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lockhart boys sure get into a lot of situations where a girl they know eventually chews them out for it and yells at them bc they’re all awful people and terrible at thinking things through or admitting that they’re shit at most things they attempt and thusly fuck shit up

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Blake Lively. Oct 16th. 7 outfits. I’m dead. She’s never not flawless 💕 Killer style all around, I absolutely love her ❤️


(there’s only a small part wondering when I’m going to have 7 Tay outfits in a day like seriously when/if is this girl going to do promo?!)

((i’m fine))


•Smash into You II•

. Prt I

“Honey I’m homeee

Y/n rolled her eyes at the sound of Erik’s voice echoing through as opened the door to her apartment. He purposely lowered his voice so it sounded a lot deeper than it actually was–which wasn’t deep at all. Y/n watched in amusement as he made a show of dramatically pulling the key she had given him months ago out of the door.

After he did, he theatrically it back in his pocket before finally closing and locking the door behind him. But his ridiculousness didn’t stop there; no, he then proceeded to march over to where Y/n sat on her couch watching TV.

Only Erik.

When he called her, and told her he was coming over, she figured it was because of their standing tradition for when he got back from away matches. A tradition where he came over and they went to her room, where they relaxed and ultimately fell asleep.

But seeing how energetic he was just by his entrance alone, she knew he would be more than likely annoying her for the rest of the day. Oh joy. When she didnt give him a verbal response he made a point to stand in front of her, blocking her view of The Walking Dead reruns she was currently watching.

“I said honey I’m homeee.” Erik repeated himself, looking at her expectantly. Y/n rolled her eyes, “Hi, Erik.” He ignored the underlying attitude in her tone, as he took her hands and pulled her up to her feet.

“Miss me?“he smirked.

"I’m not sure yet.” She shot back with a smirk of her own. His eyebrows shot up in both amusement and surprise. Normally Y/n would hesitate to say yes and tell him how much…but Erik already knew why she was acting like this so it didnt bother him in the slightest.

“Dont lie,”he teased, “I know you did.”

Y/n tried to scowl at him but it didnt work out with the way he was smiling down at her. Of course she missed him, she always did when he was away from her. “I did miss you, unfortunately,”she sighed as if she was really ashamed of what she had just admitted. Yeah right. He laughed pulling her close, “I missed you too, beautiful.”

Y/n blushed; only Erik could make her feel like the most flawless girl in the world in an over sized t-shirt and sweats. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he leaned in to her space until his lips were on top of hers. He pulled her even closer, until there was no space between their bodies. The kiss itself was slow and passionate yet almost playful.

There was just something about the way he would go from long agonizing passionate kisses to sweet pecks.Y/n giggled as he took her bottom lip in between his teeth, pretending to bite her before sucking on it before finally letting it go. Another peck on the lips and he pulled away with elusive smile.

“What?”She gave him a confused look but couldn’t help but smile back. “Go get dressed,” he told her, that smile still in place. Y/n was still confused until she realized that could only mean one thing, “the surprise?”

He nodded. Y/n couldnt help but actually be excited. As much as she normally hated surprises…it wouldn’t kill her not to know every detail for once. Hell had to be freezing over because she was actually willingly backing down.

“What should I wear?”She asked; only Erik would know what was appropriate since he was the only one who knew where they were going. He furrowed his eyebrows in the way he always did when he realized he didn’t think something all the way through.


Y/n giggled because she knew he was stumped; he knew nothing about women’s fashion. If she was really vindictive she would’ve used this to her advantage and get him to tell her what exactly was the surprise…but she wouldn’t do that to him. Keeping the surprise under wraps was just as important to Erik as the surprise itself, she decided to respect that.

“Come on,"she took him by the hand and led him to her room,once they were there she pointed to her closet

“Give me an idea of what would work and I’ll actually pick what I want from there.” She explained. Erik nodded before flipping through her seemingly endless amount of clothes. He looked so adorably focused, like this was rocket science…to him it probably was. He flipped through for almost five minutes before settling on a floor length maxi dress.

