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BTS Reaction to having a girlfriend that can sing


Jin would ask you to sing all the time! He would love to hear your voice every moment he got the chance. He would even sing with you if he knew the song you wanted to sing. Sometimes, he’d even give you little tips that he’s learned over the years to help you become even better. “You have the most amazing voice, baby. We should sing a duet!!!”

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He would absolutely adore your singing voice. He’d want to sing with you, but since he isn’t much of a singer he couldn’t. What he could do, though, was learn your favourite song to sing on the piano. Yoongi would sit down on the bench and call you over. He would start to play and smile at you. “This is the part where you come in.” He’d say, playing as you sang to his accompaniment.

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He would literally be your #1 fan. Every time you sang, he would dance to the beat. Every time you finished singing he’d clap for you and say how amazing you were, even if it was just a little hum while you were getting ready in the morning. “It’s over!? C'mon, jagi!! Sing more! Please?”

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Namjoon would just be amazed every single time you would sing. He loved how smooth and angelic your voice was. He even wrote a song just for you to sing, though he should have been focusing on work. Namjoon would give you the music as a little surprise on a day you were feeling down. “Baby? I hate seeing you so sad… I wrote a song just for you to sing? Wanna start?” He’d ask, smiling as soon as he saw you smile.

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Jimin would adore it. He would sing would you every chance he got. Your voice was like angels singing. He would compliment you all the time. He would even think you were better than he could ever be. “How are you so gooood? I wish I could sing like you, princess!”

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Tae would just love it. He would like to harmonize with you and try to get you to sing him silly songs. If he couldn’t sleep he’d ask you to sing him to sleep because your voice is so beautiful and calming. “How is one person so perfect? What’s your secret, cutie?”

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Jungkook would be aaaaaall about your singing voice. He’d ask you to sing on tracks with him, he’d sing with you around the house, he’d dance with you. You’d sing your favourite songs from movies together flawlessly. He would just adore your voice. “You should really think about becoming a full time singer. You’d be outstanding, jagi!”

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It’s easy to get disheartened by the perfectly lit, flawlessly written, adorably annotated, colourful notes that we see in the studyblr community. Those are amazing, undeniably, and I have so much respect and admiration for people that post them. Nevertheless, I’m sure that even those who do make it their goal to create such masterpieces also have hidden scribbles somewhere! That’s not something to be ashamed of, we should rejoice our messiness: productivity doesn’t have to be beautiful, it just has to work!
If you’ve made it through my mini-rant thus far, I vote that we use the tag #lovemymess to highlight the fact that hey, we’re all human, we shouldn’t feel ashamed to post studyblr pics that aren’t flawless! We’re here to support and inspire one another, why not make it real?! Sending all my love to my messy pals, be sure to hit up the tag if you want!!! xxx

~ little fingers ~ jar of imagines #35 ~

You heard the melody of Sunburn by Muse creep through walls of the living room. The lyrics were replaced by beautifully played piano notes and its sound rang in the once silent room. Dan must’ve picked it back up to play again. You were hanging around in the kitchen with your six year old, (Y/D/N), watching her draw and color. She looked around, searching for the source of the music.

“Mummy, where’s that sound coming from?” She said in the same articulate accent as Dan’s.

“Your father’s playing the piano in the living room.” You reply. It gave you a warm feeling every time she called you ‘mummy’.

“I want to go watch.” She jumped off her chair and bolted for the living room.

“(Y/D/N), don’t disturb him.” You call, though you doubt she heard that.

You heard the piano stop playing which meant that Dan had spotted (Y/D/N). You walked over to where Dan was to see (Y/D/N) sitting on Dan’s lap.

“Show me how to play that.” (Y/D/N) asked eagerly.

“The one I was just playing?” Dan asked and (Y/D/N) nodded. “That might be a bit tricky for you. I can teach you a different song.” Dan suggested while he turned back to the piano.

You expected him to start playing twinkle twinkle little star, but instead, he played Moonlight Sonata. You were pretty happy with his choice.

(Y/D/N) continued to practice the piano everyday, even when Dan wasn’t able to help her. She sits down by the piano for at least half an hour a day, on her own, and starts practicing. By week three of piano playing, she got it all down.

One day, she decided she wanted to let Dan hear her accomplishment. With Dan sitting on her right side, (Y/D/N) started to play Moonlight Sonata flawlessly. You found it adorable how all you could see were their backs facing you while they played the piano. Perhaps even picture worthy for Instagram.

You grabbed your phone and swiped to the camera. You took a picture (and maybe 27 before that) and left the room, smiling. You scrolled thought the photos to find the perfect one to edit and put filters on. After you settled on a combination of filters, you sent the picture to Dan by text and added a message.

“put this on your ig?”

You set your phone down and sorted through some stuff on the kitchen table. You got an instant reply.

“sure. and why are you texting me, we’re literally no more than 15m apart”

You walked into the living room to see that (Y/D/N) had finished and left.

“I don’t know, I just felt like it. By the way, you teaching (Y/D/N) is just adorable. 'Dad points’ to you. (like the noun points not verb)” It was a thing you said to each other when the other person acted like a good parent.

Three minutes after Dan posted the picture, it received 9k likes on Instagram, 8k re-tweets on twitter and over 10k tumblr notes. The fans went crazy over Dan and (Y/D/N) which made you happy. You read one of the comments and it said,

“no question on why she’s such a beautiful child, she has the sexiest parents that ever existed.”

You couldn’t agree less.

“Darn right she does.”