My feelings are still all over the place, but I have the mighty need to make a post about why I think the 91 Days finale was flawless, so here we go.

After their second and last road trip together, during which they reached a mutual understanding I had never dared to hope for, Nero gave Angelo the release he desperately needed. His death was just so… natural, so peaceful, and the only downside is that it came seven years too late. 

Something that will always stick with me is that Nero gave him a last chance before pulling the trigger (“you don’t need a reason to live.”) He tried to persuade him. And yet Angelo broke my heart in a million pieces with his “the reason I didn’t kill you is that I didn’t want to kill you”, and I bet he broke Nero’s too. That confession was his goodbye; he left with no unfinished business.

All in all, I think the ending was just perfectly executed. Angelo’s way out was exactly how he wanted it to be, even though Nero hesitated until the very end. Yet he drove away with a lot of bittersweet memories and a smile, because by shooting him, he absolved Angelo of all the blood on his hands and finally let him rest. It was incredibly intimate, and tragic, and the best possible ending for this series.


Well, loving is as loving does,
and I’d say we should know, because we both have loved, have lost, and are alone.
Your face’s falling tears, to me they’re lovely and they’re dear,
though you don’t love me and it’s clear that I will never see you in my arms.