One-Millionth Mazda MX-5, 2016. A commemorative model celebrating the production of 1 million units of Mazda’s two-seater convertible, has returned home to the company’s Hiroshima headquarters after a year-long tour that saw the model exhibited around the globe. Over the course of the year the car was exhibited at 35 events in Japan, the U.K., Spain, Germany, Belgium, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with more than 10,000 MX-5 fans signing their name on the bodywork

what i’m really wondering, now, is if aku’s daughters really are… well, aku’s daughters. back when the first episode of season 5 came out, everyone just assumed that yes, duh, of course they are. but now, i’m doubting it. the girls are highly trained and deadly, but they don’t seem to possess any kind of supernatural ability, or to be anything other than complete normal humans. i find it hard to believe that anything with aku’s dna would turn out this fine, frankly. my guess is that the ‘daughters of aku’ thing is merely a title given to them, since all the girls were basically offerings to this creepy aku cult and worshipped him as a god. but that would raise the question of who their actual father was… if they even have one. who knows. it’s samurai jack.