flawless jaws

#98- Shaving Kink (Jared x Jensen)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: shaving someone else’s face, smut

Word Count: 1150ish

A/N: Still new to writing this ship, hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

Jensen wakes up to sunlight peeking around the edges of the curtains and an empty bed. The pillow next to him is still dented from Jared’s head, and there’s warm, damp air floating from the hotel bathroom.

Jensen stretches for a moment, then gets up and heads to the bathroom, not even bothering to grab his boxers from the pile of laundry on the floor. When he gets to the door, he stops and quietly leans against it, just watching. He’s already half-hard just from waking up, but it only takes a few seconds of this view to get him all the way there.

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A Pair Of Headphones (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: it’s one thirty in the morning and i’ve been up since six. writing this whole thing i’ve felt very off my game so sorry if it’s crap. i know nothing about electronics/headphones and i tried sounding smart #thanksgoogle so yeah spot that in there. hope you enjoy this pointless marshmellow fluff. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

I think (Y/N) should go first.” The words echoed through your mind as you felt around in the cool fabric of the pillow case, grabbing for something to capture your attention. A string wrapped around your wrist, tangled among everything else, and you snagged it between your fingers, wanting to see what it was. When you pulled up, you found resistance, the string entangled in a few other objects within the bag, and you shook it a few times; Dino gave you a funny look at your struggle.

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asoue aesthetics - esmé squalor

I think you’re adorable, beautiful, cute, dainty, eye-pleasing, flawless, gorgeous, harmonious, impeccable, jaw-droppingly adorable, keen, luscious, magnificent, nifty, obviously adorable, photogenic, quite adorable, ravishing, splendid, thin, undeformed, very adorable, well-proportioned, xylophone, yummy, and zestfully adorable.

Best For My Boy, Part 3

Part 1/Part 2 or Follow on Ao3 -Rachel

Two weeks later …

Tony couldn’t believe he’d let his dad talk him into coming to this stupid function. It was boring as hell and all of the people that he came across wanted to talk about Politics or sports, neither of which he found very interesting. But this wasn’t about fun, this was about improving his skills as a business man, or at least, that’s how his dad had put it.

*ring….. ring…..* “Hello?”

“Hey Bambi, how are you?”

“Oh! Hi Dad, I’m good, things are finally slowing down at school again. I was taking a nap and didn’t check the caller ID.”

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you…” Howard felt bad waking his son up, he knew the boy probably didn’t get enough sleep these days with all the work he was putting in for his projects.

“It’s okay dad. I missed you, it’s been a few days since our last phone call.” He heard rustling over the phone, probably Tony moving into a more comfortable position. His heart swelled, hearing that his son not only missed him, but was willing to admit it. He must be really tired if he was saying stuff like that.

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True Soulmates

Request: Michael (In young John Winchester’s body) shows up at the bunker. Sam and Dean are concerned, but Y/N is unafraid. Soon, Y/N and Michael realize that they are true soulmates.

Relationship: Michael (Young John Winchester) x reader

Word Count: 2, 231

Warnings: Smut, wing!kink

A/N: I really enjoyed this request, because young John Winchester as Michael is one of my favorites. It turned out a little long, but I hope it’s what you had in mind!

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Codex —> Characters —> JoH 2 —> Storvacker

Notes: Does anything more truly need be said of Storvacker?

Location: Obtained upon asking Thane Sevrah to help the Inquisition fight the Hakkonites

What is High Contrast Lore? See the first post for details!


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Nick: No, Saffy. It’s not just your middle name that’s weirding me out. It’s everything. This whole situation is weird. I’m sorry, Saff. No, I don’t want to. I’m just feeling really uncomfortable at the moment.

Saffron: I know you did it with Nadine. So why don’t you want to do it with me?

Nick: Who told you about me and Nadine?

Saffron: Are you kidding? Everyone knows about you and Nadine, Nick.

Nick: I asked her to keep it a secret. Goddamnit. I knew I couldn’t trust her. I bet she couldn’t wait to tell all her friends. She was probably texting them all the gory details the second I’d dropped her off home. God. I feel so stupid.

Saffron: I won’t tell anyone if we do it, Nick. I promise. Come on. Please. I thought you liked me?

Nick: I do like you. But if you liked me, you wouldn’t pressure me into doing something that I’m not ready to do. I just feel like it’s too early in our relationship, you know?

Saffron feels like screaming. Trust her to have chosen the only teenage boy in school who apparently posseses scruples with whom to lose her virginity. And what the hell is he talking about, RELATIONSHIP??? She doesn’t want a relationship. Not with Nick, anyway. Even though he is hot, she has to admit. His sculpted jaw, his flawless skin, his hypnotic eyes. But he’s only a boy. Not like Edward. Edward is a man.

Saffron: Why don’t you want to do it with me? Aren’t I just as pretty as Nadine?

She puts a hand on his arm and smiles and widens her blue eyes, flicking her black lashes at him. He hesitates, biting his lip. She puts her mouth close to his.

Saffron: You wouldn’t have come up here if you didn’t want it, Nick. Stop pretending.

She lets her hand brush against the front of his trousers and he jumps back as if he’s received an electric shock. Anger clouds his face.

Nick: No means no, Saffy. What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand? I’ve had enough of this. I’m going home. You can stay here, I’ll see myself out.

Saffron watches him walking to his car from her bedroom window. She can’t imagine that he’s not going to stop, look up, turn back. But he doesn’t do any of those things. He just gets into his car and drives away.