Ok so this was me and my sister at Glendale night 2 (my mom was also there) Me and my mom attended Glendale night 1 together and my sister (on the left holding “Yes”) ended up being able to go to night 2 with us! Some of you probably saw us, which I LOVED saying hi to you guys! But I want to especially thank Taylor for making these two nights the best nights of my life! For those of you who’ve been asking, no we didn’t get into loft but that’s ok because I know it will be my turn sooner or later, but my sisters friends did which I’m super happy for them (they were the ones with the unicorn horns) Taylor, you are truly amazing and flawless in every way possible and I know for sure you saw me the first night during clean when you went to our section and looked me straight in the eyes!!! My life has changed knowing that you have at least seen my face!!! I love you so much and I really hope you can see this and my sister, Justyce, does too! Love you so much Taylor, Elliana taylorswift