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Happy anniversary to my favoritest couple on the face of this earth <3

(WEDDING PHOTOS ARE BY JENNY HAAS PHOTOGRAPHY. The rest of the photos are from Tyler and Jenna’s Instagrams. [[@ jennaajoseph + @ tylerrjoseph ]])


I just love how their first instinct is to protect the one they love… 


or alternatively: More Cuddles, Less Struggles 2k17

hi i’m Ali and this is me giving in and finally drawing for the ship

Jinson is sooo cute!😍😍😍
Jinyoung like “please don’t touch me"😂❤❤❤

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Do you have any tips on how to stop shipping camren? Asking for a friend

At some point you have to realize that it’s over, and you must move on. Right?


Moving on is for real people with their real problems and real relationships IRL. There’s a reason we decided to get so emotionally invested in the drama that manifests from camren. It’s because of the emotions they elicit inside us. In other words, THE FEELS. And any shipper will tell you that feels can completely wreck you. So here’s a short list of activities that will keep out of a panic once you have realized camren “was never real”.

Rewatch camren videos (AKA “Denial”)

What you do is get a lot of napkins, lots of kleenex and gather a list of camren moments, camren cracks or any scenes they shared together, and make a playlist on YouTube. It’s always important to have some sort of playlist or queue handy so that you can always pull it up and watch whenever you’re down that our ship sunk.

Reblog the GIFs (AKA “Poor Man’s Denial”)

Follow a few users who either reblog GIFs or make their own, and make sure to reblog or like them yourself. That way, you can always watch our flawless camren ship in a vacuum state filtered to highlighted and accented colors and reminisce of what could have been.

Write Fanfiction (AKA “Create the Narrative”)

It’s 2017: if you don’t like reality, you can change that. Why not? Oh so an anti thinks that our ship is buried six feet under? WELL THEY’RE WRONG. And we will prove it to them by writing the smuttiest Fanfiction ever. See how hot that was?

Read Fanfiction (AKA “Read Someone Else’s Narrative”)

Let’s face it: we all don’t have the time nor the essential tools to write stories. So, sometimes you just have to be a fan of someone else’s fanfiction. And that’s totally okay, too. As long as there are a lot of sex scenes between your camren. (Okay, fine, and some “fluff,” as well.)

Pretend you’re one-half of camren (AKA “Become Delusional”)

Trick your brain into thinking that you are Camila or Lauren. Act out scenes and potential storylines alone in your bedroom. Cry appropriately because you are both (a) Forever alone and (b) Delusional. Realize that your potential storyline would make for some good fanfiction.

Branch out to other camren shippers (AKA “Burn Book”)

Sometimes the best way to get over a breakup — either real or fictional — is to just hangout with some likeminded people and cry… and also just curse out those responsible. Get on Tumblr, search on Twitter, find those who are just as upset as you and decide to cry. Then exchange tweets about how awful reality is. Cry again.

Food (AKA “Obviously”)

Just eat food. Eat a lot of food.


JackJin for Calvin Klein!
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So… let me see if I get it:
Ships + what people ‘who think they know better than anyone how to live’ say:
Climon: thats disgusting !!! They are like brother and sister.
Jalec: thats incest ! Even if jace and alec arent brothers. Also its homophobic and racist in some ways that we didnt figure it out yet but we will… also im assuming you only watch the tv show since you dont know alec isnt in love with jace (ok. How in the world is my fault that the tv show wanted to make jalec a thing)
Clalec: thats homophobic, racist and you are probably hitler. You are erasing his sexuallity even if your ship is only based on manips bc they dont get along so they dont have scenes together in the tv show, alec is gay and your manips are making him straight. Ugghh you probably are a straight white girl who lives just to upset us.
Rizzy: thats horrible, we want sizzy bc we arent against cannon couples (check climon description*) and its also unhealthy bc they are both on drugs and i didnt expect that so i dont like it. Also they are making it look like all latinos are on drugs.
Clace: thats incest even if they arent brother and sister just bc i hate straight couples and im different than the rest of the world so i dont like it.
Alec with every male/female character no matter if its brotp or otp since they only ship him with magnus: we dont have excuses but we will find it. You should stop with your homophobia and racism… but what can we expect from a straight white girl? (???? Why)
Saphael: we want sizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sizzy: uuuuughhh there you are again with your straights couples ugh i cant with these straights white girls (???? Why x2)
Magnus with every character in the world no matter if it fits or not except camille: yesssss bc he is bisexual.
Malec: perfect. They are flawless. If you dont ship it you are homophobic and racist and if you ship it but ur straight you probably think they are hot and theres no love because you are a straight whit-

Then i see posts saying this: “i cant with this show everyone is so shippeable. They all have chemestry and are beautiful. (Read all the descriptions of all the ships. If they are all shippeables why cant i ship them without being judge?)

I dont understand you guys, so I guess I’m gonna do it in my way because all this time I’ve been trying to do everything that you said to make you happy i dont even know why… so, i’m done. Good night.

