Ok, honest hour here.


I say this as an artist myself, its ok to not enjoy someone’s art, its ok to not agree with what they follow, its ok to not like their art style, or what they draw about.

It’s true that artist in general needs more recognition but this doesn’t mean we have to make them some sort of deities with no flaws that we all should adore and glorify. 

I think theres this Black-White rule that I really dislike when you are a fan or a hater and nothing in the middle or near to it, I think this whole thing for “you can mess with this artist after all their art its great!!!” or “you must like it, its an artist!” or “I defend them because their art style is amazing!” thing needs to stop.

Artists can be jerks, artists can be rude, artists can be awful people, and artists are PEOPLE after all, they make mistakes, they mess up, WE mess up, some of us recognize this and try to change, some others don’t, others just never notice, there are good artists and bad artist and not because of the art itself but the person behind it.

Don’t shame someone just because they don’t like an artist, or someone’s art style. 

And also, DON’T HARASS PEOPLE, EVER, please and thanks, be nice. 

hauntedteacakes  asked:

I feel as though the show has gone out of its way to consistently show Ross as a flawed protagonist all the way through. Maybe as an attempt to deconstruct the trope of the heroic protagonist? Because honestly, Ross is the most flawed character in the series by a hefty margin IMO. Sure, George is an arse, too, but he doesn't pretend not to be, and certainly not to himself. He has no deluded notions about himself that Ross seems to have burdened himself with. /1

Ross seems to pretend to be the hero (to me, more fuelled by his egoism) but he’s anything but that. If he were, he would not be treating his family so despicably, time and time again. I’d say it’s not uncharacteristic of Ross to shun his family on a whim and to make poor choices that are due to his own personality defects (eg. self-interest, egoism, etc), so this episode’s travesty was in keeping with his character. 

Everything that he pursues is at the expense of someone else. Just look at his commentary on how Demelza can better stand poverty than Elizabeth because she is “used to it” growing up a miner’s daughter. It’s nasty. He has a completely nasty streak that isn’t just showing up suddenly. Still so angry about last night’s epi. 

I’m in it to see some payback for Ross’ actions which I would say were the worst possible on the show thus far. I don’t want to see some quick patch up with Ross and Demelza, I want to see some reality orientation. I want to see Ross feel as poorly about his own choices and the fallout as his family who he’s had suffer continually because of them. td;lr I hope Demelza drags his ass

I agree that Ross is incredibly egocentric. He is fuelled by his pride and his own narrow view of the world so his responses to everything are incredibly myopic. He just doesn’t think about other peoples emotions and is incapable of compromising. He was willing to die  and leave his family destitute rather then let himself look repentant in front of the court. That is crazy! It’s just really immature, he should be doing everything in his power to protect his family but his pride has to come first.

And to top it all off he is incredibly hypocritical about it! In the sneak peek for episode 9 he accuses Demelza of lashing out because her pride is hurt…. as if he did not chase after Elizabeth that night and destroy his marriage in an effort to put one over on George! I mean damn it Ross! Where is your self awareness????? 

Having said all this and while I fully want to kick Ross’s ass, I disagree with the idea that his actions are the worst we have seen on the show. That honour lies with creepy rats tail owner and wife murdering dill hole Mark Daniel. Because years after his casual murder of his wife, instead of being repentant about it he was lke “oh i should have killed dwight”… BITCH TRY KILLING LESS PEOPLE! WILL YOU NEVER LEARN? Yeah, anyway thats worse.  Ross’s actions and his flaws you can fix and you can recover from over time. Murder? Not so much. 

Really looking forward to watching Ross grovel and learn and generally improve as a person because lord knows he needs it.

When I told you I love you,
I meant ‘trust me’
Trust me,
with your deepest secrets
and your darkest past
Tell me your flaws
let me kiss them all away
Tell me about your day
how you plan the future
Tell me about things you like and everything you just think of
Cause love,
When I told you i’d listen,
I didn’t mean for now,
I meant for a long time,
I meant to stay.

Inktober 001: Oikawa Tooru

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.1, 0.3), Copic Marker (100, W2, W4, W5, W7, W8), Sakura Gelly Roll (white), WHSmith’s own brand sketchbook

So I heard you like Shiro? I’m so proud of myself for actually finishing this and not leving it half-done on my desktop for 6 months (like I usually do~~). PS I know his mouth is uneven (he’s biting his lip, you just can’t tell because I HAVE NOT ZE SKILLZ… oh well).

I recorded this, too, so expect a speedpaint soonish. Enjoy~

Closeup below the cut aww yis:

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