@klanced  did someone say 80s ????

(please pause at 16 it had me dying)

Denee Benton, Brittan Ashford, Grace McLean, & Company

I’m going to talk a bit about how serendipitous this cast really is. Both Phillipa and Denee are perfect Natashas. Pippa comes across a bit more like the determined “cossack” described in the book, while Denee possess a youthful innocence that is undeniably difficult to perfect onstage. Brittiain’s  Sonya is beyond words. I also met her at Ghost Quartet and her passion and kindness were as evident in real life as they are onstage. It’s as if the character from the book gets the chance to narrate, plot dump, and sing a Fleetwood style ballad or two, every night. As for Grace McLean, what can’t I say about her? Her band, “Grace McLean & Them Apples” and her flawless voice/soundboard mixing skills are things you should totally check out. Her impromptu shows have been on repeat since I found out about her in the show’s earlier incarnations. Anyways, cast kudos rant #1 over…awesome world building in this song btw.  

the signs as band members
  • aries: plays guitar a little bit too passionately, breaks 2 strings and their collarbone but it was totally worth it
  • taurus: probably plays the cowbell
  • gemini: plays every instrument so if someone is really sick they can play anything. but usually just goes for the tambourine
  • cancer: the backup singer everyone likes more than the lead
  • leo: the lead singer everyone likes less than the backups but is actually pretty cool. most likely on meth
  • virgo: "we need more synth"
  • libra: that chill bass player who says nothing in interviews but every once in a while makes a really weird tweet
  • scorpio: shreds the fUCK outta those guitar solos without messing up their perfectly styled hair. what kind of hairspray do you use
  • saggitarius: crazy ass drummer, probably 100% stoned all the time
  • capricorn: that angsty songwriter who thinks everything they say is really deep and profound but it's actually pretentious
  • aquarius: has a really weird but cool voice and flawless eyeliner
  • pisces: writes really sad songs that make everyone cry. the baby of the band, wrote a song about world war 2 once

Favorite lines from the finale that pretty much shatter me every single time. Not just for what she says, but more for how she says them! 

This is one of those times I really wish GIFs had sound, because Caitriona Balfe’s delivery of those lines is just epically flawless! Her tone of voice, the depth in her eyes… Perfection.


Anna Torv as Virginia
“Love Is Now” (2014)

Shoutout to The Walking Dead actors and actresses.

While the wizards behind the curtains are half-assing it and being slaves to the plot, they’re not just phoning it in.  They’re making sure we make that leap over the shoddy writing and doing their best to sell us these characters’ sometimes questionable motivations, and I love them so much for that. 

I’m not sure the current incarnation of this show deserves them. 

Here’s hoping the future version treats them better. 


Jackson’s singing is what I live for. His husky voice is amazing. I can’t even 



Sara Bareilles covers Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on American Voices with an orchestra. Brilliant.