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All these fake friends have me down got any happy songs I could use to realize I'm better off without them???

jj: no frauds // nicki ft. drake, lil wayne

problems // 6lack

flawless // beyonce

saved // khalid

knew better // ariana grande

guys my age // hey violet

no broken hearts // bebe rexha

sorry not sorry // bryson tiller

u dont own me // grace & g eazy

dumb // jazmin sullivan

me: chanel // frank ocean

green light // lorde

southern comforting // jpnsgrls

dark days // pup

long time // cake

doses & mimosas // cherub

baby blue // action bronson fr chance the rapper

quit // lany

ask yourself // foster the people

Important things about Haikyuu ep. 9

1. When Bokuto adopted Hinata

2. When Kuroo got embarrassed about wanting to make his coach happy

3. Bokuto’s whiny “Akaashi!!”

4. Akaashi’s “so done with Bokuto-san’s bullshit” face

5. Yamaguchi’s sleepy face

6. K A G E Y A M A


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Akumatized!Marinette :

Ok so I spent a good chuck of my time this evening discussing a headcanon list with my friend @rhaedarofworlds because I enjoy angst and giving people feels so here is what I compiled. Enjoy the feels trip I send you on :

Marinette and Adrien finally start dating and Mari is so happy and all is good with the world until Mari finds out that Adrien is CN.

Imagine Mari getting Akumatized Because she finds out he’s Chat Noir and she thinks he knows she’s Ladybug.

Which is why she thinks he asked her out JUST because she is Ladybug. 

So imagine her Akumatized form literally has tears streaming down her cheeks and it’s not fake because she’s so tired of Alya and her class and her parents and everyone idolizing LB.

Whos gonna care for Marinette when there’s a flawless version of her saving Paris under a mask and Adrien being CN is the last straw because ‘Did he ever really love clumsy Marinette?’

And Tikki tries to tell her that she’s LB with or without her spots but Mari is like No. because she’s completely clumsy and non composed without the mask and magic (That poor muffin is so stubborn I stg) And whoops now she’s Akumatized

So Tikki decides to go to Adrien to get him to fix it but GASP Marinette gets to him first.

And she’s crying and not making any sense and she’s spitting such heartbroken words at him about him never loving her for who she is

How everyone loves LB more than her as Marinette and Adrien is at first confused because 'if she figured out I’m CN she has to know LB and I are just friends and partners right ?’ 'She doesn’t think I don’t love her and still love LB right ?’

So he tries to remedy the situation with the wrong words. 

In his defense seeing his Princess heartbroken with liquid diamonds on her cheeks and distressed made him say the wrong thing because poor thing can’t see her cry without shattering his own heart 

So he says “Mari I love LB and yes I did use to love her romantically but now I’m with you" 

Poor Marinette takes that as a "I love LB and your her civilian form so I love you”

Cue more sobs from her as she runs away and Adrien is REALLY DISTRESSED because “What did I do Plagg ?" 

And Plagg is shaking his head because "YOU IMBECILE ADRIEN" 

And that’s when Tikki appears, out of breath and upset and she finally explains what’s wrong and Adrien is slack jawed and silent as he processes the fact that Marinette is Ladybug. 

And he still doesn’t understand why it would lead to her being akumatized and Plagg is done with this boy "CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW INSECURE YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND IS ?" 

Tikki is gentler so she explains that Mari is tired of people idolizing LB And that no one realizes that it’s just her under the mask. Entirely human,  not perfect and capable of making mistakes. Chat has always loved LB so when she found that CN was Adrien she assumed that Adrien only liked the LB part of her and not Marinette. 

He loved the superheroine and not clutzy, stuttery, over thinking Marinette.

So Adrien takes another five minutes to process this info

And so Adrien is silent and then he literally gets tears in his eyes because how on earth could his Princess think that about herself ? (rhaedarofworlds STOP THINKING AND RUN AFTER HER DAMN IT. How on earth did she come to the conclusion that he only loved LB amd not Marinette ?

So he takes his lucky charm bracelet from her and looks at it (rhaedarofworlds Adrien sweetie you can do your thinking after you get the girl back). strengthens his resolve because this ends today and never again will his lady think he doesn’t love her for her. Then he says…

"Plagg claws out” (because faster transportation as CN).

