When you have crappy raw footage but want make a video of it anyway…  

i recently hit 2k and i was gonna do a follow forever but by the time i got around to making the graphic i hit 2.2k so here we are
this is a shout out to my fave ppl who make my dash a happy place

special flowers(hover!): elizabeth, emily, nikolanatalie, benny

irl friends: macie, kaylie, carmen, simone, tea, sarah, rae

superstars: (all my faves with special faves bolded)

#: 8oo

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+blogroll bc everyone i follow is rad and i probably forgot some people

I hit a rather flattering number of followers recently and figured what better way to celebrate than by sharing the love with some of the blogs that help fuel this Marvel madness! 

Now, I follow over 500 blogs, so there is a very high likelihood I missed some precious individuals, so please accept my sincerest apologies, and if you think I made a mistake, I will gladly sketch you a consolation puppy of your favorite breed! 

my tumblr soulmate


my irl soulmates

sleepinghookah | oneclassyass

beautiful rays of sunshine 

Kourtney | Alexa | Holly | Allison | Ariel | Betty | Erin | Emma | Ally

blogs I would follow into battle (or maybe root for in battle, because battle is scary) 

mutuals bolded


aesirthor | agentbromanoff | ageofmarvel avengery | benedlct blackwidov | buchananbarness | buckkeybarnesbundtfuck | butmarvel | capsarmy | captainpuppybarnes | chrisbratt | clintbbarton


damnavengers | darktheoceans | earthsmightiest | eriklennsher | flcon | galaxysguardians | generationloki | hallsofvalhalla harryosborno | hawketted | hawkyea | hiddlesbooty hiddlesdreaming | hoedinsons | homovikings | ircnpatriot


j-acers | janesfoster | janet-vann-dyne | jeann-grey kidlloki | kinglyloki | kingloptr | kttypryde | ladymarvels | ladylokid liesmiths | lokasxnna | lokifying | lokilise| lokiodinscn | lokiofasgard | lokis-booty | lokisvillainy | lokithesnarkworld lokivicious | lordki mariahxll | marvelady mightygods| mightymarvels | mightyrogers mysticmjolnir |ohmythundergod | ohquill | peggyycarter | pepperonys | peterquillstarlord | piietros


queenclintasha | romvnov scxrletwitch | sexualthorientation | sharoncarters | sigurdjarlson | starlohrd | starspangledbucky | stopsebastian takemetothedungeons | thenorsebros | thestanlee | thor-cat thorfrid | thorodinbro thorsty | thrudr | tomhazeldine 


ughfalcon | ulttrons vibrathor | vvandamaximoff | whymarvels | widovv | wintxrbucky | wlntersoldier xahvier