“this one.”

Y/n nodded, “Okay I’m gonna get ready.”

“Please dont take hours like you usually do.”he gave her a look. She stuck her tongue out at him before grabbing the dress she planned to wear out of the closet. Erik could tell just by the way she was now eying her shoes, she was definitely going to take forever.

When Y/n was finally ready to go–she got dressed and put on some light makeup despite Erik telling her repeatedly that it wasnt necessary—the couple headed out to his car. Even though her getting ready process was unnecessarily long, Erik couldn’t deny the beauty of the end result.

The pale blue maxi dress she wore with a jean jacket over top and flats went well with her skin, hair was braided down to the side in a simple loose fishtail braid and she just looked all around flawless, not to mention excited. That made Erik smile, knowing she was now looking forward to this. All he wanted was to make her happy, he could only hope that she would love this as much as he thought she would.

Just as she reached for the passenger seat door he stopped her, standing in her way. She cut her eyes at him; what now? he ignored her unamused look as he continued to smile at her. Her low tolerance was amusing to say the least.

“For you.”Erik pulled out a blindfold holding it up as if it was some sort of gift. Y/n couldn’t help but laugh; he was such an idiot. “Just put it on, Arschloch.”she playfully snapped at him.

"Yes ma'am!"Erik saluted her before doing as he was told. Y/n gave him a look; he was such a weirdo. When he was sure the blindfold was secure and she couldnt see through he helped her into the car. Once she was situated in the passenger’s seat Erik walked around and got into the drivers seat. He put the key into the ignition and then put on his seatbelt. He looked over at Y/n who was already getting fidgety.



Erik pulled out of the parking lot and began the journey towards what he had been planning for weeks now. He only told Y/n about once he was sure that his plans were solid and nothing would fall through. She didnt know it but he was just as anxious as she she was, he wanted everything to be perfect.

No more than five minutes passed before Y/n was chatting away; She talked his ear off for pretty much the entire duration of the drive. She brought up the weirdest things and just went on lengthy rants on why she either loved or hated them. Erik didn’t mind it at all, it kept the ride atmosphere light and fun. It was a much better alternative than sitting in a tension filled silence and made the drive go by a lot quicker.

"We’re here.” Erik stated as he parked the car. He stifled a laugh when Y/n quickly whipped her head in his direction ; it was so comical to see her turn towards him when she couldn’t see him.

"Really?"She asked, the hope in her voice making him smile even more. Honestly he had been smiling so much already, he wouldnt be surprised if his face got stuck like that. He couldnt help it though, being around Y/n was a guaranteed happiness for him, just her presence alone lifted his spirits.

"Really."He confirmed, nodding his head even though she couldnt see him.

“Thank God,”Y/n sighed in relief, already moving to remove the blindfold. Erik’s eyes widened at the motion,“Wait” he said quickly, stopping her from continuing the action,“not yet babe.”

Y/n frowned,“but you said—”

“I know,”He cut her off gently, “we’re here I promise… but you can’t take that off just yet.”


“Please babe, I’ll put you out your misery sooner than you think. ”

“fine.”she pouted as she crossed her arms and falling back against her seat. Erik shook his head; she was acting like such a kid, not that he could blame her. He would probably be a lot more whiny and stubborn if the roles were reversed so he refrained from teasing her about it. Instead he unbuckled his seatbelt and took the keys out of the ignition before getting out of the car.

He walking around to the passenger’s side and opened the door, waiting as Y/n unbuckled her seatbelt before helping her out the car. He took her by the hand and began to slowly lead her to their final destination.They walked for a little bit before told her to stop.

Y/n stopped walking just as Erik spoke again, “You ready baby?”And just like that her irritation transformed into a nervous excitement;the wait was over finally.

“Yes, I’m ready,” She said, trying in vain not to sound as excited as she felt. As soon as those words left her mouth, he let go of her hand and slowly took off her blindfold before standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. Once her eyes adjusted to the sudden flooding of light, the widened at the sight before her.

“Surprise."he whispered.