flawless laugh

I'm here!

🌿 hi! So I’ve been hiding behind this anon fern for almost a year now, I thought it was about time I got myself a page to connect with everyone!

Things I’m here for::
SamCait knowing looks at each other
Amazing costumes
DG rants and over explainings
Queen Cait & flawless Balfe
Laughs at Sams ridic muscle flexs
Shipper Sisters with a side of sass
And a bit of book love too.



“Hm… I can be serious. I think sometimes I can be… I can be a little cold and she’s [Olivia], she’s icy at times and hm… [Interviewer: You seem to laugh a lot though.] Yeah, oh I’m quick to laugh! [laughs]”

anonymous asked:

I don't get how they can replace Barrett. Not to sound like an asshole, but I genuinely think she is the best fit to be Veronica. She's that perfect mix of awkward and badass, and her singing is flawless. That laugh she does? Iconic. Not to say other Veronicas are bad, but...I just can't see anyone else but Barrett. :P

Other Veronica’s are good but Barrett is literally perfect.
Plus they’ll have Ryan as JD which means my boy Dan will probably be an understudy again (bc he said on Instagram that he would probably audition if it went to Broadway).