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Sophies meme | 5 of 9 scenes
6.20 - Super Cool Party People

i L O V E getting discounted as a true athlete all the time!! because i break bones for this sport but i still am expected to walk on that stage and do a 2-minute set like it’s literally a walk down the runway, yet for years i had to watch cry baby cutler limp off the field if he hurt his finger in the first quarter. catch me walking off stage like my foot isn’t broken, choking down some advil in between rounds, and still putting a pageant smile on my face while i hit the floor so hard it shakes your core. dancers are badass as hell but we still have to look like artists while doing everything you can do but we do it better and you have the audacity to tell me i’m not an athlete and this isn’t a sport. fine. let me be so good, so flawless that it looks that easy. so easy that when i tell you to try it, you break more bones than me. kiss my swarovski covered ass. 

Itching- Mitch Marner

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Look let me live my delusional fantasy that the Leafs make the playoffs in peace ok? It’s been a rough week! XD Anyway so I hope you guys like this! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: could you do an imagine with either mitch marner or johnny gaudreau where he’s dating a girl with eczema and he comforts her when she’s feeling insecure about her skin? thanks!


              This was not a great time for your eczema to start flaring up.

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Newsies Live, a review of sorts

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So it’s looking like the reply I wrote up last night for @party-with-books on mobile, during a wifi issue, is just not going to ever post and is lost to the netherworld, which is unfortunate because, even if nothing I said was coherent, I wrote it while everything was still fresh and I was still on the most beautiful ecstasy high - the kind you can’t get arrested for. But I’m gonna try to do the play justice here, and using a lot of gifs, XD so we shall see.

Guys. Guys. Guuuuyyysssss. I just can’t. Let me start by saying I have never seen a stage production of Newsies. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months, but for a lot of the bits the stage show has added or edited from the original film’s story, I had absolutely zero context for, and the soundtrack is sadly missing like a crap ton of reprises. Therefore, if you care about spoilers, I suggest you stop reading this and wait for the dvd to come out or something, because I don’t feel like holding anything back.

After that note, where the heck do I even begin? The production itself. And by that, I don’t just mean the sets and the cast and the lighting and the camera. Nah, primarily at this point, I mean Spectacle.

I’ve now seen a good number of shows, in various formats, but none of them have been so energetic, alive, and overwhelming. The dancing is superb. I know for the filming they pulled out all the stops, with bigger leaps, more twirls, and a larger number of Newsies on stage, and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. A stage filled with forty or more singing, tap-dancing, leaping Newsies is a sight to behold.

I mean, there was this:

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This is Ryan Steele, as Specs, doing the full-out twirl. Our Specs was played by the amazing Jordan Samuels, but it’s a different cast member entirely who performs this move, and we get a sky high view of the spin, which I’m pretty sure is faster and longer, and the entire theater gasped and applauded.

There were hundreds and hundreds of flips, spins, cartwheels, splits, jumps, tricks, and moves I cannot name. There was tap dancing on tables. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A DANCING TROUPE OF THIS LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE IN SUCH AN EXTRAVAGANT SHOWING EVER.

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The set and staging was absolutely dynamite, and it will never cease to astound me how theatrical productions can amass an entire world on a few hundred feet of stage.

Near the end of “Once and For All” the Newsies completely drop out on the vocals and then come roaring back in, and again, my entire theater gasped in awe and delight, and I was crying and covered in goosebumps.

As for Jack…

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Jeremy Jordan is the definitive Jack Kelly for me, okay?

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If you’re a die hard Christian Bale or Corey Cott fan or anyone else, I’m sorry, but it’s true. There will never be another player who so fully encompasses that role for me. His Jack is so intense and passionate the. entire. time. Every single thing he says and does. The only moments we see him physically relax at all are when he’s with Crutchie (and we’re too busy crying to notice) or sharing the stage with Katherine.

