I know many of you have been eager to see the Jay Manuel Beauty products in action! I hope you enjoy the tutorial and the look I have created for you :)

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Score a 100% complexion match quick and easy.

As the oiliest member on the Sephora editorial team, I was not exactly thrilled to learn my complexion would be featured in high-def on The Glossy. I get my T-zone slick from my mama—our whole family is so shiny we could probably guide home ships in the night with the light reflecting off our faces. Needless to say, my naturally greasy gleam isn’t going anywhere, and I was admittedly put off by the idea of getting it touched up in public. But after my Sephora Mini Makeover, I saw the light—and for once, it wasn’t bouncing off my mug. BECKY PEDERSON

Though I came in totally barefaced, the first step for every makeup application is to cleanse your skin. My kick-ass beauty expert, Claudiavel, used SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Cleansing Wipes to take off the day’s gunk. Next, Claudiavel sprayed me with Caudalie Grape Water, a toner designed to soothe your skin. This relaxing, sensorial experience made me feel like I was at a day spa instead of sitting in the middle of a busy store. Claudiavel then applied Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, a lovely-scented crème she highly recommends for almost every skin type. She followed with Clinique All About Eyes so my makeup wouldn’t fall into my laugh lines. In keeping with that day spa vibe, Claudiavel massaged my face with both applications. All that was missing was a glass of wine.

With my skin clean and moisturized, it was time to find my perfect foundation match. Using the Color IQ tool, I learned that my number is 1Y07, which means I have light skin with yellow undertones. Claudiavel helped me search the database to find the foundations that would suit me best. (It was at this point that I also learned I’ve been wearing too-dark shades my entire life. Chic!)

Another product Claudiavel swears works for just about everybody: the Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This bestselling product is formulated to even out your skin’s texture—perfect for my oily complexion.

Using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Flawless Airbrush #56, Claudiavel blended my Color IQ foundation pick: the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free in Ivory. This foundation goes on as a liquid but transforms into a velvety, oil-absorbing powder once dry. I was worried the formula would also strip my skin of natural moisture, but Claudiavel assured me it would only target sebum. (Fast forward to six hours later: She was right. The only thing getting sucked off my skin was oil.)

Claudiavel used her fingers to cover my under-eye area with more foundation, suggesting I only need to break out the concealer if I’m having skin issues my foundation just won’t cover. Also, she explained that using your fingers warms the product so it goes on more naturally.

Sorry/not sorry to brag, but I looked great all day. I ran into my boyfriend’s mom, who immediately remarked that my skin had a healthy glow. Also, my gorgeous coworkers, unaware I’d had a Mini Makeover, heavily complimented me—which is really all the affirmation I need.

Clearly, Claudiavel knew what she was talking about—the products she picked out were perfect for me. But beyond getting personalized makeup recommendations, my favorite part of the experience was taking 15 minutes out of my day to pamper myself. This small time investment had a huge payoff: My good mood lasted long after I took the makeup off. Regular trips to a day spa aren’t in the cards for me, but for the low price of $0, a Sephora Mini Makeover is something I can swing.


A Full Face for Under $100

hi everyone! ever since back 2 school season started i’ve been getting a ton of requests for affordable product recs and since im a huge proponent of drugstore makeup i decided to throw together a full face routine for my fellow broke college (or hs!) students. keep in mind that i just listed one routine i think would work fairly well for a wide variety of ppl. also obviously $100 isn’t cheap so i’d recommend gradually purchasing ur routine, don’t buy all these products in one walgreens trip unless ur feeling reckless tbh anyways hope this is helpful and have a nice school year!


primer - elf studio primer: $6; rimmel stay matte primer: $7

foundation - la girl perfecting liquid makeup: $7; elf studio flawless finish foundation: $6, black radiance liquid makeup: $5; rimmel lasting finish 24h foundation: $7

powder - nyc loose translucent powder: $4.49; black radiance pressed powder: $5; rimmel stay matte powder *comes in a great translucent shade too*: $4

concealer/contour/color correction - la girl pro conceal: $5; hard candy glamoflauge concealer: $6

blush - elf studio blush: $3; black radiance artisan color baked blush: $5

bronzer - rimmel bronzer: $4.63; elf studio blush&bronzer: $3; black radiance baked bronzer: $4.49

highlighter - wet’n’wild fergie shimmer palette: $6; elf studio baked highlighter: $3

setting spray - city color all-set spray: $8; elf setting spray *has a terrible bottle so buy a cheap spray bottle tbh*: $3


shadow - wet’n’wild color icon trio: $3; la colors 12 color eyeshadow palette: $2; essence eyeshadow: $2-5;

liner - wet’n’wild megaliner liquid liner: $3; elf studio cream liner: $3

mascara - wet’n’wild mascaras: $2-5; essence mascaras: $2-5

lashes - shopmissa lashes: $1

brows: elf studio eyebrow kit: $3; elf eyebrow gel: $2; essence eyebrow designer: $2;


liner - jordana easyliner: $2.49; wet’n’wild color icon liner: $0.99; essence lip liner: $1.49;

lipstick/lipgloss - wet’n’wild megalast lip color: $2.29; wet’n’wild megaslicks lipgloss: $2.29; essence longlasting lipstick: $3;

🌴**not included in the price, but here’s some affordable brush brands too**🌴


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New Makeup Tutorial: How To Cover Acne Blemishes with Makeup 


This is awesome. She’s amazing.


if you are into makeup and/or foundation- this is a must!


Okay gals, listen up!

All of you, get rid of your disposable makeup sponges IMMEDIATELY!  They’re cheap, ill-shaped, and verrry porous, resulting in poor application and having to buy foundation more often because it all got sucked up by your drugstore sponges! I received my Beauty Blender in a Birchbox over a YEAR ago and I’m still obsessed with it.  It is by far the best makeup tool I own, and on the days I skip skip using it, I instantly regret it because my makeup shows my pores and fine lines… AND the days I really take the time to use it properly, I ALWAYS get complements on my skin!  I have expensive foundation application brushes and other sponges, but I swear by this thing.  

Here’s the training video from the Beauty Blender website… a little cheesy yes, but it shows how totally simple it is to use the sponge to apply your makeup.  The best part is that you can use it with the foundation, concealer, cream blush, finishing powder, and mineral makeup you already own and make it look truly amazing! No wait… the best part is actually that it’s hot pink :) 


Oh! One more thing! As with almost everything, you don’t need the “special” Beauty Blender cleanser! Dawn dish detergent works exactly the same! 

Foundation application.
Finding your perfect foundation application is just as important as finding the perfect foundation. Different skin types, different looks involve different applicators and you can never forget blending.