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ah shit I forgot max left too. damn. that’s tough. cause I’m not a HUGE fan of Trixie’s look but she just has the most wonderful personality, ya know? then max is just like flawless in every way possible and just ugh idek anymore

i feel you, i still can’t believe she’s gone already even with 2 challenge wins. I love max so much, and think she’s got a great aesthetic and personality and has the talent to succeed (sharon was a terrible choice tho, she would’ve made a better jinkx tbh)

i find trixie’s look jarring so i understand that, she’s said some things and done some things i don’t agree with so much. but I just personally wasn’t wowed by her, I do love her relationship with pearl tho.

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Sorry it's super early here. You are flawless. Perfect in every single possible way. You are the kind of girl that would be a catch to anyone who would catch you. Your eyes are gorgeous. Your body is perfect. Your have an amazing personality. Everything about you is perfect.

aw shuckkkksss :$ :$ 

how do i get the guy i’m into to see that about me?