And that brings me to Katherine Plumber. I was not especially anticipating her role, I have to admit. I love my Denton too much, and I was horribly concerned that the romantic angle between her and Jack would be too strong, taking away from the real love story of the play, that of this family whose name is Newsies. But I couldn’t be happier with her character and Kara Lindsay’s performance. She was amazing, and I could feel the rest of the audience connecting with her too. “Watch What Happens” is just one of her shining moments, and I am in love with her, and so happy of the way the writers brought her character in.

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It’s also beautiful to weave in the feminine vocals of Katherine with the only other female singing cast member, Medda Larkin (our very own being played by Aisha de Haas) in the middle of all those guys. Don’t get me wrong, because the Newsies chorus is the epitome of what makes the show so great, but having those softer moments and the gals singing brings enough of a change that it completely enlivens every other male vocal in the story.

Okay, enough being calm, rational, and technical for a minute. Let me “be real.”

I Am Not Okay. Not in this or any other universe will I ever be the same.

(The rest of this post is probably going to just be me screaming at random about different things.)

CRUTCHIE. HOLY COW. CRUTCHIE MY BABY. “Letter From the Refuge” absolutely killed me. THE FREAKIN ATTACK ON CRUTCHIE FREAKIN KILLED ME. Just him standing with Jack in the prologue with “Santa Fe.” THERE ARE NO GIFS FOR THIS. Andrew Keenan Bolger is of such high caliber, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him in this role.



Little Les is amazing. Like, in the old movie, he wasn’t so much a character as a plot device. He was literally the little boy with the cute face who could sell the papes. In this, Les is the one who strikes up the deal with Jack, and Les is the one who shouts a message for Pulitzer as the guard closes the door in their faces. He is so precocious and adorable and perfect, and so much more a character in his own right, I am so pleased.


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HIS SINGING. HIS ACTING. HIS CHARACTER AND INTERACTIONS WITH JACK AND LES. The confrontation between him and Jack later on when Davey is trying to get Jack to rejoin the Strike, and he says “it’s not like anyone died” and Jack whirls on him in rage, because of what happened to Crutchie, who could very well die at that point. I COULDN’T HANDLE. And when Davey reminds him what they’re fighting for, and why they shouldn’t stop. PERFECT BOYS, PERFECT.

AND I ALMOST FORGOT RACETRACK LAJKDHF. Race is my favorite Newsie from the old movie, and I was not disappointed by him here. Benjamin Cook is an adorable angel and my favorite bit of him probably has to be when he is staring wide-eyed at Governor Roosevelt at the end, so happy and in awe. Unfortunately I can’t find any gifs of him either arg.

AND SPOT, HOW COULD I MISS SPOT CONLON Tommy Bracco’s performance left nothing to be desired, he was as spot-on as his character’s name. WE ARE BROOKLYN NEWSIES

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Oh, and then there was This:

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I HATE/LOVE THIS PART OF THE STORY SO MUCH. When Pulitzer forces Jack’s hand, makes him face the Newsies and turn on them, in order to save them and save Crutchie and Davey and Les, but Pulitzer also gives him money to go to Santa Fe and that is all the Newsies ever see. LKDJFLHDHFAJDHFLA MY HEART HURTS

I love Jack Kelly more than Raoul or the Phantom, or Dimitri, or Valjean or Marius or Enjolras, or even arguably Fiyero. I feel every single beat of “Santa Fe” as it blooms and changes from dream to dust to dream.

I adore how the stage version plays up the affect the Newsies strike had on child laborers everywhere, how Jack proclaims it isn’t only Newsies’ rights they’re striking for.

The singing was absolutely flawless. Flawless I tell you.

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This is on par with the night I saw Wicked on tour. I will be buying the DVD. I will watch it at least once a year. I guess, if I wasn’t before, I’m a Fansie now.

So, yeah, to close: I don’t think I will ever find another thing on this earth that impacts every bit of my soul as much as musical theater does. That is a part of me I will never outgrow, and never give up. Doesn’t matter if I ever make it to see a show on Broadway, or if I ever get on behind the scenes at a theater company. This is me.

