flaws equal perfection

Hello darling,
If you’re reading this it means he found someone to love other than me. I always dreaded this day, the day where he really wouldn’t be mine anymore. He is yours now. I need you to take care of him. Protect him because if you know him as well as I do, you will know that he isn’t always as tough as he tries to be. Love him with your whole heart because he deserves nothing less. I’m writing this now with the experience of only being with him for 2 years, but im hoping if you ever receive this letter, im hoping that I got more time than that. If he’s explained to you how his life has been since he was a child, you will realize that he needs your support, and more importantly he needs you. I know he is difficult and I know he can make you want to scream sometimes, but forgive him, you wont regret it. He isn’t perfect, he is far from it, but I hope you find him perfect as I did despite all of his flaws and quirks. He doesn’t like being told no, but don’t be afraid to tell him that, I promise he’ll get over it. He has things to work on, and he’ll eventually pull himself together, but while you’re with him don’t let those problems drive you apart. Love him unconditionally because he will love you just the same, and never ever let him go, it will be the worst mistake that you will make, believe me I know.
—  A letter to the woman he will fall in love with after me