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Ok I need to say one thing about Supergirl

Before I watched Supergirl I was this video that they did as promo for s1 and I thought that it’s so great that young girls as seen on the video can see a powerful and inspirational girl characters as mains on the show. Finally a show that could break the mold, but guys as side characters and show us different kinds of strong female characters - good or bad.

I started watching s1 with my ten year old little sister and I was so glad the show taught her that girls can do just as much and more than guys. That we’re equal and complex. Especially the relationship between James and Kara as well as the relationship between Alex and Kara made me really glad that my sister was watching too.

I got to s2 before my sister and I was really excited for the lgbtqa+ rep as someone who’s yet to come out to my sister I wanted her to watch the show and learn and I wanted her to understand, but s2 has been such a let down. Not because of Alex and Maggie, but because of Mon-el and Kara and how dirty they did James and Cat.

Mon-el is disgusting. He has this gross obsession with being better than Kara and he keeps causing trouble and lashing out about the most ridiculous things. He’s jealous for no reason and he keeps thinking he needs to save Kara as if she doesn’t know how to look out for herself and he’s excused about it all because “he cares for her”. It’s disgusting and it sets such a bad example for all those young girls who’ve been watching since season 1.

James and Cat were no doubt one of the best things from s1. Cat was such a complex and empowering character, honestly idk why the just pushed her aside. James was also a very important character during s1 and now he barely has screentime? And they’re slowly doing the same with Alex too.

But most importantly the show was meant to be about girls and for girls. James or Winn have never taken the spotlight away from Kara, but Mon-el is doing nothing but that. I feel like Kara’s barely on screen without him breathing down her neck and I’m so so disappointed that they’re doing this to a show with such potential. Honestly the downgrade is huge and for what, another straight white couple? 

It honestly breaks my heart to think about those little girls who adore Kara and look up to her are now watching the show and thinking that everything that Mon-el does is ok for a guy to do. Us teens and older know that he’s a piece of shit (excuse my language) but kids necessary don’t.