Hartz products kill your pets.

I’ve been trying to get this around forever. Just look up hartz on google.

I actually had experience with the flea collar for cats. I put one on my baby Boo
After about a few days, I noticed the fur was gone around his neck. I assumed it had rubbed off. I didn’t even consider the poison on the collar at the time. About a week later, he comes up to me screaming. Stomach is incredibly bloated. I could not touch him without he crying and screaming. I took him to the vet. He had kidney stones. The vet said they were so bad, had I waited another day. His kidney would have busted.

Now he’s on special medicated food that costs me 40 dollars a bag. Which is very expensive, but he cannot eat normal food due to the likelihood of him developing kidney stones again.

Please, please don’t use hartz. I got lucky, many people didn’t.

Can you guys Reblog this? I really want people to know.

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Flea’s Got Bees
[August 16th, 2015]

Honeybee colonies in the United States are currently embroiled in a potentially detrimental crisis. During the 12-month period which ended this April, at least 40% of American honeybee colonies died. These troubling statistics have inspired a variety of contentious debates on the possible causes and solutions to this growing problem, though no one bothered to consult Flea.

Flea, a.k.a. the coolest member of Red Hot Chili Peppers, recently installed 3 large beehives in his backyard as an extension of his passion for an environmentally conscious future. According to TMZ, Flea has been practicing the nearly lost art of beekeeping for a few months now and has “already mastered the craft.” [x]