This is an experience I want to relive every day for as many days as I have. I laughed, I cried, I came home to my roomies in such a state of embarrassed, blissful exhilaration you’d think I just came home from my first date with the love of my life - which is a completely accurate comparison.

I cried so much, I laughed so hard. #NewsiesForever and all that. There is so much more I could say, so much I feel like I am completely leaving out. But truthfully, when it comes right down to it, there are no words in the human language to describe this experience and how thrilled I am that I was able to go, that I live in the same universe as this caliber of artistry and storytelling. This phenomenon is beyond anything I can say, so I’ll stop trying. ;)

I hope that answers anyone’s questions to whether or not I enjoyed Newsies Live.

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How to Conquer: A Feed You the Sky oneshot

And without further ado, here is today’s work! Thank you so much to @shesafreesoul for giving me the idea for this oneshot, and for encouraging me to re-write it when the first one wasn’t quite what it should have been! I’m so excited to post this haha. And so without further ado, I give you How to Conquer, which is set about 4-5ish years after Feed You the Sky will end. I hope you guys enjoy this little peek into the future!

Ivar’s eyes gleamed with excitement, seeming to hold the gaze of every person gathered to hear him speak. It was the first feast of the early spring, and this was the day the king would reveal his plans for the summer raiding season. Seeing him like this made Kára’s heart beat faster, the anticipation growing in her belly in proportion to the amount of ale she’d drunk tonight. She unconsciously tightened her grasp around the dark-haired girl in her lap, and the toddler squirmed, screeching her protest. Kára ran a gentle hand over the fine black hair of her daughter’s head, smiling as Ivar’s eyes found them.

He paused, taking a moment to drink in the sight of his wife and daughter. Her auburn hair in a simple braid over one shoulder, hazel eyes boring into his as she stroked the baby’s hair, Ivar wondered—as he had every day since she stormed into his hall—what he had done to deserve such favor. The baby would reach her third summer soon; she was all huge blue eyes and black hair, fine and soft as raw silk. He stuck his tongue out at her and was rewarded by a shrill giggle.

The grin he shot his little family was like the sun breaking through the clouds, and then he was all business once again, a king always ready for battle. He took a deep drag from his drinking horn, letting the anticipation in the hall build. He set the cup down deliberately, dragged the back of his hand across his mouth. His eyes traveled from one man to the next, the ones that fought beside him since he had taken his father’s throne, and the ones who had always remained steadfastly loyal to his wife. He knew it warmed her to see them sitting together in one hall, sharing stories and ale like lifelong friends.

He took another moment to watch her watching them, the sum of all their kingdom gathered here before them: the bold fighting men and their wives, children rolling around scuffling under the tables while their parents laughed and drank. Ivar saw the quiet pride in his wife’s eyes, and in that moment he promised himself he would bring more men to this hall after this raid, expand their army and make her even more proud.

“This summer,” he thundered, immediately silencing all talk in the hall. He let the tense quiet grow for a moment before shattering it with another roar, “we raid north! Ubbe will lead the boats up the coast, to the lands of Jarl Hastein, and I will lead our army through the pass in the mountains. Since he will have spies along the coast, we must make that our smaller force. Let him think we are weak and will be easily defeated.” He paused, glancing around, a wolfish grin spreading slowly across his pouty lips. “But we are not weak!” The words were a menacing growl, sending shivers down Kára’s spine, awakening a heat between her thighs. She could barely contain herself when he was in this mood.

“I will lead the army through the mountain pass, because it will be lightly defended. We will burn every village and farm we find, sparing them only if they swear loyalty to me and my queen.” He shot the queen in question a scorching look, the heat in his blue eyes threatening to burn her from the space between their thrones. “And then we will meet outside the town of Hed, Hastein’s stronghold, and there crush him! His lands and armies shall become ours, and you will all come home with silver! I swear it to you right now, Ivar the Boneless has no more need of riches! All I need is the head of Hastein, to show to the world that we are to be feared. All riches gained shall be split evenly between the fighting men and their families.”

