flawlessness galore

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Do you think if the RFA+minor trio were genderbended, they would be different in any way? In what ways would they be different?

Hope this is what you were thinking? This was fun to think of. 


  • She does so much with her hair
  • So many hairstyles, and all of them come out perfect
  • She is a make up expert, maybe even becoming a side make up vlogger to share her secrets
  • Other than that, she’s the same…flawless selfies galore and gorgeous looks and sweet personality


  • She would be the tomboy/lazy girl
  • Always gaming late in the night, so she never bothers with hair or make up
  • Most of the time, she ends up wearing snapbacks to school because she’s running late
  • She does love cute hairclips though
  • She’s one of those super cute girls, but she would get shy if a guy she found attractive walked by


  •  He’s still a little stiff
  • He’s super organized and on track
  • He can be a little tsundere
  • He’ll scold people, but make sure they’re taken care of
  • He’s not as big of a “fangirl” and more of a casual fan of Zen’s soundtracks


  • Her fashion sense was on point
  • Always looked classy in a dress or business suit
  • Instead of different ties, she wore different broaches every day–sometimes even with cats
  • Her love for cats stays the same, but she could only have one
  • Cat trinkets in her house everywhere
  • Top of the top career woman, so she often refuses the hundreds of confessions


  • Even more insecure as a girl on most days
  • She feels really uncomfortable with her body a lot of the time, since she has a little chub and always looks baggy in her sweats
  • Her hair also was frizzy and curly, so she always put it in a bun
  • But she knows how to clean up really nice
  • And her make up is always amazing


  • She hates long hair, so she still keeps it pretty short
  • Kind of like a bob cut
  • Loves dying her tips all the time
  • Resting “Get out my face” face
  • You would think she would a really emo style, but no…she likes fluffy sweaters
  • Sweater paws


  • Very artsy kind of girl
  • Sundresses, long cardigans, her camera hanging around her neck
  • Her hair is always in a ponytail because it gets in the way
  • But when she has it down, combined with her pretty smile, it’s gorgeous
  • Like the perfect waves
  • She is sweet to everyone


  • Literally the same personality
  • Same length hair
  • Same blazer
  • Same snark
  • Just female

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