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Bella looked between Edward and Alice, panic obvious in her eyes. “What do you mean they’re coming for a surprise visit? They can’t do that! Not right now! Y/N is upstairs sleeping!” She hissed quickly.

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Basically, no goddamn words. I never thought I’d ever get this far, ever, but god, I’m so grateful. Thank you all, so so much for following me, I love you so damn much. 

I wanted to shout out to the many people who’ve made my days brighter, got me through tough times, friends that I’d never expect to make. Those who don’t judge me for who I am, who accept me. Because of the many people I’d like to acknowledge, they’re all under the cut! It took me ages to write a bit about everyone. Sorry if I forgot to include you, I still love you.

For 1k followers though, should I :

  • host a writing challenge
  • open up moodboard requests
  • fic drabbles
  • anything else? (ships, no. I’m still traumatized on how to do those)

once again, thank you all so so much, this is something I’d never expect to happen  ♡

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All about that bass. (5SOS imagine);

“I ain’t no size two, but I can shake it, shake it, like I’m suppose to do”

Calum: His hands ran up and down your hips and your butt, grabbing it lightly every now and then. “Damn,” he smiled in your neck, the pounding music almost making his voice in-audible. You smiled, as his hands just touched your body. “You like?” Your hands were touching his neck gingerly, your fingers slowly and gently running all over his skin, causing goose bumps to rise. “No, I love,” he kissed your neck, your eyes rolling into the back of your head. “I got so god damn lucky,” he smiled into your skin.

“I got that boom boom that all the boys chase, and all the right junk in all the right places”

Luke: You took a deep breath as you walked down the stairs to Luke. He stood in his living room looking in a mirror, fixing his hair. You were going out to a very fancy dinner tonight with him and the other boys- celebrating an award they recently won. You approached him, when he said: “Hey are you ready baby-” he turned to you as he stopped talking. His mouth hung open a little bit, his eyes just traveling up your body. “Holy fucking shit,” he breathed out. You were wearing a strapless, VERY form fitting dress that showed every one of your beautiful curves. “Oh my god,” he walked over to you and immediately wrapped his arms around you. “Have I told you how god damn beautiful you are?” You smiled at his comment. His he pressed his lips to yours, and put his hand down on your butt. “Man, my babe gotta booty,” you giggled and pulled away from him. “The rest of the guys are gonna really want you,”

“If you got beauty, just raise em up. Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top”

Ashton: You just got out of the shower, and you stared at yourself in the mirror. You looked at yourself and picked out any flaw you could think of. You started to tear up when you heard a knocking on the bathroom door. “Hey babe? Are you out of the shower? I really have to pee,” you picked up your towel and quickly wrapped it around you. You opened the bathroom door and smiled weakly at him as he walked into the bathroom. “Thank you my love,” he came over to you and kissed your forehead. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He noticed how you didn’t say one word, and just looked upset. “Nothing,” you pecked his lips. “No there’s something,” his eyebrows furrowed. “Why did you chose me?” “What?” “There are so many beautiful girls out there. BEYOND beautiful. And you chose me,” you bit your lip. “Oh [y/n],” he sighed. He pulled you over in front of the mirror. “Look at you,” he soon behind you. “You are the most beautiful girl ever. You have the kindest heart, and the happiest soul,” he pulled on your towel so it fell. “And once again, you are beyond gorgeous,” he kissed your shoulder. “So keep your head up. You are so so perfect in my eyes, and nothing will change that,”

“Boys like a little more booty to hold at night”

Michael: You were a little heavier, and you were SO insecure. You didn’t believe any compliment anyone gave you, especially Michael. One day, you were making out with him, and it was turning into something more. His hands were on your hips, pushing them into his. “I want you so bad right now [y/n],” he sucked harshly on your neck. You bit your lip, and pushed him gently off of you. “What? Did I hurt you? Are you okay?” He got worried quickly. “No no,” you sat down on the end of his bed. “I just don’t want you to see me naked,” your eyes swelled up, as all the terrible comments from people started flashing into your mind. “What? Why not?” He sat down next to you, grabbing your hand. “I mean, why would you want too?” You choked up, quickly wiping away your tears. “[y/n], you are so fucking perfect,” he smiled, as he kissed your knuckles. “You are flawless in every single way possible… I can’t think of one single flaw,” he wrapped his fingers around yours. “I don’t know why you would think other wise. I’m so fucking lucky I’m able to say I’ve got you as a girlfriend,”


happy birthday to exo’s half 50 yrs old baozi, kim minseok! our forever and always beautiful kim minseok ♡ how could i ever explain in words how grateful i am to have you in my life? our cute little baozi who will always be so amazingly perfect and flawless in every which way possible no matter what anybody says, no matter what comment is posted or made. kim minseok, you are exo’s one and only, and there is absolutely no other way exo could be. you are a child at heart, so youthful anybody who didn’t know the members would figure you the youngest at first sight. you are so beautiful inside and out, xiumin, and no matter how cheesy or artificial or cliché that sounds, it is the truth. you are so warm and loving to your members, and while you are like the youngest, you are also their oldest brother. you love them so tremendously and take care and after them as if they truly were your brothers… which they are, obviously. :^) xiumin, not only do you love your members with your beautiful and happy heart, you love us and, truly, what more could we ask for of you? ♡

kim minseok, please never be insecure because





and we all love you so much with all of our hearts; each and every single one of us and please don’t ever forget that xiumin. ♡ thank you for being born, xiumin. thank you for being in our lives. we love you so much. have a lovely day, kim minseok. we honestly could not love you more. ♡

happy birthday. ♡

Ok so this was me and my sister at Glendale night 2 (my mom was also there) Me and my mom attended Glendale night 1 together and my sister (on the left holding “Yes”) ended up being able to go to night 2 with us! Some of you probably saw us, which I LOVED saying hi to you guys! But I want to especially thank Taylor for making these two nights the best nights of my life! For those of you who’ve been asking, no we didn’t get into loft but that’s ok because I know it will be my turn sooner or later, but my sisters friends did which I’m super happy for them (they were the ones with the unicorn horns) Taylor, you are truly amazing and flawless in every way possible and I know for sure you saw me the first night during clean when you went to our section and looked me straight in the eyes!!! My life has changed knowing that you have at least seen my face!!! I love you so much and I really hope you can see this and my sister, Justyce, does too! Love you so much Taylor, Elliana taylorswift