He sat back against his ornately carved throne, the one he had won from Kára’s father, as the hall erupted into cheers. Kára'ssmall hand found his and he twined his fingers with hers automatically, bringing her hand to his mouth and pressing a kiss to her knuckles. She leaned in closer to him, her breath hot on his cheek, “You are brilliant as always, Ivar.”

He chuckled, slowly dragging his blue eyes over her flushed cheeks. He knew what she thought of his mind. “Is that so, min elskede? How brilliant do you think me?”

“The most brilliant man I have ever met,” she answered with no hesitation. “I can show you how brilliant I think you are.”

“And how will you do that, my Valkyrie?” He stroked his thumb gently over the back of her hand and felt her shiver at the light touch. Ivar couldn’t stop the slow smirk. He loved seeing the way he made her feel. He had been worried, at the start of their marriage, that she would come to find him unappealing. That his legs would overshadow his mind, and she would realize she had been foolish to tie herself to a useless cripple.

They have been married for a few years now, and this doubt is just finally starting to die. Every time he hears her moan his name, every time her hips rise up to meet his, every slow kiss and every word of praise that falls from her lips weakens that doubt further, and he knows that soon it will be nothing but a memory. But for now, at least, he still needs the proof of her love, still needs to hear her tell him how wonderful he is to her.

She settles herself on the arm of her throne, the toddler banging on the table with her little fists as her uncle Ubbe makes silly faces at her across the table. “I will begin by telling you how flawless your plan is, as always. Then I will feel your chest and arms and back, running my hands over your body to feel how strong you are. After I am satisfied you are strong enough, I will tell you how your sword-arm, like your strategies, will never fail. What happens next, husband, is entirely your decision.” She raises her brows, smiling at him, and he feels himself hardening at the hungry look on her face.

“How is it my decision, Kára?” His voice is husky with lust, and it only widens her smile.

“It depends on whether or not you will let me conquer you. To demonstrate how best to conquer Hastein’s lands.”

Ivar gripped his chair so tightly his knuckles turned white. He saw his wife’s eyes slide to his hands and knew she was imaging them clenching the furs on their bed as she rode him. Her breathing was a little faster than normal now, and he had to close his eyes for just a moment, he was so overwhelmed by her in the flickering glow of the fire.

When he opened them, the chair beside him was empty and his wife was placing their daughter in his lap. The tiny girl snuggled against his chest with a content sigh, popping a thumb into her mouth. “Wh-where are you going?” Ivar sputtered at Kára.

She smiled down at him, eyes glinting with mischief, and leaned down low to whisper in his ear. He was no fool, and caught the way she threw her shoulders back to bare the swell of her breasts right before his eyes, his wild little woman. “You don’t really expect me to just sit here, do you? If I don’t do something, I’m going to soak through my dress.”

He watched her walk away, slender hips swaying beneath her skirts, and the hardness in his trousers became nearly painful. Curse that woman, he had to have her. “Ubbe!” His voice was sharper than he meant, and his brother looked up immediately. “Come take Ingrid, I have urgent matters to attend.” Ubbe saw the queen’s empty throne and rolled his eyes as he reached across the table to collect his niece.

“Come sit with me, little Ingrid, and maybe mama and papa will give you a little brother,” Ubbe crooned, settling the toddler in his lap and ripping her a small bite of chicken. Ivar dropped hastily from his throne and dragged himself out of the hall as quickly as he could. Ubbe wasn’t the only one who noticed Kára’s empty throne and Ivar’s hasty departure; the cheers of warriors and clinking of ale horns followed him through the door.

It was not far to their bedchamber and she didn’t have too much of a head start, so Ivar hoped she hadn’t gotten too far without him. He finally pushed open the door and closed it quickly behind him as he entered the room. She lay sprawled on the bed, eyes closed and auburn hair spreading around her like a wildfire. Her dress was a heap on the floor, and one of her fingers teased lightly at the center of her pleasure. Her breath caught in a hitch and released in a breathy moan of his name, and finally he alerted her to his presence.

