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Name: Justice
Nicknames: Nihlson
Gender: Male
Star sign: Taurus
Height: 5'10"
Sexual orientation: Hetero
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff4lyfe
Favorite colors: Warm/earthy colors; reds
Favorite animals: lizards, dogs
Average hours of sleep: hahahahahahahahahaha
Favorite Anime: DBZ(surprise lol), FLCL, Katanagatari
Favorite fictional characters: Spyro, Wander(SOtC), Nightmare(SoulCalibur), Sheogorath, Son Goku, Guilmon, Senji Kiyomasa

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Character Breakdown: Commander Amarao

Race: human

Distinguishing Features: fake eyebrows, red hair

Role: He’s kind of the character that’s there to fill you in on what’s going on. He’s the one that pretty much explains everything to Naota, as well as warning him that she is dangerous. We can assume he was approached by Haruko, like Naota, to be used as an N.O. portal, but his N.O. is so weak, the guitar that Harko pulls out of his head can barely be used for a slingshot.

Character Props: giant eyebrows, tiny little guitar used for a slingshot, gun

Occupation: Bureau of Interstellar Immigration (they work as a middle man between the government and Medical Mechanica)

Character: At first, he seems cool and powerful and full of manly wisdom. Later on, we find out that he just like to pretend to be like that sort of person, he’s actually very weak and fake, he feigns manliness by dying his hair and wearing fake eyebrows made out of dried seaweed, which somehow represent manliness in his mind. He even gives a pair of them to Naota. Deep down though, he seems to very much still be a child at heart, though he is actually intelligent since he’s the only one that seems to know what’s really going on. It’s also hinted that he kind of has a thing for Haruko and is somewhat jealous of her taking a liking to Naota; however, he also realizes that she only has eyes for power like Atomsk’s, which is why Amarao warns Naota that she’s only using him and doesn’t want him to end up like he did.

Character Breakdown: Naota Nandaba

Role: Protagonist

Age: 12

Species: human boy

Famous quote: “Nothing exciting ever happens here”

Character props: Brother’s baseball bat

Personality: aloof, depressed, tries very hard to appear cool and mature and remain nonchalant always.
He idolizes his older brother, who I assume is in America doing baseball-related things and throughout the series he is striving to become his own person, separate from the identity of his older brother, which is pretty much the basis of the whole anime. Sort of. 

also, unbeknownst to him, he has the “right kind of head” to be used as an N.O. channel

AKA: Takkun, 

Distinguishing Features: a protruding horn on his forehead, blue sweater

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Nandaba Family

~This post might contain slight spoilers~

~Kamon Nandaba~

Relation to Naota: father

Role: He’s not really major, but he makes a lot of random references like to Hamtaro, Lupin III and Mobile Suit Gundam. He kind of acts as a catalyst to make Naota jealous when Naota thinks that Haruko is fooling around with him. Haruko also kills him breifly, and I beleive she made a robot version of him as a replacement….but the FLCL wiki says something about him being rehydrated back to life. All I know is Haruko tried to use his head to make an N.O. portal and it didn’t work and he was dead as a result. if someone can explain this detail a little better than this, feel free to submit to my ask box :)

Character: He is a former journalist, and he still dabbles in it a bit, but he mostly just works in his dad’s bakery. I’m pretty sure he’s unmarried, as he’s very promiscuous and is always making perverted jokes. He’s generally stupid and immature, much like the other adults in this anime.

~Shigekuni Nandaba~

Relation to Naota:  Naota’s grandfather

Role: he doesn’t really have a giant role. he’s just kind of there, adding to the comedic moments and he runs the Nandaba bakery and coaches the local baseball team, the Mabase Martians.

Character:  He loves baseball more than anything else in the world, so much so that he is disappointed in his son and in Naota because they aren’t great at baseball, but remains very proud of Tasuku who has gone to America to play.He dislikes Mamimi because of her relationship with Tasuku. 
Basically, it is because of him that there are a ton of baseball metaphors throughout the anime.

~Tasuku Nandaba~

This is really the only picture we see of Tasuku, and it is shown when Naota tries to tell Mamimi that he has gotten a girlfriend. Written on the photo is something along the lines of “got myself a blonde gal” if I’m not mistaken.

Relation to Naota: Brother

Role: Despite Tasuku never making an appearance, he plays a huge role in the course of the anime. He has gone to America to play baseball, supposedly he’s living in California, since when Mamimi is seen looking at his cell number, it shows a California area code. He saved Mamimi from a fire when she was in grade school, and for that reason she believes that he likes her. Also, as the star of the Mabase Martians, Naota feels he is constantly in his shadow and that everyone expects him to be as great as Tasuku. Tasuku is basically how Naota sees an adult should be: intelligent, talented, heroic, and good at baseball.  

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