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here’s an excerpt from my interview with Chelsea at the Drawing Room pre Michael Brown:

CB: You self-identify as a fat woman of colour. How has embracing your identity influenced your approach to your art and this project in particular?
KCC: Heartbeats wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t admit to myself that I am fat, if I didn’t start saying those words aloud and start seeing the word as a descriptor, rather than an insult. In doing so, I was able to look at things more critically and notice the lack of representation of people that look like me in popular culture and even online, where one imagines you can find everything for everyone. It wouldn’t feel honest to not make myself a focus when the goal is self love.

CB: Do you see your approach to photography and fashion as subversive? empowering? inspiring?
KCC:The message that we get is that bodies of colour have little to no value. You get a sense of this from Gaza, to Trayvon Martin or Eric Garner in the US, and all the missing First Nations women in Canada. Our endurance may make our existence subversive because we live in a world actively erasing us or ignoring us. I just want to take the privilege and power I have to project our faces and our stories in the hopes of making my teenage self proud.

full interview here