the signs as mermaids
  • aries: long, thick and wide, matte, dull grey tail, short stubby fan of fins off the bottom, non-flowy and black, spiky red or black fins at the sides, very solid and non-flexible, spiky small fins on forearms as well, spiky triangular dragon/dinosaur-like ridges up the back
  • taurus: shiny, extremely reflective, long, slim, very smooth bronze tail, fan of wide, thin fins at the bottom, partially transparent and ombre from dark blue at the bottom to turquoise at the top, flawy fins of the same color at hips, very flexible and muscular tail
  • gemini: lean, solid, long and stiff bright green tail with very defined, rough, circular scales, towards the bottom they begin to blend into a light blue, the fan at the bottom is in two separate fins, both are dark purple and very shiny/luminescent
  • cancer: thin, short black tail, long and thin ovular scales, reflective in the light, the scales are very heavy and thick, heavier fan of pink and white fins at the bottom, very strong and very good propellers, visible, black tinged gills on ribcage, all very dark with neon pink highlights
  • leo: long, muscular, powerful and thick, bright red tail with jagged, flawy, long and wavy fiery colored fins at the bottom that wave in the currents, similarly orange and yellowy fins that hang down part of the tail, all very bright and showy and noticeable, not good for camouflage
  • virgo: light, creamy yellow tail, very long and smooth with no defined scales, softest tail but very muscular beneath the surface, gold flecks/highlights that get more collective at the bottom near the short, thin fins that are entirely bright gold and very reflective
  • libra: bright, magenta/purple tail, with turquoise edged perfect circular scales, very jagged edges of the scales, medium length tail, with purple blue and turquoise colors all in there, almost tie-dye, one solid wide fan, small triangular ridges up both sides
  • scorpio: dark blue tail, gets liter at the top toward where it joins with the human torso, fairy smooth, with grey shark-like fins at the bottom for the two separate points of the fin, much smaller similar ones at the front and back of the pelvis, very helpful with aerodynamics
  • sagittarius: stubby, dark red tail that turns black in sunlight, large, ovular scales that are rough to the touch, but turn smooth when they go black in shallower water, flowy but powerful fins at the bottom that help the merperson move faster, jagged, sharp fins where the tail meets the torso
  • capricorn: long, very thick and wide silver tail, with sharp and triangular scales all the way down, and similarly shaped tail fins at the bottom that are black and just as shiny as the silver parts, with almost a skirt of the same color thin, translucent fins at the top
  • aquarius: light, matte baby pink tail, no visible scales but not particularly smooth- kind of rough, like sharkskin, fades to almost white at the top, but turns a dark pink at the bottom near the fins, which are the two separate fin sections, which gradually fade from dark pink back to white
  • picses: light, bright turquoisey tail, all one color with rings of dark teal around it- almost like stripes, but not exactly, long tail with short flowy fins at the bottoms and up the sides of the torso, and dark bluey green gills, the tail comes halfway up the torso, past the bellybutton

that whole “emily that’s how you were made” has me feelings ALL KINDS OF THINGS 

like imagine dad harry like taking his kids to birthday parties and driving them around and stuff. and like one day it’s their mom’s birthday and he’s all over her being all huggy and kissy in their backyard and the kids’ friends are there too and the kids are like cringing and all “dad, you’re embarrassing me!!!!!” and he’s just smirking in his super-dad Tommy Bahama flowy shirt and khaki’s, uber proud of the way he’s making everyone super awkward even when the wife is like “harry….”


flowy side hijab look

“Classy” - Sammy Wilk Imagine

boy/character: sammy wilkinson

request: yesssss anon

warnings/rate: sexual content

authors notes: sorry it took so long to post x :( && (Y/L/N) = your last name and (F/N) = your mother’s or father’s first name

“Sam! C’mon, we’re gone be late.” I grumble at the bottom of the stairs to Sam in our room. Waiting for Sammy to finish whatever he is doing, I flatten my dress of the fortieth time in ten minutes. It’s a coral colored flawy mid-thigh dress that I paired perfectly with my nude pumps. “You do realize it’s just a dinner with my parents, right? There’s no need to be dressed to perfection.” I call up to him, just as he appears at the top of the steps. His tall frame stands stiffly before he relaxes seeing me smiling up at him.

“God should I be this nervous?” He anxiously laughs.

“Don’t worry my mom already loves you-it’s my dad you should worry about,” I chuckle as Sammy climbs the steps before stopping on the third one from the bottom. “That didn’t help-sorry.” I mutter and Sammy smiles trying to hide his anxiety.

“You’ll be fine-” I step away from the stairs and he stands level with me again and he presses a kiss to my cheek.

“I know I will be, but I’m just terrified and now distracted,” he confesses.

“Why are you distracted?” I fix his collar and lay it fat against his buttoned up white shirt.

“You-and that dress. God damn…I wish I got ready earlier so I could have been pulling that dress clean off.”

“Classy Wilk, my dad would love that.” I swat his arm and he just smirks at me. I grab my keys and we head out the door towards my car. Hoping inside the white jeep, I release the clutch and we’re off to my moms favorite restaurant. Arriving at “The BoneFish Grill” I pull into a spot towards the back of the restaurant and Sammy just watches me intensely as I park.

