flawless persona

okay but catarina and ragnor being there for magnus when he couldn’t even get out of bed due to a broken heart. imagine the confident, witty, flawless persona not wanting to face another day because existing would mean the pain was real. when magnus bane loves, he loves with all his might. so it takes a huge toll on the man when a relationship ends. after a few decades catarina and ragnor don’t even force him out of bed they simply go through the motions with him. they lay wrapped up in blankets watching dirty dancing and eating mounds of ice cream. they cry when magnus cries and laugh when magnus laughs. they join him in getting rid of his ex lovers things, seeing as blue flames dance under the night’s sky. they wake one morning to find magnus wasn’t in bed. they catch him looking at himself in the mirror, dressed to the nines, “i hope the two of you aren’t going to just lay there all day" he says with a hand gesture. the pair stare at each other but not in disbelief but of joy that they finally got their best friend back.

Love through changes (By James Fiddy)

A face once capable of a million smiles,
but all dismissed through disorders and pill trials.
The eye’s that once belonged to a goddess,
but now both diluted and bloodshot and no longer flawless. 
A body of confidence and something special, 
but now a skeleton of what once was something beautiful.
Some say my consistent affection is strange,
But the truth is that the way I Love her will never change.