Tikki has had enough of this so she tells him to look for her at the Pont des arts which has been evacuated because akuma. 

Chat appears and tells the police to get everyone away and then leave. He also demands that this Akumatization is personal so either the reporters clear out or he’s gonna take the power out with cataclysm. (He also tells them that LB is out of commission so no Miraculous cure today. They clear out after that because equipment is expensive). 

Chat makes sure everyone is gone and then he stealthily walks up to Marinette who’s angrily flinging locks into the river. She’s screaming about broken promises and that no one will love her as long as Ladybug is around to love instead.

(Take note that the Akuma amplifies her negative feelings a lot more than they are hence her very drastic actions).

Adrien detransforms behind her and sets a gentle hand on her shoulder

And she looks up tearfully amd poor thing starts crying again and she wants to run away but Adrien doesn’t let her. He pulls her into his arms and even though Marinette is strong Adrien is stronger physically because he’s more used to combat so more muscles.

And she struggles against him but Adrien holds on tight and doesn’t let go till she tires out and just begins sobbing into his shoulder and whispering 'You don’t love me. No one loves Marinette’ (this is still  the Akuma amplifying her feelings which were bad to begin with but now are so much worse)

Adrien wants to start crying himself but he has to stay strong so he pulls out a lock. A lock he bought on the way there. It’s black with green paw print and pink flowers ion the side (he purposely didn’t choose one with a Ladybug pattern)

He somehow twists Mari around so she’s looking at him and says in the most heart felt voice he can muster

“I fell in love with a princess. She has no crown and no ballgown. She sometimes sleeps in late but she does wake up. She bakes but doesnnt know how to make Apple pie. She wears pink ballet slippers instead of wearing glass. She wears her hair in pigtails and sometimes gets over excited. She’s clumsy and trips on thin air but like a true princess asks if everyone else is okay before she looks at herself.”

“She is beautiful and her eyes sparkle when she talks about what she loves. She loves me. And I wonder how I got so lucky. I love her. I fell for her twice. The first time I saw her she didn’t know what she was doing. She didn’t know how to save a city and she didn’t know if she could. But she did. Just like I knew she would. That’s when I fell for her first" 

"The second time I saw her she hated me. But she gave me a chance. I fell in love with her again. Slowly. She is the only person who could steal my already taken heart from herself." 

He presses the open lock in her hands and guides her hand to the bridges net and together with her hand in his and his hand pressing down on hers to close it, he locks the lock and he whispers "That is my promise to you my princess." 

He kisses her head and after showing her the key throws it as far as he can into the river…the silver glints in the sunlight as it is airborne before making a small splash It dissappears. Swallowed by blue green waves. Never to be seen again. A sign of a promise to be forever kept.

Marinette turns to him and looks conflicted (because the Akuma is still messing with her mind) and Adrien can see that so he gives her…True Loves Kiss 

Then a light engulfs them like all magic romance scenes (I love cliches) and as they pull apart a white butterfly floats away 

The Akuma purified by the power of true love and yin and yang

And Mari forgets everything…

*crickets chirping*

Okay I lied, she doesn’t forget everything.

She indeed  remembers because the Akuma wasn’t purified the regular way amd because she’s ladybug

Adrien pulls her close and he whispers how much he loves her again and again and again. How much her mom and dad love her. How much Alya loves her. How much their class appreciates her. 

He rests his forehead against hers and kisses her hair he reassures her a dozen times over and smothers her in love.

 He calls her Mari or Princess or Marinette but not my Lady because she’s still sensitive to that. He looks down to see a smile on her face and the tear tracks on her cheeks dry. Her eyes are closed because she had an exhausting day and she fell asleep with her heart at peace now reassured.

So he picks her up princess style (because obviously) and he transforms to take her home quickly where her parents are worried and waiting to comfort her. 

Before he leaves he tells her he loves her once again 

He goes downstairs and as he is saying goodbye Mama and Papa Dupain-Cheng are waiting and Mama Cheng hugs him and says 'take care of her Adrien”

And for a second he’s scared out of his wits because he’s still transformed before they wink at him and smile and he realizes that they KNOW and promises them that he will indeed do that even though Mari can take care of herself pretty well.

