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"We are not all soulless animals, you know..."

                Vampire-Edition {Sentence Starters}

           “Yeah, I know~” Atsushi mumbled, sipping some blood out of his water bottle. Usually Aomine and him didn’t hang out much, but when they did, they normally talked about everything and nothing at all. “Some of us are though.” he whispered, it was hard to be a vampire, people misjudged them, took them for beasts, when the majority of them was just trying to blend in and live a life as normally as they could. “You want some~?” the purple haired male asked all of the sudden, tilting the bottle a little, he usually didn’t share his food, but he felt like Aomine needed it. 

me every fucking morning:

‘logs on’

‘omg my otp is flawless!!!!’

‘aaaww what a pretty gif set my day’s gonna be awes-’

‘sees the latest fandom drama/the rest of the fandom bullies us. AGAIN’

‘logs off’

‘asks hubby to hold my punching bag’