“Yes, min elskede?” He pulled himself up onto the bed beside her, his large, blunt fingers taking the place of hers. He moaned, feeling the wetness that was waiting for him. “Is this what the thought of me does to you, wife?”

She didn’t answer, only pressed herself against the heel of his hand. He reached down to kiss her. She tasted faintly of ale, and he sucked her tongue into his mouth and nipped it gently. And then she was on him like a flood, and he was all too willing to drown. She pinned him beneath her, careless hands ripping his clothing off. When he was bare before her she looked down at him, chest heaving and pink lips parted. “Let me show you how to conquer.” Her hands were everywhere, kneading and stroking his skin, feeling the taut strength of his rippling muscles, and he was powerless beneath her onslaught.

“You start by weakening the defenses,” she explained, tongue and teeth harrying him, nipping and teasing wherever she pleased—his collarbones, inner thighs, his nipples, the palms of his hands. Her tongue dragged slowly across his navel and down, before circling his tip in one quick stroke. “Sometimes they call for words, for an offering of peace.” She met his eyes.”Be ruthless, Ivar.”

And then he was in her mouth, felt her take him in until he hit the back of her throat and started sucking. She bobbed along his length, occasionally dragging her tongue along him, and as the precum started to drip into her mouth, she suddenly released his cock with a pop. “After the time for words is over begins the fighting. In this, too, show no mercy.”

She threw her leg over him and lined her entrance up with his manhood, and then he was held tight in the warm wetness of her core, and finally he began to move. He bucked his hips up against her, fingers digging into her thighs, and she threw her head back with a cry of release similar to one he’d heard her make before she took a life.

As he came deep inside her and she collapsed down on him, he thought—not for the first time—that this wild little woman was, in fact, his Valkyrie. She was the one who had carried him home, not to Valhalla, but to a hall they shared together. He locked his hand behind her head, tangling his fingers in the fiery silk of her hair, and drank in the taste of her kiss. He thought she must be even sweeter than the mead they drank in Odin’s hall.

I’m going to stay. I will make you French toast in the morning because it’s your favorite. And when you get tired of that, I’ll make you something that’s just as sweet that makes you smile just as big. In the mornings I’ll kiss your forehead before I leave for work, and when I come home I’ll always greet you with a kiss. I’ll never get tired of holding your hand or staring at your face that I think is so flawless. I’ll keep telling you how much I adore your freckles, and how I want to drown in your gaze for hours. I’ll keep reminding you that I love you, even on days you don’t love yourself. What I want is you, it’s all of these little things you do. It’s the way your laugh changes when you get anxious, or the way you start to fidget, it’s the way you always need to straighten your hair even though I think you’re perfect. It’s the way you’re eyes change when I know you want me to kiss you, the way your hands are always searching for mine, if we stop touching for just a few seconds. It’s the way you roll over in the morning and even though you can’t keep your eyes open you almost always manage to say “I love waking up to you” right before you fall back asleep. It’s the way that we search for each other all night even though we’re so deep in our dreams, it’s waking up holding you in my arms, because I can never stop touching you. I don’t love you for one specific reason, I love you for all of the things that make you, you. I want to get lost in you, even more than I want to travel. I don’t care where we end up or what our lives look like, as long as it’s you I end up with. When I think about my love for you my chest tightens and I get this overwhelming sensation of your presence. Sometimes it’s so strong I almost cry because of how deeply you love me. Sometimes life is scary, and sometimes love is scary but I’ll take the risk. I know people make promises all the time they cannot keep, but this one is one I will. I will keep loving you and all the pieces that come with you, no matter how broken or small they may be. I will love you every day and every night, until you no longer want my love. I will kiss you greedily because even if I’ve kissed you 1,000 times or 10,000 times it always makes me feel so full of you and your love. I will love you like you’ve never been loved and I will stay by your side regardless of what our circumstances will look like. I will keep choosing you, even on the days I can barely choose myself. I love you and my love is yours, for as long as you want it.
—  I’m not going anywhere, not until you tell me I have to.