The next day Marinette is greeted with a bouquet of orchids at school (no one knows why she was akumatized btw because obviously it’s personal with the LB thing). Her class asks if she’s okay and she fakes not remember so she doesn’t have to tell why she remembers or why she was akumatized. 

Adrien dotes on her all day and uses the ridiculous excuse that a princess deserves the best while he simultaneously cringes ands thinks of ways to avoid Alya as one seat behind him said journalist plots his (Chat Noirs) death for sending her of all people away from the scene where her best friend was Akumatized when she was only trying to help. 

The End.

I feel this is stupid but idk. I’m gonna be working on a ML and Hamilton thingy soon so look out for that.

Constructive criticism is nice. 

@imagine-miraculousladybug To add to your imagines archive.

Also this was sort of inspired by @legend-of-sora’S art. Check it out.


"More than you know"

also known as why Ashley is a hot mess of emotions after episode 12 and it will take her a good two weeks to recover 

sooo I know I’m not the only person besides themselves after this episode but I just had to get these really important thoughts out. I’ve finally gathered myself after this klayley goodness in this episode so now I can fully express how I feel about that transpired tonight and it’s implications. 

I’ll start with the first half of their argument which might seem less significant compared to the rest but it’s still super interesting because that whole beginning of the argument was about what defines Klaus and Hayley’s dynamic…control. 

Klaus and Hayley have always been two very dominant people who do not like to give up that much control to the other. The first half of their argument is all about that. Klaus wants to control Hayley and Hayley is not having it. He didn’t even think about discussing it calmly with Hayley. Off the bat Klaus came at Hayley’s neck like he was the one running the klopley show which makes sense given Klaus’s zeal to protect Hayley and the baby and his massive ego. Hayley on the other hand wants to have a real conversation about it. She wants to discuss it, Klaus wants to tell her it’s stupid and she’s not doing it. I really appreciate how Hayley handled Klaus initially. She didn’t go full bitch on him right away. I think she knew where his concern was coming from, since she had/still had some of her own so she didn’t see his initial words as a threat to her own sense of control, only as the reaction of a concerned father so she tries to rationalize with Klaus, she brings up Finn and the benefits of the marriage to Jackson even if she has to divulge her secret to him. She’s thinking about how it’s good thing even if it’s risky and Klaus is thinking even it it’s good it’s still not worth the risk. 

I loved Klaus’s face when she said she trusts Jackson, he’s like so done with her words. He looks at her and sighs and turns his head like “ I know she did not just say she trusts her werewolf fiance over me, I know she didn’t, what is life I can’t deal with this madness” Klaus was SO DONE with the notion of her trusting Jackson. He was like how dare you hahaha it tickled me because klaus is so narcissistic and I loved it because he really wants her to trust him, he really wants to be that guy for her, the one she has unwavering trust in especially when it comes to their daughter which is a whole meta in in itself tbh. Her statement about trusting Jackson and having the werewolf army to protect Hope really hurt him, especially his ego,  which is why he so fervently declared how he himself can protect their daughter. The way he said she doesn’t need a wolf army does something to me because it’s klaus reacting to feeling like Hayley doesn’t think he can get the job done. Klaus knows the benefits of a werewolf army, he knows it completely which is why he’s down for the wedding and why he wants the wolves himself BUT in that moment he don’t give a damn about a werewolf army, can’t nobody protect his baby girl better than he can. He’s the most powerful being on the planet and he can do what it takes to keep them all safe, he needs to feel that way right now, especially since things are really falling apart. i think Klaus was trying to convince Hayley and himself there but that’s just a personal klaus observation. In Klaus’s mind Hayley is so desperate to do this ritual knowing the risk because she doesn’t think they can get the job done without it, she needs jackson in her corner and those wolves and to Klaus it’s a slight because to him all they need his him,she needs to trust his judgement, she needs to trust him to handle his family, she needs to trust him to keep her and their daughter safe, over anything else Hayley and Hope just need him *sobs*

