grimswirl  asked:

BRUH I LOVE ALL THOSE BANDS TOO, What're your favorite songs by them?

arctic monkeys: only one who knows, certain romance, do me a favour, when the sun goes down, fluorescent adolescent, knee socks

red hot chili peppers: scar tissue, snow, by the way, under the bridge, dark necessities, californication

the neighbourhood: afraid, the beach, wires, prey, wdywfm, everybody’s watching me, flawless, female robbery, a little death

How To Marry A Millionaire is one of my favorite movies ever.

Like if I let myself set aside that obvious drawbacks of watching media produced in the 1950s—namely the underrepresentation of anyone who isn’t white and straight with a conventionally attractive body—I’m left with a film that is honestly a portrait of my soul.


1. Flawless female friendships, first of all. Women that cooperate to help each other achieve their goals, women who compliment each other’s intelligence, women who look out for one another, women who remain friends even when they become frustrated with one another. Uncompromising lady friendship resides at the core of the story.

2. HBICs trying to get money. We didn’t come here to fall in love. We came here to survive capitalism.

3. HBICs pooling all their dough and then living beyond their means in a fabulous apartment that they can’t afford and then selling all the furniture that doesn’t belong to them to fund this scam they’re running.

4. Glamour. Scene after scene, the sets and the costumes and the hair and makeup and EVERYTHING is gorgeous. Just lay me down in Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe and leave me there to die.

5. Betty Grable cons a guy at the deli counter into buying her a bunch of sandwiches. Living the dream.

6. Lauren Bacall hates dating men her own age and prefers silver foxes. I can relate.

7. Marilyn Monroe walks into a wall because she doesn’t want to wear her glasses. Again, I can relate.

And if none of that interests you, consider this:

There’s this scene where Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe are all lounging out on a balcony of a luxurious penthouse wearing absolutely breathtaking outfits. They eat greasy deli hotdogs and drink champagne and discuss just saying ‘fuck it’ to romantic attraction and focusing on a man’s bank account rather than cumbersome human emotions.

And if there were ever a cinematic moment that is more my aesthetic, I haven’t seen it.

i-cant-im-mormon  asked:

Can you do the "I love you" album by the neighbourhood? Thanks sm xxx

This means I have to exclude one sign, so please forgive me!

I Love You for the signs:

Taurus: Let It Go

Gemini: Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh)

Cancer: Sweater Weather

Leo: Alleyways

Virgo: How

Libra: Flawless

Scorpio: Female Robbery

Sagittarius: W.D.Y.W.F.M?

Capricorn: Afraid

Aquarius: Staying Up

Pisces: Float

Sorry, Aries!

flawless female kpop albums to listen to