flawless souls

What is love? It is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Our souls are destined to be together.

could we please appreciate kyungsoo just a little bit more? this boy is rocking the album with his vocals, he was incredibly talented to begin with, nonetheless he seems to improve a little bit more with every album

his english pronunciation is flawless *don’t break my soul* and he even raps in ‘chill’

he dances with the dancing line, with sehun and jongin, during vapp and keeps up with them, seemingly without diffculty

kyungsoo has so many talents, in singing, dancing and acting, he works so hard, and still he gives us his most beautiful smile

I admire this man, the talented and beautiful do kyungsoo


tvtropes + michiru kaioh/sailor neptune 

“Oh, maybe you misunderstood. A world without Haruka is hardly worth saving.”

I call the darkness unto me, From deepest depths of Earth and Sea… 

Practicing some photoshop magic/effects with my Moon Butterfly cosplay and I’m…. pretty darn terrible at it. xD If anyone has any pointers or advice on photoshopping magic I would love to hear it! :’D 

This Side of Paradise

Pairing: Kim Taehyung / Reader

Genre: Royalty AU + Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None

Summary: This is the side of paradise we shall always be.

Count: 648 words.

Note: Happy birthday, @sydist.


It was always the same mundane routine. He would wake at the break of dawn by rhythmic bells and the shuffle of his servants. With their aid, he would be clad in the finest garbs, adorned by regal ornaments before his morning meal—which usually consisted of cuisines that he had grown to loathe. At the stroke of noon, he would sit at the throne and lend an ear to woeful complaints of those who inhabited his kingdom when, frankly, all he pondered about during those moments was: “Why is this crown so heavy?”

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