The moment Saori started to change

Saori Kido is probably one of the most fascinating characters in development terms for me and the reason is she goes from being an infuriatingly aloof and sometimes even cruel character to being a literal ray of sunshine without the change being too abrupt or cliché, the downside to it being that most people seem to not even notice it.

In Classic series (Pre-sanctuary, veeery early into the story) we still don’t know anything about the Sanctuary or Athena or even what the freaking Saints are for. All we have are these characters we don’t know yet and a girl seemingly moving the strings to make them fight for entertainment. Gallactic Tournament Saori, while nowhere near as awful as -we are later shown- she used to be when she was younger, was still pretty awful as a person:

  • She still somewhat expects people to obey her without a doubt just for her position. Ex. When Seiya arrives with the Pegasus Cloth, she automatically assumes he’ll take his place in the tournament, despite the fact that she surely must have remembered the agreement between Seiya and Mitsumasa was that he’ll only earn the cloth to be able to see Seika again. Seiya, being the little shit he is, refuses, it’s only offering him the deal to find his missing sister for him if he wins that she persuades him of staying and fighting. You can tell it’s the only one she’s needed to bribe like this, seeing how taken aback she intially was at his negative, andI think that speaks VOLUMES of how used she is to being obeyed.
  • She still thinks she’s entitled to Seiya and company’s lives. Ex. THE FRICKING GALLACTIC TOURNAMENT. I don’t care how much they justify it (They had to see who was worthy of the Sagitarius cloth, yadda, yadda) that was downright inhumane. Shiryu and Seiya almost clobbered each other to death and Hyoga almost got killed by poison, for Pete’s sake. Note: It’s a bit unclear whether she kept the tournament going for as long as possible just to fulfill Mitsumasa’s wishes or because she herself was only interested in keeping the strongest Saint and she believed it to be Seiya pretty much from the start it seems but the thing still reminisces of a scene shown later in a flashback, where a younger Saori forces the boys to play with her and the only one brave enough to defy her is Seiya (Although if she had tried to force Shun, I’m sure Ikki would have flipped too), ending up with Jabu being hurt by her games. Early series!Saori didn’t seem to care much whether what she was doing hurt the boys, her eyes always either set on the prize
  • She still uses somewhat questionable means to her end. Again, how she gets Seiya to participate in her tournament is all sorts of not cool, taking in account his original arrangement with Mitsumasa. AND AGAIN, the entire Tournament is rather questionable, all the more when, during Seiya and Shiryu’s fight, Tatsumi ‘I-whip-little-boys-for-speaking-up’ suggests they stop it for being too barbaric and she doesn’t. Either she had an insane amount of trust in Seiya’s willpower from the very start or she wants to see it play out. It ended up well, thankfully, but it could have easily ended up in tragedy

The reason for her to be shown as somewhat despotic back then (Specifically when it comes to Saints) isn’t really clear. It could be Tatsumi’s inflluence -again, what kind of guy hits a boy half to death for speaking up!?- or it could be an early nod to how Gods in the Saint Seiya Universe are towards humans. 

(Although I don’t think the latter’s likely, seeing how Athena is the only Olimpian who doesn’t see humanity as a plague upon the earth, that is a given, and Saori in particular seems to relate to humanity in a much more intimate manner later on, probably because she was brought up as a veeeery privileged but still normal human girl rather than Goddess in the Sanctuary)

Whatever the reason is, she grows out of her tyrant phase rather quickly, soon coming to care for the Saints deeply. If Tatsumi picks on them, she defends them, she tries to comfort them or encourage them when the morale is low, at one point, she’s so worried that they may be facing OP enemies that when she’s kindapped by a ridiculously large dude, she would rather not have them fight him, telling them to forget about her and protect the Golden armor.

I’m not clear on what was that triggered that change but my money goes to this:

Seiya saving Shiryu in the Tournament. Also the first time we see the Bronzies coming together, starting to care for one another and acting as brothers in arms rather than rivals. Even fricking Jabu, who hates Seiya’s guts since childhood, is cheering! Even Geki, who got beaten by him earlier, celebrates his victory! Seiya’s strength and kindess brings them all together and inspires them, it reminds them they’re not fighter machines, they’re human. And look at this

she smitten. png  

For most of the tournament Saori’s been shown as aloof and cold, always in control of the situation. It’s as infuriating for Seiya as it probably is for the watcher, and it makes liking her hard. But this…this is probably the first genuine smile we see of her in the series that is not directed to Mitsumasa’s portrait, and it’s probably the first hint we have that she’s not as terrible as she seems and her first step towards becoming the Goddess we all know and love: Being taught by Seiya that power can come hand in hand with kindness and courage, that caring for others is not weakness but quite the contrary and that these Saints are much more marvelous than she’s dared to think. It’s a very early reflection of what she says to Hades when he mocks her for crying for Seiya: Love makes humans capable of overcoming their own limits

Basically, Seiya, directly or indirectly, helps her become a better person.