Hayley is not seeing it that way tho. She thinks this is her chance to get her baby back. She doesn’t not trust or believe in Klaus. she’s just a mother who misses her child and wants her back and she’s willing to consider any option to do so and this current option seems like a good plan because to her Jackson is a good guy. She wants to take the risk because she’s desperate, not because she doesn’t trust Klaus. That’s when she first starts to get angry with him. He’s making a lot of sense but he’s completely shutting down a real option for both of them and she doesn’t like it. She’s not even asking him to drop all his concerns completely or not voice them, she’s just asking him to not make this a one sided discussion, for him to not just look at his own perspective but her’s too and really weigh the pros and cons with her so they can make a decision. Instead he’s basically telling her that her feelings on the matter don’t even warrant a real discussion, they don’t warrant any consideration. he even point blank tells her that no other opinion matters in this situation other than his and that’s when she really get’s angry. now he’s not just a concerned father, he’s a shit co-parent and a stubborn asshole and he’s blatantly taking her control from her, he’s taking her own personal control over her actions away from her and he’s trying to take her control as a mother away from her and Hayley is not having that shit. Klaus wants her to bow down to his will and in typical Hayley fashion she out right refuses to do so. I like how she didn’t try to beg or rationalize with him after he ordered her to call off the wedding. She went all throwback Hayley on him and was like no one controls me, especially not you and she’s so right because Klaus has NEVER been able to gain a single ounce of control over Hayley no matter how hard he tries, he only controls her when she lets him and it drives him nuts because he’s still not used to it even though it’s been a thing with her for a while now. 

How he handles her going against his will is interesting tho. It’s always been interesting. It’s never made Klaus angry, frustrated yes but never angry, and it still doesn’t which is why the next part of their exchange is so awesome. Hayley is done, she’s like goodbye come holla at me when you wanna really talk about this then she goes off about how she not about to let him tell her what she can and can not do concerning her daughter. Her use of her instead of ours and his correcting her is important here okay. If you watch him he reaches out to touch her when he says our daughter. Like he’s not trying to grab her harshly at all in fact he’s doing the opposite. I think it’s interesting he tried to initiate that physical contact with her there. clearly she’s mad and she’s going off and his instinct is to reach out to her to her, to touch her to comfort and calm her but he pulls back and she moves. He is hesitant to initiate intimate physical contact with her and she is not open to it. This is important for later. When he’s unable to touch her and she continues with her anger completely ignoring him saying our daughter he looks almost exasperated, he get’s genuinely frustrated but not at her or her attitude but frustrated that he can’t get through to her like he wants to. He’s frustrated that she can’t see that they they are in this together right now and he’s only trying to protect what they share the only way he knows how. in his mind he’s not only protecting Hope he’s protecting her as well, because he doesn’t just not trust jackson not keep their secret safe, he also doesn’t trust Jackson’s general intentions with her, he thinks Jackson is playing with her emotionally, manipulating her, he thinks Jackson is using her for his own gains and that would hurt her and she could potentially be in danger herself because of him. He doesn’t want Hayley to be hurt and he doesn’t want hope to be at risk and that’s ultimately what he wants her to understand even if his method of conveying that sucks. He’s not trying to just run her life, he’s trying to do what he thinks is best for them,the three of them. and it’s that idea that sets Hayley off and finally makes her get out what she been holding on her chest all this time

it’s why I enjoyed this fight so much because they both got out some feelings they have kept hidden from each other. It’s two different types of feelings they are expressing to each other but it’s still somethings that neither one of them wanted to say before but the overwhelming nature of what they are currently facing with their daughter and the intensity of their fight draws it out of them. In Klaus’s mind it’s the three of them. It’s him Hayley and Hope against the world basically. They are a unit and they are supposed to stick together, face the trials together, they both share in the responsibility for handling what’s going on and their daughter’s life and while it’s great that Klaus has that view of them, he needs to see them as a unit, and that they have a shared responsibility, for Hayley that’s a difficult thing to buy into at the moment, because it’s basically saying his problems are her problems, his decisions are her decisions and for her that’s not the case and it’s never really been the case. Like she says herself there is no US in this situation, it’s HIM. It’s Klaus and then there is her and Hope. She and Hope are currently the victims of Klaus’s fucked up life. I’m glad she finally said it because I know she been feeling this way for a while now. She was just a young woman trying to find her place in the world who suddenly gets thrust into motherhood and this hectic life when she finds out she’s pregnant with this notorious psycho’s baby. She was just an expectant mother who couldn’t wait to meet her baby girl and hold her in her arms when her child was ripped from her arms and her life as she knew it was stolen from her because her daughter’s father has a psycho mother. she was just a hopeful mother finally getting over the grief of loosing her child when she learns that not only is his father that tried to kill her and her baby before back from the dead but so is is  his mother who wants her child dead and so his his brother with a axe to grind and he might also have an aunt lurking in the shadows to steal her child from her. All these things in her life have happened because of him. She has resented Klaus for a while now  and she needed to get it off her chest once and for all. 

