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A Masterpost of Patsy Mount’s Iconic Looks™: Series 3

Miss Patience Mount is one of the most stylish ladies on Call the Midwife, and she has such a look™. Everything she wears is just iconic, and I felt compelled to make a masterpost of her looks, starting with season 3. If you click on the pictures, there’s captions 

*please excuse the bad quality of the pics, I am horrible at screenshotting*

People say that compassion is a flawless trait to have. But it is less than flawless. Compassion is a human trait that makes you susceptible to hurt that wasn’t yours in the first place. You feel their pain and soon, it becomes your own.
Compassion is being worried that your friends are hurting and you can do nothing.
Compassion is the fear that someone’s pain is because of you.
Compassion is paranoia.
Compassion is less than flawless. Compassion is crying out in pain as someone else breaks down.
Compassion is cursing God.
Compassion is never turning your phone off so if someone needs you, you will be there. Compassion is wishing the best for someone else and not caring what happens to you.
Compassion is far from self-love.
You are stretched thin.
You are compelled forward, up, down, east and west.
But it’s nothing too hard for you to manage because you have managed it all your life. Your mother tells you that your best friend’s suicidal attempts should not make you shut down or become numb at the fact that the most important thing in your life has tried to kill themselves. Your mother says that being emotionally attached and having compassion for someone is not the same thing. But honestly, I have never seen the difference.

A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)