flawless i cry


cameron and booboo being cutiepies + her dudeness  (◡‿◡✿)

abbakhamz  asked:

So Ash. Like seriously, why is Danai so perfect? That interview restored my life. I love and appreciate her dad as well for letting her mind cultivate. He is a direct contributer to this stunning woman we know today.

I ask myself this every day, sis. It’s not fair. And yet, I feel so blessed that I get to follow this woman’s work and even listen to her on a podcast every now and then. I appreciate her parents for raising her exactly the way they did, and her for her neverending mission to make the world better, and even The Walking Dead for introducing her to me and millions of other people. We’re so incredibly lucky to know (of) her. 


dick winters + looking like a goddamn disney prince

There is no relevant or insightful quote for this gifset. This is pure self-indulgence on my part and I refuse to apologise for it.