I like how Klaus just took her rant tho. Like he tried to argue with her at first when she brought up Finn and his mom. He was like I will handle that. He understands her frustration but he want’s her to know he can handle his screwed up family but then she hits him with a real hard truth that even he knows and he can’t say nothing. Hayley calls him what he his, the notorious hybrid killer with a 1000 years worth of enemies that will always be a threat to her child. He can’t say nothing back because it’s true, he knows it true and it eats away at him every day. Then comes the final blow, she looks him dead in the eyes and tells him that it’s him, he’s the threat and his face is just 

it hurts, it hurts me and it hurts him so much and he tries to keep it together but it’s all in his eyes that she’s hurt him. In the way they widen and just stare at her. It’s like all the life suddenly got drained out of him. He’s taken back that she actually said but he’s not shocked. He doesn’t look at her like omg I can’t believe you would say this or feel this way. He looks at her like wow you really said it, you really do feel this way, it is true that I’m the threat here. He’s still relatively collected tho at this point. she’s just really hurt him and she’s still going in on him with no sign of stopping, she calls him paranoid and once again says he can’t see that this can help. Klaus knows he’s paranoid. He accepts that about himself but he thinks his paranoia is a strength to him, not a weakness. That’s why when she yells at him when will it end he finally looses the composure he was trying to maintain while she was going off on him. To Klaus his paranoia will never end because that’s how he protects himself, that’s how he protects his family, that’s part of his strength, trusting makes you weak and he refuses to leave himself vulnerable in that way. all he’s trying to do is show her that there is no risk that is worth Hope or her and he’s had it with her making it seem like he’s the bad guy here, that he’s not doing whatever it takes to bring their daughter home when he is. 

So he brings up his father. Which is the a testament of how far he’s willing to let his paranoia take him for Hope. He killed Ansel because the risk of him knowing was too great. His paranoia would not let him trust Ansel even though he wanted to. It was his greatest sacrifice as a father outside of giving up hope and it was made because of the very thing she is lambasting him about right now. He expects Hayley to understand that because she knows how it feels to long for a parent, how it feels to grow up missing a part of yourself they way they both did not knowing their birth parents. Hayley should take Klaus’s murder of his father and ending his only chance to ever know that part of him he’s always wanted to know as a testament of his commitment to protecting their child. She’s supposed to take that as a reason to put unwavering faith in Klaus and as a reason to value his paranoia not despise it. He thinks it’s his trump card to her criticism. He’s like should I remind you of what I’m willing to do for our child. but Klaus makes a mistake, a mistake he’s made with Hayley in the past. Hayley is well aware of all of those things about his father and I don’t think she has ever been mad he did it, but Hayley knows how to read Klaus like a book. She knows that even if he wants to delude himself and other people into thinking something he can’t fool her. She knows the real reason he killed his father. The reason he wants to conveniently omit to make her forget about her criticisms and bend to his will.

This part is omgggg everything because if you notice this is when Hayley gets the most emotional during the entire exchange and I find that so interesting. She’s upset the whole time but it’s not until this moment that she finally gets on the verge of tears, her eyes hadn’t watered that entire time even though her voice broke on occasion. All of a sudden all these really intense and real emotions come out of her and she boldly challenges him on his real motives for killing his father while she’s starting to basically come undone. Her entire tone changes with him. She’s no longer raising her voice or angry, she’s completely calm and yet really emotional. She’s looks him dead in the eyes while she’s about to freaking cry and then actually invades his space when she calls him out on being so terrified of letting someone, anyone in. Hayley knows Klaus is deathly afraid of letting people in. He’s afraid of love, he’s afraid to care, he’s afraid of intense emotions. He hides behind paranoia, mistrust, and anger when it’s really his intense fear of having people affect him in a way that is beyond his control that really drives his actions. It’s part of what made him kill his father and she knows it but listen to what she says tho…she said someone, anyone.

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Bringing this back.