"Rocket Man" in "The Blacklist" S2 Finale

From Wikipedia regarding “Rocket Man” by Elton John:

“The lyrics in the song, inspired by the short story "The Rocket Man” in The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, and written by John’s longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin, describe a Mars-bound astronaut’s mixed feelings at leaving his family in order to do his job.“

They used this song in the finale for a reason. Red said goodbye to his family when he saved Lizzie. They had to change their lives because he went to "do his job”, and his job? His job is to protect Lizzie. But his job has changed, now his job is to be WITH Lizzie. Dembe is his only family, he says goodbye to him in the present day to be with her, to keep her safe. He’s no longer watching from afar, he’s no longer conflicted like the astronaut in “Rocket Man”. He’s made his choice. And his choice is Lizzie.

Read the whole article on the song:

Check out the video as well. It’s beautiful.

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Tumblr otp?

I got many of these same asks, but I’m only answering this one! Thanks so much for asking, anon! Click here to ask me anything! 

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Hello hello I just finished Healer (omg) and Young Shin and Jeong Hoo made the cutest couple ever so I was wondering if you had any recommendations for dramas that have couples similar to those two?? thank youuu

Seriously, these two were the most flawless fictional otp I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a kdrama where the couple would have so many passionate scenes, so much skinship, and all that would be done as naturally and nicely. The only couple that got me badly since Healer was Two Outs In The Ninth Inning, their chemistry ruined me for life. Though there were mostly stares and tension. There was a lot of super romantic skinship in Master’s Sun, but no decent make-out sessions (the otp got me hella excited anyway). I loved the Witch’s Romance otp. The way the guy cared for her was in some way similar to healer. Also, the I Hear Your Voice otp, with the subtle protection thing, if you’re up for a really scary plot.

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top 5 blogs you follow

I’m gonna be diplomatic and say that I don’t really have five particular blogs that I love more than any of the others I follow but I will list a few that I really appreciate because of the content they primarily feature.

  1. pokeshipping (a blog dedicated to my number one OTP; of course it would be on this list)
  2. imaginemydragonite (and)
  3. toutouko (they’re both fandom-based blogs but they also post a lot of great stuff about feminism and equality/justice; i keep up with a lot of current events through their blogs)
  4. suift-duroo (no surprise he’s here; he’s a fellow Pokeshipper but also makes some wonderful analyses about the Pokemon anime and its “naval vessels”)
  5. hollylu-pokeship-art (just… brilliant, amazing, flawless OTP art… mmmmm…)

I could probably name some more but, since you asked for five, I’ll stop here!