flawless little man


 I just saw all 10 episodes of the second season, and I’m looking at Freddie. He doesn’t even fit in those little sweaters anymore, because Max has influenced him to go to the gym and to get “swoll.” [Laughing.] Part of it is cheekiness, but part of it, they’re really serious about how “swoll” they get, the two of them. Max is a huge bodybuilder. He can’t get big enough. And now Freddie … he’s at that age, and he just turned 22. He’s changing quickly. I saw something cut together from first season, and he just looked like a baby to me, and he’s so rapidly changing, and now especially with working out. He’s just getting broader. All of a sudden, I was looking at him, and he’s looking like Hugh Grant. He doesn’t even look like Freddie Highmore anymore, he looks like Hugh Grant.

© Vera Farmiga

You know what is some serious bullshit?

The fact that Kris Allen and RCA “split ways” (nice way of saying he got dropped) today. There is no reason someone as talented as Kris should not be having huge success and just tearing up the pop charts. I realize I am super biased because I am a huge Kris fan but damn it his first album is still pretty freakin amazing and his second is just full of songs that would make great pop singles. It’s frustrating knowing how good he is but that he doesn’t get promoted properly/most effectively so the vast majority don’t know about him. Whatever, I know I’ll always listen to whatever he puts out. I am super excited that he is coming to a town not far from me in November so I can see him live again. 

Also this is my PSA that if you haven’t heard of Kris or any of his music do yourself a favor and YouTube him. Personal favorites/suggestions: The Truth, I Need to Know, Can’t Stay Away, Alright With Me, Red Guitar, Monster, Vision of Love, Better With You, Turn the Pages…okay screw it just listen to them all (Idol performances included!)