.

Absolutely batshit.

It started slowly, with Sesshomaru calling to the unresponsive flea, and eventually prodding him gently with a clawed finger. When nothing seemed to move Myoga, mokomoko all but doubled in size as the young lord bolted from his present lesson in search of the only person he could think of who was powerful enough to wake the dead - his mother.

Bursting in on Inukimi in the midst of a treaty signing however, got him a stern talking to even as he held his hands out, sheltering Myoga and trying to explain the problem. Inukimi, convinced Myoga was fine and also too busy to notice the genuinely distraught nature of her child in that moment, told him to go find his father and shut the door.

At which point, Sesshomaru lost his tiny mind.

Unrestrained tears were pouring down his face by the time he found Inu no Taisho, his mokomoko so big he was tripping over it as he brought the inebriated flea to his father and begged him to bring Myoga back. His father - who had genuinely never seen his son so out of sorts - was wise enough not to laugh and took the flea in question, promising to bring him back. 

Unfortunately, his clever plan to just let Myoga sleep it off and ‘miraculously’ return later was foiled by the fact Sesshomaru refused to leave until he saw that the flea was fine. So began Inu no Taisho’s less than glamorous ‘resurrection’ via dipping the flea into water - and explaining to his stunned son precisely what had occurred.   

Sesshomaru was so annoyed with Myoga after that, the flea faced a cold shoulder from the child until Sesshomaru was in his twenties.

Lets break down the upcoming events. All events are subject to change, if you have an event idea please send it in, Every Sunday the trading post market (flea market) will be open for business during 9am-5pm. You’ll be able to buy jewelry and clothing on this days. all events are on eastern time. 

9/10: Slave Auction @ 7PM 

9/12: Vulcan’s death Anniversary (series of plot twist) AD

9/14: Royal Charity Basketball and Volley Ball games @ 5PM

9/15: Festival of lights @ 5PM

Fight of the constables @ 7PM

Introduction of the new Queen and Prince @ 8PM


Bursts of something

I was looking at a Harper’s Bazaar from six years ago and came across a hair product ad where the model was wearing a dress like this and a stud belt.  I thought  “Hey that looks cool.  I’ve got that stuff.”

Dress & ring: H&M; Belt & boots: Hot Topic; Bag: Coach duffle from Dillard’s; Bangle bracelets: Sears; Stud bracelets: F21; Chain bracelet: from Laura; Earrings: St. James the Greater flea market; Sunglasses: Tsering Jewelry.

Photos by Buster in Berkeley, 8/31/15.

ichibangal asked:

Cellphone lost in earthquake? Tell me the story :3

I’m not lying I was the third or second day of school in my freshman year in high school I was sitting in class when all of a sudden I hear a rumble my first thought was that it was a construction machine because they were building a new gym for the school but then the rumble got stronger and shook the building once it got even stronger my teacher fled the class room and so did we of corse it was chaos and panicking kids cause u don’t really get earthquakes in Maryland so in order to flea the building their were two flights of steps with fithy or more students trying to run and I fell down the steps that’s when my cellphone fell out my pocket after that I couldn’t find it

The Song of the Minstrel (Maya)

This day there is a feast in the villages.
Dawn streams over the horizon,
south north east west,
light comes to the earth, darkness is gone.
Roaches, crickets, fleas and moths
hurry home.

Magpies, white doves, swallows,
partridges, mockingbirds, thrushes, quail,
red and white birds rush about,
all the forest birds begin their song because
morning dew brings happiness.

The Beautiful Star
shines over the woods,
smoking as it sinks and vanishes;
the moon too dies
over the forest green.

Happiness of fiesta day has arrived
in the villages;
a new sun brings light
to all who live together here.

Hi. This is Itamar Moses.

First of all, I’d like to personally thank you for being here, and doing your small part to delay the slow death of the American Theatre.

If you brought a cellular phone to the show, please leave it on. If it rings, answer it, and tell people where you are. You’re at The Flea watching Love/Stories. Also, since you’re here, you may also want to check out the Flea’s current upstairs offering. If for no other reason than it’s in a building you already know how to find.

If you brought a delicious but tightly wrapped mint or candy into the theatre, please wait until during one of the evening’s beautifully directed pregnant silences, and then unwrap it very slowly, preferably after first having to search for it inside of a plastic bag for what feels like an eternity.

If at any point you have difficulty following the action, because of hearing impairment, or because you are a small child or theatre critic, please loudly ask the people around you what the last person who spoke just said, and then, when your question itself drowns out the next several lines of dialogue, ask about those, and so on.

If you know me personally, and I know that you’re here, please email me when you get home, or I will assume you hated the show. If you did hate the show, say something anyway. Find something to say. Something like: “I’m so glad I got to see it.” “You must be so proud.” And: “I’m speechless.”

If we used to go out, I promise: none of these plays are about you. Unless that’s why you came, in which case all of these plays are about you. Unless you change your mind after having seen them, in which case, just kidding? Look, I don’t know what to tell you. Shut up. Not everything is about you.

If you are Jim Simpson or Carol Ostrow of the Flea, hey Carol and Jim. I know that you said a really long pre-recorded curtain speech was a terrible idea, because there was no way to predict how different audiences might react and if, at some performances, it’s met only with awkward stony silence, there’d be no way to stop it or turn it off. But, you know what guys? You were obviously wrong. Just listen to those non-stop gales of laughter.

If you are the first actor to enter, please do so now. Thank you. Now find your mark. Good. The first line is yours. Open your mouth. Speak.

—  Itmar Moses’ (prerecorded, wonderful) curtain speech for Love/Stories.

“The main thing is that it’s us four guys onstage. Let’s let the air play music for us.”

“You guys, let’s show these people we care about them, show them we love each other and we care about ourselves.”

“‘We make people feel good.’…‘Let’s make them feel good.’”


Flea and River were both in the cast of “My Own Private Idaho” and bonded during the shoot with long after-hours jam sessions. The night of River’s fatal overdose at the Viper Room nightclub in Hollywood, Flea rode in the ambulance to the hospital with him. “Transcending” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, found on the One Hot Minute album (1995), is the bassist’s tribute to his friend, with lyrics that include “Smartest fucker I ever met” and “I called you hippie, you said fuck off.”