“What are you staring at?” I pull my bottom lip between my teeth knowing it drives him crazy. He groans and finally I am somewhat happy with my parking job and I turn the ignition off. Stepping out my heels hit the pavement and I walk towards the hood of the car waiting for Sam.

“You’re gonna pay for that-”

“Pay for what?” I ask biting my lip again knowing exactly what he meant.

“That.” He points to my lip and I peer my eyes up at him. We walk in hand-and-hand and ask the waiter where our table is. Escorting us through the restaurant and to a back booth I see my bubbly mom and my stern father facing us.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna pass out, babe.” Sammy groans in my ear as we walk towards them.

“Try not to curse, but other than that you’ll be fine, trust me. They’re nicer than they look.” I smile at him and he tries to force a smile. Sitting down across from parents I greet both of them and Sammy shakes my father’s hand and smiles at my mother.

“Mrs. (Y/L/N),” Sammy smiles while sitting and grabbing my hand. “You look fantastic tonight-but don’t tell my mother that!”

“Please, call me (F/N). Sammy this is my husband (F/N).”

“So Sammy, (Y/N) has told me a lot about you but let’s hear it straight from the source,” My father interrogates folding his hands on his menu.

“Dad,” I interrupt. “Why don’t we order first?” My father nods in agreement and we all find our meals and order. Watching Sam out of the corner of my eye, I see his legs are bouncing up and down and his hands are shaking. I place a gentle hand on Sammy’s thigh to relax him. He smiles at me and I move my hand higher on his thigh my eyes remaining on the water in front of me. Sam moves his hands from the table to my hand that is still blushing his thigh. He grips my hand and whispers into my ear, “(Y/N) you’re going to regret this…stop now.” I take a sip of my drink and Sam releases my hand and I “accidentally” drag my hand across his lower region.

“Oops,” I giggle and take another sip of my water. My parents continue to talk to the waiter about the daily specials and seem totally unaware of our little moment across the table. Finally satisfied with their talk with the waiter, my parents turn their attention back to us and begin to question Sam.

“So Sammy,” my father starts. “(Y/N) has told us that you are involved in the music business. How do you like it?”

“I love it actually-” I feel his large hand on the part of my thigh that isn’t covered by my dress. “I can really connect to anyone who listens to it, and it’s something I can do with all of my friends.” Sammy concludes and his hand continues to work its way up my thigh pushing up my dress with it. I mentally thank myself for sitting on the inside of the booth against the wall where no one can see me. My parents continue to question Sam and I try to ignore his wondering hand, but it is impossible. His long fingers run against the inside of my thigh and my breathing hitches. I bite down on my straw and try to keep my eyes fixed on my parents. They seem unaware of what is happening beneath the table and they continue to talk.

“So (Y/N),” my mother turns the attention to me. “hows living with Sam been? Is he like your father where he leaves everything, everywhere?” I feel Sammy hook his index finger around the center of thong and drag it down, but yet he seems deep into conversation with my father. He seems so natural with all of this, I probably should be concerned with how easily this all comes to him. Finally I answer my mom with a petty answer of, “not all guys are the same, Mom!” I laugh and I feel Sam’s cool figures trace the inner parts of my thighs easing closer to my core. His index and middle fingers drag across my folds effortlessly and I bite down on my lip, trying to distract myself. Our meals finally arrive and Sammy quickly pulls his fingers away and I feel relieved yet unsatisfied. I fix my underwear discreetly before starting to eat my hummus. The dinner continues to progress slower by the second as my father and Sam get into deep conversation about some sports team making endless arguments about different things but ultimately bonding. While my mother and I talk about how we both like the same type of guy. She’s doing all the talking really, I’m mostly anxiously drinking my third glass of water while she rambles about how my father was so similar to Sam when they first started dating. I nod in agreement but I have no idea what her last words to me were. I’m just stuck on the idea of Sam effortlessly teasing me under the table and our meals interrupting it. Finally, I graze my hand over his thighs again hoping to gain some response from him. I get what I’m looking for when I see Sammy fist his jeans in his hand. We’re both pretty good at keeping our composure while my parents “interview” Sammy and catch up with me. Finally the dinner ends and my parents tell Sammy how lovely he is and my father makes sure to tell Sam not to hurt his ‘little girl’. I look down at my shoes and I notice Sammy still  has a slight bulge. I walk out hand and hand with Sam and pray that my parents don’t catch on to his arousal. We wave my parents goodbye from across the parking lot and I hop inside my Jeep. Sam gets inside the car without a word and I start the engine.

“So my parents liked you-“ I say to Sam before going to pull out of the parking lot.

“Not so fast,” Sammy groans gripping my wrist. “We’re not going anywhere until you solve this little problem.” He glances down at his now tight pants.

“Yeah well it looks like you’re going to have to solve my problem too-the stupid meals interrupting everything.” I mumble the last part to myself while I turn the ignition off knowing we aren’t going anywhere as of right now.

“Well I have an idea that will solve both of our problems,” Sammy smirks and crashes his lips into mine. How classy.