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Do you think being skinny is a must in the fashion industry?

it’s a known fact that even the industry itself has stopped models with BMI of 18 and under (this came after the deaths of models who were known to starve themselves and ..eat tissues to fill up their stomachs..?) you can read an article here about how israel is one of the few fashion capitals that are hopping onto the bandwagon of healthy models. i think, though, what a lot of people (who are against the skinny model argument is that) miss out is, most if not all the models in the industry have the genetics that keep them thin and tall, so you can’t force them to gain weight. (That’s like forcing someone to lose weight, it’s their body so they do whatever they want with it)

AND the runway is only meant to be for showcasing clothes. it’s obviously known that whatever is done on the runway is altered for general consumption in retailers so that’s where they make mass production of clothes in different sizes/ variations etc. if you think about it, designers try to limit their use of materials and fabrics to make way for actual client orders where they must consider how much money to use, therefore, if you use a thin person, it’s just less time consumed to make the products and $. 70% of things on the runway aren’t wearable because they’re for showing clients only. 

being skinny isn’t a must for the industry, but it’s just something “they” prefer. the way society has suddenly structured how we view beauty has become extremely messed up, but at the same time before you go blaming the fashion industry for all the body-image issues that arise, you need to remember that society itself has created this emphasis on being ‘thin’ and ‘flawless’, being perfect etc etc, and that means that the industry is also just catering to what society wants. the industry needs to make money so they do what they can to appease the crowd. if society suddenly believed that being extremely thin needs to go out and that (per say) the average size 10-12 needs to be the new size 0-2, you bet your ass that the fashion industry would probably have something to do with the way we suddenly think about being skinny.

Routine helps calm you down. Maybe you will talk to another friend. You talk to him every day for some reason. Though it’s not exactly right to call him a friend, since you despise him. Your relationship with the fellow is difficult to describe. 

It should be noted that in troll language, the word for friend is exactly the same as the word for enemy.

Weeeell, it’s true that, so far, all of the “friendships” that involve trolls have had some element of animosity or rivalry to them (except gamzee and tavros ayyy), but this still seems… highly impractical?

I mean, this is a nice bit of social commentary and all, but being unable to easily differentiate between people you want to kill and people you want to live is just plain inconveniewaitafuckinsecond, since when do trolls even have their own language???

I thought just their alphabet was different and they were speaking English otherwise? And that was part of all the weird & convenient & currently unexplainable similarities between human and troll culture, like, you kno, the fact that they all have assigned zodiac signs even tho those stars are literally located in ANOTHER FUCKING UNIVERSE
Does Trollian ACTUALLY come with a universal translator??? Are the trolls and the kids seriously incapable of directly talking to each other??? I mean, it’s gotta happen eventually, right? 

Granted, them just awkwardly standing right across from each other and still having to communicate via chat clients WOULD be all kinds of adorable and hilarious, but…




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