Being Jongin’s girlfriend means
  • you sitting on the couch minding your own business and him walking up in the room without saying anything and dropping on the couch and laying his head in your lap
  • and he just falls asleep
  • and you’re thinking “oh let me just run my hands through his hair while he’s sleeping”
  • but he swats your hand away and he’s like “babe let me sleep”
  • he is all about your body like to the point where you feel worshiped because he’s always running his hands all along your sides, down your legs, up your arms, tracing his fingers on your face
  • and all the while he’s telling you that you’re beautiful, gorgeous, flawless, etc
  • “baby i made dinner! i tried a new recipe”
  • “jongin this is straight up just fried chicken”
  • “yes but it’s a new recipe”
  • you two hanging out in his room and kyungsoo staring at you until you say something funny and kai laughs and looks at you with pure love in his eyes
  • and d.o. smiles and you know he’s thinking like “okay she’s cool” and you win him over
  • babysitting his niece and seeing him in his element around kids and your heart is ready to burst and he laughs because you’re grinning like an idiot
  • he transfers all your selfies from your phone to his and you ask him why and he looks at you like “well clearly i wanna stare at your face all day damn”
  • him jokingly telling you that his dream would be to get smothered by puppies and you’re like “haha that’s so crazy”
  • but then for his birthday you blindfold him and take him a mysterious location and he asks you what’s going on and you take off the blindfold
  • and it’s a room full of puppies
  • and twenty minutes later he’s on the floor holding seven puppies and screaming about how this is the greatest moment of his whole life
  • except for when he met you

anonymous asked:

How come Shoma Uno's jumps look so... odd? (Genuine question) Maybe it's just because I'm new to figure skating and I simply don't have enough knowledge about the sport (yet, I'm in the process of reading about the jumps and scoring system @_@). His jumps look so different compared to Nathan Chen or Yuzuru Hanyu for example.. What is it that he does that make his jumps look so strange?? (also sorry if the phrasing didn't make any sense; English is not my first language)

There several reasons but the main ones are: prerotation, axis angle at take off and rotation speed (actually, the reason could be just one: Yamada school and her flawless jumping technique. Kanako says hi!)

Now, now. I know some will tell you prerotation doesn’t count and everyone does it and blablablabla. Which is like the biggest bullshit ever, but what can we do.

Everyone prerotates ( = starts rotation before leaving the ice)… to a degree. It’s just the natural dinamic of a jump. But, but but. One thing is to prerotate let’s say 90° of a jump. Another one is to prerotate 270°.

Now, before Shoma’s ubers come at me for being your house hater, why do I say prerotation? Simply because prerotation = you are doing less rotation in the air = your actual air time is shorter = your jump is smaller. And the height of your jump is not as high as a not prerotated (to the same degree) jump.

Another point is axis angle (at take off). Shoma’s is usually a lot more inclined than Yuzu’s or Nathan’s. Again, this means his jumps have less height and cover less distance.

All this plus a rotation speed which is slightly slower than theirs (we are speaking of a very tiny difference, but when you have to squeeze so many rotations in so little time every millisecond is important) that means that Shoma finishes his last rotation (or better, can “unwrap” his free leg to finish his jump) later and closer to the ice than Yuzu’s or Nathan’s. Direct effect of this is he needs a very low knee bent to keep his outside edge straight on the landing (and here you are served his scary landings)

Here you are some gifs of Shoma’s 4F vs Nathan’s 4F:

And between Shoma’s 4T and Yuzu’s 4T:

gifs from #gifmaster @jumpitwithashuulanditwithapa

(Or maybe I’m just a hater who likes to badmouthing poor little Shoma ‘cause… - I don’t know why, I need some anon to help me and gimme a good reason! - and anyway Shoma’s the best thing since Dai!*)

*quote. Maybe