Wow, guys. What a perfect ending. I am so happy with it. I felt such closure for this season and well the first three seasons in general. 

I feel like I can survive the summer (no cliff hangers). Now, make no mistake. I CANNOT WAIT TILL SEASON FOUR.

As Oliver says, “I’m happy.”


It’s official I cannot bias anyone else than him. Slay me and my life…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Review: This lipgloss is definitely poppin’

Recently I was congratulated at being the lucky winner of this NEW (yes, fresh out the magical fairy land that is ABH hq) summer lipgloss collection. Although miniature, don’t underestimate they’re powerful punch of pigments and totally tantalising textures. At $30 each they’re certainly giving you every penny’s worth as they don’t cut corners with anything; the packaging is just as stunning and just as flawless as the final product, the wand is arguably more flexible than a gymnast as well as being super plush and the gloss itself? Well, Anastasia Beverly Hills took lipgloss to a whole new level. Put down your milkshakes because THIS is definitely gonna bring all the boys to the yard. I’ll be getting close up and personal with each and every one of these gorgeous glosses very soon!


Those facial animation tho – Almost flawless photorealism.

Final Fantasy is truly a series that defines CG animated characters, and not forgetting with deep stories (well, most of em atleast)

#FinalFantasyXV #kingsglaive

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