Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

Day 5: Moment That Made You Cry

When Tyler and Carol hugged in 4x09, it made me cry because even though they were both upset at the fact that Tyler was going to be encased in concrete and buried in the ground they took the moral highground and saw the good that he was doing and they were both proud of how far Tyler had come. Also I figured that Carol would be the one to die and I thought of this as a proper goodbye between her and her son. And I also loved how Tyler was like “Hey mom, i’m gonna be buried in the ground for a while” and she was  like “But you’ll miss graduation” which kinda of made me cry in a good way as well as crying because of sadness.

Tyler Appreciation Week: Day 4

Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

Day 4: Favourite Bromance

I know it’s already day 5 but i haven’t made my day 4 one yet so here it is. BTW i would have added pictures and made the post more interesting but i’m feeling kinda down today and after seeing Carol Lockwood die i feel absolutely terrible now so it’s just a text post today

Favouite Bromance: JYLER (Jeremy and Tyler)

These have an interesting past. They went from hating each other to tolerating each other and now they’re semi-friends. I think that they have an understanding about each other that no one else has and i’d like to see them hang out more this season and form a stronger friendship!

This is all i can really write today so i hope you like it!

xx FFF