flaws and all

i walk lightly but we do not

i am unable to take life lightly.
the smallest happiness feels like
an entire anthology of poems worth writing.
perhaps that is my flaw:
that i believe all of life demands documentation.
but i cannot help that i fear forgetting how your smile feels on my lips.
i fear forgetting the indie songs that make me chuckle with judgement.
i fear forgetting conversations that prolong my sleep for hours.
i fear forgetting what it is like
to be happy without restraint.

i want to walk earth with a nonexistent footprint
- one day i am gone and the earth will seamlessly continue to be -
but within my own world,
everything feels heavy.
no amount of cosmic nihilism can annihilate a smile,
this temporary warmth that maybe i cannot define
but i sure as hell can feel it.

we are all so small and i fear forgetting it all.
i do not know how we end
and frankly i do not even know how we begin,
but for just tonight,
i am happy.
and i’ll be damned if i let myself forget that.

Inktober 001: Oikawa Tooru

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.1, 0.3), Copic Marker (100, W2, W4, W5, W7, W8), Sakura Gelly Roll (white), WHSmith’s own brand sketchbook

So I heard you like Shiro? I’m so proud of myself for actually finishing this and not leving it half-done on my desktop for 6 months (like I usually do~~). PS I know his mouth is uneven (he’s biting his lip, you just can’t tell because I HAVE NOT ZE SKILLZ… oh well).

I recorded this, too, so expect a speedpaint soonish. Enjoy~

Closeup below the cut aww yis:

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