flawless omfg

just watched The Killing Joke!!

besides the god awful first half of the movie, the rest was alright!! (when we actually got to TKJ part of it that is, lol)

young Jack is so cute!! i felt so sorry for him though :( and hearing Mark also play the younger version of him was so great!! he sounded so normal but still kind of joker-y so you know when he went mad it wasn’t that far of a stretch for his voice to change 

(seeing batman pin joker up against a wall was great too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Mark’s LAUGH was absolutely amazing omfg. flawless as usual.

Kevin’s laugh was so incredible. to actually hear batman laugh… it was amazing.

the ending was so good, both laughing over a silly joke together, it was beautiful to see :’)


everyone needs to watch this immediately