flawless psds

screencap/icon coloring tutorial

this is waaaaay long overdue, but i hope this helps someone and if you have questions feel free to ask me here

you’ll need to have some knowledge of the tools in Ps, but if you’re a beginner i tried to make this simple enough that you can understand, too :)

i’m going to walk you through how i colored this cap (and how i make icons from a screencap like this):

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How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

3k Follow Forever

I just recently passed my 3k followers, and I felt like it was time to create a follow forever list! And it’s been a while since I made one so bear with me and here it goes! I have created a follow-forever list of all the blogs that have made my dash very interesting with awesome post or made my life a lot easier with their tutorials and tips.

# @elicsaab 

A @aadhiskanmani @aashiqaanah @aishmovingherfaceslightly @adityasroykapur @aishshahid @ajeebdastaan @allthingsbollywoodish @arescoloring @arjunkapoors @armaniprives B @baarish-barkha @bewafaa @baawri @bollyandco @bollydastaan @bollymusings @bollysnapped @bollywoodhqs @bollywoodishtyle @bollywoodisland @bollywoodqueenkattu @banshy C @caught-between-worlds @celebritiesofcolor @chandelyer @chaoticresources @cinescans @colouringtherainbow @completeresources @covet-couture @cyrineanour D @dailybollywoodqueens @deadhpool @deasrk @dimplesdixit @deepikapadukonedaily @dangerous-dhawan @deepikas @dhadak @dildaar @dollykadulha @dpadukones @drunkandcoloring E @ekpalkajeena 

F @fashion-cd @fashion-cd @fashionversace @fashioooncloset @flawless-psds @funcoloring G @galelagjaa @gettinginstyles @gubaare @gulcharray H @hasraton @hauteccouture @heartbollywood @heartkatrinas @highfashionpakistan @hotshahrukh @hrithikrules @hypercity101 I @iheartbollywood @infinitebollywood @iraahh @isakeena-pak @ishqdimarzi @itsphotoshop J @jaamuni @jacquelinesfernandez @jacquelinefernandez @jenniferlawrencedaily @jenniferlawrence @jenniferlawurence @jhanak @jhilmila

K @kaalikajol @kaifkatrina @kanganaranaut @katkaifdaily @katrinakaifs @katrina-ki-jawani @katrinakikamli @kkkg @koffeewithkjo @kristensource L @ladykapoor @lafzoon @lenakatinas @lisahaydondaily @love-indian-actress @loveisyaariyan @lovemewithoutanylimits @lovenargis M @madhoshiyaan @masha-allah @mcavoys @minttoobe @missymochi @mumbaiandmanhattan

N @nimbooda O @ohmybollywood @ozzyproduction P @padukonez @pakistanifashionedits @petitetimidgay @polyroshan @princesskapoor @princessbhatt @priyangaraj @priyankadaily @priyankachopradaily @pyarkahani 

Q @quantico-gifs R @rajkumaris @ranbirskapoor @ranveersinghs @ranveersjen @rkdesi @rollpsds @rozaana @ruinedchildhood @runway S @s-o-t-e-e @saatsur @saaware @sandandglass @sapney @saucewalalaal @sidharthmalhotrafc @skaodi @snowberrys @sonakshisinhas @sonamskapoor @soundaryaa @sridevi @srkmerve @srkajol-pics @stanakaticdaily @stevenrogered @stupidtallperson V @vakritis @vibrantps W @weheartbollywood Z @zayedkhan929 @zaynkibegum

Thank you guys for making my blog so awesome!